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18 March 2015 @ 11:23 pm
Too much luggage and no clothes - "Makka suitcase" in Vienna  
Hello, minna-san!!!

It's time for the traditional post from Vienna. As usual my aunt is being supportive and lets us stay at her place for the night. Thank you for having us. m(__)m  It's been a long day, but curiously, while I was really tired this morning now I feel a bit sleepless. ^^" Right after today'S shift at work we got our luggage and then made our way to the station. My mother packed a smaller suitcase this year, which is nice, because it's easier to handle. It doesn't "drive" so easily, though, but I'm just gonna handle that one for the main part.

Altogether I feel like we have way too much luggage. But then, the weather forecast keeps changing daily so I'm still not sure what kind of weather we're going to have in Tokyo. ^^" Well, what to do? SImply pack everything that you might be needing, of course. XD There's just one thing that I totally forgot: an SD card reader for my PC. I already have three of them at home - no shit - and it feels like a kind of tradition already too that I rush into an electronic market to get one of those so I can upload pictures to my daily blogs. ^^

During my late summer stay in Japan I was very lazy with the blog, but I am definitely going to write a proper one this time around and I've also decided that I want to write in detail about the food we're going to eat. :D With pics, because I got the card reader. ^^ As you might have noticed I'm also trying to work some song titles into the post headers. Let's see how well I'll be able to do it. ^^ Tonight is already not exactly accurate, because the bright red suitcase is the one that actually stayed at home and mine is orange. It sounded nice, though, so I decided to write it like this. ^^

I was really proud, though, because I really packed everything else, even my Japanese hair straightener. Of course, if you pack all of your bed clothes into the suitcase you're already checking in, you're still left with basically nothing to wear at your aunt's place. ^^" Well, it's just for tonight and I have everything else, like toothpaste and a toothbrush (which I also bought on the way to my aunt's appartment, because I kept pondering forever whether I should take the electric toothbrush or a "manual" one so ultimately I didn't pack either) and whatever else I might be needing tonight I can borrow.

Now I'm actually tired. ^^" So I'm gonna finish this post now, because I know that in about half an hour I'm gonna be all awake again. XD Please look forward to the next posts. So, have a nice day/night, everybody!!! <3<3<3

Cheers!!! ^______^
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