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20 March 2015 @ 03:15 pm
Travelling, SIM cards and Udon - A report on the night of a jetlag  
Hello, everybody!

Writing my first report from Tokyo this year. \(^ o^)/

Travelling was very exhausting. Our flight was about 30 minutes late. Curiously we didn't have a delay on the arrival, which is quite remarkable. ^^ The flight in itself wasn't exactly pleasant, there were a lot of changes of height and direction, which doesn't feel nice and the wind was rather strong too in certain areas. The mere length of the travel is what really gets to you the most, though. It is always interesting to meet Japanese people on a plane. An elderly man came to talk to us, he was travelling with his wife. He had stopped working just a few months ago and went on a trip with his wife. They were both very nice people and during the landing I saw that his wife, like myself, kept having trouble with the air pressure. Altogether it was really okay.

Once at the airport we first tried to find the SIM card rental store that I ordered SIM cards at. There was no such shop to be found, though. On a hunch I then tried to ask at the post office and fortunately Cd Japan had sent the SIM cards there. As soon as that was done it was pretty much an already well-known procedure. Get your Rail Pass ticket, get a NEX ticket and get to Shinjuku. On the train to Tokyo we could already see a lot of trees blooming, so it's well possible that you'll be able to see a number of beautiful cherry blossom pictures, if the majority of trees really is already blooming. :D Altogether things took a bit longer this time around, so we arrived at the hotel around noon. We could check in right away, which was very helpful. I was feeling so tired, I almost fell asleep on the train. @_@

Just after arrival

After putting our luggage in our hotel room we set out to find something to eat. My mother wasn't feeling very well - she had some trouble with her stomach, so we found a nice Udon store and she had some noodles with plain soup. I had curry udon. ^^ Of course. XD

Back in our hotel room we both took a much needed shower and changed into fresh clothes. Since my mother wasn't feeling well, she took a bit of rest and I slept just a bit too. Not too long, though, after a little while we got back up and bought some useful things: Water, fruits and some snacks for dinner. Once I felt well-fed I got to setting the APNs for the SIM cards. For some reason my mother's phone does not respond to the rented SIM card, so we'll have to return it. >< Mine was set up within a matter of minutes, which is also going to be helpful.

Kare Udon!!! *___*

Our Hotel front

For tomorrow we're planning to have a look around SHinjuku Gyouen in hopes of beautiful cherry blossom views. ^^
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