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26 March 2015 @ 11:38 am
Days 5&6: Shopping, eating, repeat and add moving in between - Kaze no Tokyo  
Hello, everybody!

Here's the new report. Finally. ^^ Yay. So, what did we do on Tuesday? Basically we checked out some shopping opportunities. ^^" First I wanted to visit Akihabara. I've never been there, so I wanted to seehow it feels. So right after having breakfast we set out towards Akihabara. Fortunately we didn't have to take the Yamanote line. Basically I love riding it, because it brings you just about everywhere, but the downside is that it brings people everywhere, so if the distance is a bit longer it'll take forever to get where you want to be. So, instead we simply took the Chuo line, which conveniently stops at Akihabara.

I have to say that I didn't think that after Shinjuku on a busy night I'd find something that has a bigger impact on you, but WOAH, Akihabara is like O_o So much... everything!!! XD You really don't know where to look. ^^" We just walked up and down a few streets. I was a bit worried about getting lost, actually. It was very windy too, so it wasn't nice to be out on the street for a long time. After we got an idea of what Akihabara is (namely the place to go, if you're into Manga, Anime, Video games and the like) we settled into a neat little Maid Cafe. That was something I hadn't donw before, so I wanted to go. ^^ I quite enjoyed it too. The maids were all cheery and very nice and we even witnessed an entertainment song. Sadly my mother wasn't very much into it. Pity, I think it's a nice experience if you just engage in it. It is a costy pleasure, though. ^^"

Akihabara Skyscraper adds

More adds, with Hatsune Miku

Building of the main cafe we visited (there's the add on the building for it)

So, after our coffee we decided to go back to Shinjuku. I wanted to visit the Lumine Est and possibly Harajuku. Well, we walked around the shopping mall for such a long time, we were quite tired. So we went back to the hotel to stoer the stuff we had bought and to rest a bit. However, on weekdays the idol shops in Harajuku close at 8pm and then it was too late to set out again - thus we decided to cover that on the following day before moving to Kyoto. I went to bed early and slept long and well.

Lunch time: Paella with our own little heater, along with some Tapas

Find this at this wonderful restaurant

I woke up very early again, around 05:30, which was quite unnverving. Well, I got up and started getting my stuff together. We had our breakfast and then checked out of our hotel room. We sent the bigger parts of our luggage to Kyoto via Takkyubin, the hotel staff were really nice and organized everything for us. The rest of our stuff was stored for us while we were going out. We visited Harajuku. I was surprised, it was really crowded on a Wednesday morning. It was altogether a rather short visit. Mind you, the idol shops are all fascinating, but ultimately I've got just about everything a fan can want, so I don't really need any more stuff. There was something specific that I wanted, namely some photos of this year's Endless SHOCK and some of the latest KinKi Kids concert. I always like geting some picutres that show their costumes, or some fun parts of the show. ^^ I went straight to the shop that has its pictures neatly collected in folders. It's very convenient when you're looking for something specific. I checked through some folders quickly and bought two paper strips of pictures. ^^

Oh, I almost forgot, along the way we came by a sock store. Well, more than one, of course, but that one was really huge and it had adorable socks. So we bought a number of socks, bright and flashy and flowery and glittery. ^^ Once we had everything that we wanted, we made our way back to the hotel. We had a quick lunch at the restaurant next to it and then got our stuff from the hotel. Next we needed to get to Tokyo station. Now, I'm sure there are quicker ways, but since we have the JR Pass and it works alright, we took the Yamanote. ^^ Once at Tokyo station we got our train tickets and then made our way towards the right platform. I always enjoy travelling with the Shinkansen. It's really convenient. The ride to Kyoto takes about 21/2 hours, which is quite alright. FOrtunately I still remember how to get to the hotel in Kyoto by subway. It didn't even take us 20 minutes to get to the right station. As soon as we had checked in, we looked for a place where we could have dinner. We decided to try a westerny style all you can eat buffet. It was surprisingly good and so we had lots of food. ^^ Mainly pizza and curry, although they also had a really nice salad bar that we very happily made use of.

Back at the hotel, shower, change into room clothes, get into bed and sleep. It was already pretty "late", around 9pm. I was so spent I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, so I had to get some rest to be prepared for Kyoto. ^^ I woke up twice, first around 1am, which isn't very out of the ordinary and then again around 05:30am and I felt quite awake, but it annoyed me so that I couldn't sleep any longer. So I tried to just stay in bed, hoping that I could sleep some more and really, for the first time since we got here I could really find some more sleep after 5am in the morning. I woke up again around 8am, which is a nice time for getting up. ^^

I'll write a report on what we did today too, of course, but first I'll finish this one and then add pictures to all my posts. As a quick preview, we visited Kyomizudera today. :D And it was fantastic. ^^ Details in the next post. ^_~

*hugs all* \(*^o^*)/
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lilly0: movie: Iron Man & Captain Americalilly0 on May 14th, 2015 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hey there!

Just dropping by to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your blog!
Are you going to update the rest too? (Nagasaki and Kyoto? :-) )