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Hello, minna-san!!!

It's time for the traditional post from Vienna. As usual my aunt is being supportive and lets us stay at her place for the night. Thank you for having us. m(__)m  It's been a long day, but curiously, while I was really tired this morning now I feel a bit sleepless. ^^" Right after today'S shift at work we got our luggage and then made our way to the station. My mother packed a smaller suitcase this year, which is nice, because it's easier to handle. It doesn't "drive" so easily, though, but I'm just gonna handle that one for the main part.

Altogether I feel like we have way too much luggage. But then, the weather forecast keeps changing daily so I'm still not sure what kind of weather we're going to have in Tokyo. ^^" Well, what to do? SImply pack everything that you might be needing, of course. XD There's just one thing that I totally forgot: an SD card reader for my PC. I already have three of them at home - no shit - and it feels like a kind of tradition already too that I rush into an electronic market to get one of those so I can upload pictures to my daily blogs. ^^

During my late summer stay in Japan I was very lazy with the blog, but I am definitely going to write a proper one this time around and I've also decided that I want to write in detail about the food we're going to eat. :D With pics, because I got the card reader. ^^ As you might have noticed I'm also trying to work some song titles into the post headers. Let's see how well I'll be able to do it. ^^ Tonight is already not exactly accurate, because the bright red suitcase is the one that actually stayed at home and mine is orange. It sounded nice, though, so I decided to write it like this. ^^

I was really proud, though, because I really packed everything else, even my Japanese hair straightener. Of course, if you pack all of your bed clothes into the suitcase you're already checking in, you're still left with basically nothing to wear at your aunt's place. ^^" Well, it's just for tonight and I have everything else, like toothpaste and a toothbrush (which I also bought on the way to my aunt's appartment, because I kept pondering forever whether I should take the electric toothbrush or a "manual" one so ultimately I didn't pack either) and whatever else I might be needing tonight I can borrow.

Now I'm actually tired. ^^" So I'm gonna finish this post now, because I know that in about half an hour I'm gonna be all awake again. XD Please look forward to the next posts. So, have a nice day/night, everybody!!! <3<3<3

Cheers!!! ^______^
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11 March 2015 @ 03:31 pm
Hello, folks!

It's been such a loooooong time since I wrote anything in here, right? I wonder if anyone is even still reading. But I wanted to write a proper journal during my next trip to Japan and so it's only fit to start with a warm-up. ^^ So, yeah, I'm going to be in Tokyo again. :D My mother and I are going to arrive on Friday next Week. ^___^ The journey is going to go to Kyoto and to Nagasaki. I'm very curious about this new destination. ^__^ Of course, we're hoping to have the cherry blossoms open for us while we're there. <3

On the 23rd of March it's going to be Endless SHOCK. I can hardly wait. \(*^ o^*)/

This time around I want to write in more detail about the food, including pictures. So, maybe someone will like what's posted here.

To everybody, I love you all!!! <3
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06 March 2014 @ 08:20 pm
Hello, everybody!

It’s been ages since I’ve actively done anything around here. I apologize, I’m really busy and there’s a lot going on, but I wanted to share some news. These past few months have been very intense on several levels, but I’m feeling fine for the main part. I’m working full time now, which is fantastic for me, but also very time consuming. ^^” I enjoy my work a lot, though, and I’m glad that I can work the full time schedule.

So, what’s new?

I wrote about a year ago how I wanted to start a dieting project.  I’ve been doing it almost all the time ever since. Lost 30kg by now altogether. Last week I tried to set a new pace and try to eat pasta and rice again more regularly and even allow myself some milk and cheese. I wanted to see if I could balance it well to keep the weight that I have now. Something strange happened, though. I found that after about two days of carbohydrate diet I felt no desire to eat the stuff again for a while. So, while it didn’t do anything about my weight, I found that I don’t really want the stuff anymore. It makes you sleepy after eating and generally more lax. So I’ll keep sticking with the program for the main part and only eat the “heavy” stuff when I really feel a lot like it, which apparently isn’t very often.

It’s interesting, while I always enjoy to have one day on which I can eat at leisure, I don’t need that kind of food on a daily basis anymore. It makes me feel slow and lazy. For now I’m not aiming for further weight loss, though. I’ve been doing really good for about a year now, so I’ll enjoy some liberties for a while now, before going back to a tight program and shape into the form that I desire.

Lately I haven’t done any fanfiction. I do feel sorry about it, because I always enjoy writing it, but my work is not only time consuming, but also very “screen-heavy”, so it’s often hard to find any kind of motivation to sit in front of a screen again after work, especially after switching to full time. It makes me kind of sad, because I have the artistic drive, but often find it too exhausting to actually write my thoughts down. Well, there is something that has me a bit more motivated again lately. I have a new writing project running now. I plan to turn one of the stories I have created into an actual original fiction story that I would also love to see released as a book. I am currently working a lot on a good story-line and I’m bringing in new characters, changing some that the story already has, thinking up a round up for the universe, etc. So, there’s a lot to do. I hope you guys will wish me luck with this new project. I don’t plan on stopping to write fanfiction. When the muse hits me, I’ll definitely write, but it’ll be a lot less than what I’ve done before – apparently.

I just remembered that I should also upload some new files to my archive. Please be patient with me, I'll share new things when I can. <3

I hope you guys are doing well and that you’re enjoying yourselves, no matter what you do. Anyone to go and see Koichi in SHOCK? ^^ I’d love to go so much, but I’m not sure if it’ll be possible this year. I’m aiming for September, though. Maybe I can go. ^__^ And I want to see KinKi again this year too! I missed it so much last year. T___T I have to try to get a few days off at work. ^_~

Cheers everybody!!! <3
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22 December 2013 @ 09:18 pm
Hello, everybody!

This is to let you know that the subbing project is almost completely finished now. :D

I am happy to present you with Act I including subs. Act II will follow as soon as the translation work is finished.

Please read the rules carefully!!!! And stick with them!!!!

Find files HERE
23 September 2013 @ 02:59 pm
Hello, minna! :D

So,about today. As planned we visited Kamakura today. Well, it was planned that we go because we were supposed to have sunny weather, which did not quite happen, but the slightly cloudy sky and the wind were just right to make it a nice experience. At first we had trouble finding the right train that would bring us to Kamakura. I had thought of taking the Seibu Line, but then I was told that the Railway Pass doesn't cover the line, so we decided to take the JR Shinjuku Line instead. Took us about an hour to find our way around. ^^" Well, along the way I found the Mr. Donut shop again. I want to have breakfast there tomorrow. Today we had breakfast at the hotel, which is okay, but I want to go out for breakfast once.

On with the story. The ride to Kamakura took about an hour. I didn't remember that it takes so long. ^^" But it was alright. We got seats on the train, which made things quite comfortable. Once in Kamakura we wanted to go for shrine venue. The guide said that Komachi-dori leads right to it. So we tried Komachi-dori. Boy, that is a shopping street. We strolled through a lot of nice shops and bought gifts for friends and family, and some little somethings for ourselves, like a new umbrella that gets lovely patterns when it gets wet and also jewelery. It was a very nice stroll and I was so happy, because I think that is just what my mom wanted to do. So we spent quite some time there.

In the end we didn't make itto the shrine anymore. It was too far for my mom to walk and so we decided to get back instead and have lunch before visiting the Daibutsu and Hase dera. I had Donkatsu for lunch. :D Yummy. ^_^ Unfortunately my mom keeps having trouble with her stomach. I hope it's going to get better soon. As for me, I'm not used to eating anything I want at any time that I want. It's a nice change. ^^ But naturally only for holidays.

After finishing our lunch, we headed for the Daibutsu. Just as I remembered it's a breathtaking sight. It's so wonderful to see that huge statue out in the nature, towering over everything. We took our time to inspect the garden as well - and the souvenier shop, of course. We didn't spend too much time there, though, because we still wanted to move on to Hase dera. That too is an incredibly beautiful sight. The garden alone is a sight for itself. It's a lot more interesting during a warm season, of course. I very much enjoyed learning this new side of the temple. As we strode up to the observation deck we saw the most beautiful flowers and butterflies. The water that runs through the area gives such a relaxing feeling. ^^ As we came up to the deck, there were people praying at the small temple building. So we only had a quick look and then changed to the main hall. I had almost forgotten how impressive that one is. Another big statue, all golden and beautifully crafted. Downright wonderful.

We kept walking around the area a bit, enjoying the view and the evening air. However, soon after we had to leave again, because the temple was closing for the day. Feeling pretty spent we decided to get back to the station and return to Tokyo. That was a good decision too. On our way back we already felt so tired. -_- And we had to wait for 30 minutes for our train to arrive. Well, we found seats at the station, so we could relax a bit. On the way back I kept marvelling at hoe many people were on the train with us on the way back to Tokyo. We only just managed to save ourselves a couple of seats. And along the way more and more people kept getting in. Well, naturally in central Tokyo people will get on and off frequently, but I was surprised, because there was so much going on at smaller stations.

Once we were finally back at our "home" station, I made a tiny detour to our sweets store. I bought a pack of chocolate nuts and another pack of chocolates. I had a pre-packed set of Soba tonight, because my mom didn't want to go out for eating dinner, so I just took something that's ready to eat. And some chocolate Macadamia nuts. Yummy. :D

Right now I'm watching Fuji TV. It's Yamapi on air. XD I don't think I've seen that one. It looks interesting, though. Much more so than other stuff he's done lately (lately meaning anything later than 2008). But I really have to get some rest now. I'm totally spent and I want to get up early tomorrow. Since the weather is supposed to be exhausting, we're aiming for a visit at Asakusa pretty early and then probably Meiji Shrine around noon... and who knows what else we can do around that area. XD

Well, for now this is it. I'm so sorry that I can't provide pics, but my mom is already sleeping again and I have to wrap this up. I aim for us to get home earlier tomorrow, so I'll have the time to do things more properly.

See you around! <3
22 September 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Hello, minna-san!

I guess this comes as quite a surprise. Even though I kept saying that I wanted to go to Japan and see Endless SHOCK again, I never made any plans clear. Well, things were unclear until quite shortly before we actually went, so I didn't want to announce anything without being sure about it. Gomen nasai. m(__)m Now I am here, together with my mom. As I already experienced, I feel at home immediately.

We arrived yesterday, checked in at the hotel around noon. We took an earlier flight on short notice, so we had to get a hotel room for one more night, seeing how the one we booked our stay in Tokyo for was already booked out. Well, the plus point of that was that we could visit Tokyo Tower and Zojoji right after checking in. We strolled around just a bit to relax our tense muscles. But we were so tired that after having lunch and taking a shower we took a nap of about two hours. (Is that still a nap? ^^ ) Afterwards we decided that we had to go out before going to bed for real, so we set out for Shibuya. I Showed my mom the big crossing and then we had dinner on one fo the top floors of the surrounding buildings. It was really good. A mix of pretty much everything: Pasta with tomato, a hamburger, omuraisu and panko yaki. I'm glad my mom enjoyed it. She was kind of afraid of Japanese food. XD After that we went back to our hotel to get some rest.

Today we got up a bit late. ^^" I have to find a good rhythm. Get up early. Well, we rushed to have our breakfast, which we could only just still have. Last order is set at 09:30 and we came stumbling in at around 10:33. XD I'm glad, it was still okay. So, we had a good breakfast. After that we packed our stuff and moved on to Shinjuku. Ah, Shinjuku. <3 My most beloved part of Tokyo. As for activities, since it was already noon bythe time everything was set and we were settled in, we figured that the best thing to spend the day with would be shopping. ^^

We set out to Shinjuku. First, Samantha Vega. ^_^ I found such a nice bag there and I just had to get it. Then we had a look at Isetan. It's not like either of us could actually buy anything there. XD But the food hall is just astounding, so we strolled around there. And we bought an apple pie. And a moon cake. It's moon festival weekend. I hadn't even noticed before. Well, there was a lot going on. After visiting Isetan we had a look at OIOI too. Unfortunately, there weren't any big sales. ^^" So we left again soon.

For afternoon activities we chose to visit Odaiba. Yes, again. I just really love being there. Odaiba is just fantastic for me. And we spent the rest of the day there. Fuji TV building tour, Palette town, Mega Web (although we mainly saw that one from the outside). My mom loved the Fuji TV sphere. The view is jsut fantastic. The rest of the building isn't too interesting for her, though. But we then moved on to Venus Fort, which is one of the best places for shopping that I know around here. We had a look around and then chose to eat Nabe for dinner. It was nice, but I have to say that I've eaten better versions and sadly it didn't really meet my mom's taste. I promised her that tomorrow we'll find an Italian restaurant. ^^

Well, that was pretty much today. I'm very sorry this is such a short report. I'll have to add pics tomorrow too, sorry. But it's already running pretty late and I have to get to bed in time, so I'll be able to get up earlier tomorrow. Since the weather forecast says it'll be a bright day it's day trip time. Tomorrow's location: Kamakura. :D Please wait for the report.

PS: I hope I'll find the time to write more. I've had some flashes that I really need to write down. Must be the surroundings. XD See you guys around. <3

Cheers~! (*^ o^*)/
07 August 2013 @ 07:40 pm
Hi, everybody!

As you might have noticed I haven't been around too much lately. ^^" I am very sorry about this, but my long working hours make it close to impossible for me to do something that needs concentrated working aside from it. I very much bemourn this, because I feel like I am deprived of my creative work that I love so much. D:  It was only yesterday, though, that I realized how much this is getting to me. I had a pretty bad break-down last night, but had to go back to work for my next 10 hour shift today. So, I am devastated about it, but at least for the next two weeks I won't be able to do any serious work on my journal or any of my communities. I apologize to everybody who is waiting for updates of my work. m(__)m I will try to add a few things once my working hours get reduced a bit during the second half of the month, but I will be back fully only in September when finally my working hours go back to "normal".

I hope you're all doing fine and I am already looking forward to being an active part of the lj community again. I miss all of you! <3 Please wait for me. I might be dropping in for just very minor stuff, when I find the time, but I will announce my official return as soon as it can happen. I am writing this now to let you all know that I am not dropping any of my work, but I really do need some time to rest and recover. I will be back asap, definitely. ^^

Thanks to all of you for your support and I also want to apologize to everybody I haven't answered properly lately. I will do that too, as soon as I can. Nothing is forgotten!

With this I will finally head back home now to get some much-needed rest for today. (- o-)

PS: Happy KinKi release, everyone!!! \(^o^)/
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21 July 2013 @ 11:06 pm
Hello, everybody!

As promised I am feverishly working on my new projects and this weekend I took the time to set up a new community to which I will be uploading all of my KinKi Kids files. Please read the rules carefully and stick with them. I always make it a point to make my links longlasting and thus far I've been quite successful. I haven't shared like this before, though. So, let's see how this will unfold.
Here you can find my new community:


There is only a small number of files online thus far, but I'll let you know whenever I add something. ^_~
No further news for now. ^^" Well, I am also working on some fiction, please give me a bit more time to finish it. m(__)m
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17 July 2013 @ 03:03 pm
Hello, friends, strangers and everybody else!

Phew, it’s been FOREVER since I wrote anything into my blog. @_@ I am really sorry about this, but work has a really tight grip on me right now and whenever I have some spare time at hand the last thing I want to do is stare at another screen. It still feels like I’m lacking something, because I miss writing a lot, but right now it’s just way too tiring. So, I am sorry for any delays and I really want to be more active on my journal again.

Update and newsCollapse )
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18 June 2013 @ 01:59 am
Hello, everybody!

Omg, I can't believe how time's flying. Somehow I've been neglecting my nikki. First it was just five days and suddenly... But I haven't neglected my project. I'll give a shrot summary of the previous two weeks.

Week 6:

Everything went really well, no major incidents - or breakthroughs. I practiced my new routine at the gym a lot and I had another -1kg by the end of the week.

Week 7:

Altogether a sucessful week, although I have to admit that I severely neglected the gym, because of my late shift working. >< I want to catch up on that as soon as possible. Even so, I pulled through with the eating and so this week was a success too. I changed my load day back to Saturday, because I find it more convenient. And boy, did I eat this Saturday. My brother and I had friends over. We played MahJongg, watched some LOL and had pizza and lots of junk. XD It was wonderful. ^^

I want to go back to regular reports again, at least for now. The official project lasts for 10 weeks and as long as that's on I want to keep record. I think I'll keep going with the project  for a while longer, but then maybe switch to weekly reports. Well, I'll decide about that along the way.

Report on day 49:

For the time being, I'll tell you how things went today. I'm really not feeling well. The weather is very exhausting, it's very hot and humid and in addition I'm currently on my period (which will make tomorrow's visit at the gym a real pain >< ) My mother very kindly took care of lunch today, even though she too was working today. I only had to take care of my dinner. I invested in two lunch boyes that I can take to work. Today we had chicked with green beans for lunch and my dinner at work was the rest of the beans, tomatoes and some ham. For tomorrow I prepared tamagoyaki, cucumber, tomatoes and ham. Today I couldn't go to the gym, because of my late shift. But I'll definitely go tomorrow, no matter what.

Okay, report done for today. :D Cheers, everybody! \(^o^)/
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