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Hey! Ne, ganbaruyo

Kimi to, futari...

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Basically I'm just your everyday fangirl that will annoy the (insert bad word) out of you with fawning over whatever is currently exciting to her. Well, I get excited over stuff quite easily. The good thing might be that I can also easily be excited by stuff that other people like.

In real life I work at the biggest telecommunication agency in my coutry. Customer service is my field of expertise and I love getting in contact with customers - even when it's just via phone.

I'm a fangirl with passion. Thus far I've become a fan of: Japanese Manga, Alan Rickman, Basta (German a capella group), Johnny and Associates (a.k.a. Johnny's Jimusho).
My favourites in Johnny's Jimusho: Domoto Tsuyoshi, Domoto Koichi, Takizawa Hideaki, Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kamenashi Kazuya (in this order)

When I'm not online acting out my addictions or working on my Computer to get other people addicted too, I like to go to the movies, go out dancing, go out for a drink, have friends come over for a coffee or a chat or Sing Star, and watch one of my currently favourite series.

Here are the guidelines that help me through every day life:
Motto #1: Friends are Family.
Motto #2: If it's worth doing, it's damn well worth doing it right.
Motto #3: Only a wet Johnny is a good Johnny.

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