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06 March 2014 @ 08:20 pm
News upate  
Hello, everybody!

It’s been ages since I’ve actively done anything around here. I apologize, I’m really busy and there’s a lot going on, but I wanted to share some news. These past few months have been very intense on several levels, but I’m feeling fine for the main part. I’m working full time now, which is fantastic for me, but also very time consuming. ^^” I enjoy my work a lot, though, and I’m glad that I can work the full time schedule.

So, what’s new?

I wrote about a year ago how I wanted to start a dieting project.  I’ve been doing it almost all the time ever since. Lost 30kg by now altogether. Last week I tried to set a new pace and try to eat pasta and rice again more regularly and even allow myself some milk and cheese. I wanted to see if I could balance it well to keep the weight that I have now. Something strange happened, though. I found that after about two days of carbohydrate diet I felt no desire to eat the stuff again for a while. So, while it didn’t do anything about my weight, I found that I don’t really want the stuff anymore. It makes you sleepy after eating and generally more lax. So I’ll keep sticking with the program for the main part and only eat the “heavy” stuff when I really feel a lot like it, which apparently isn’t very often.

It’s interesting, while I always enjoy to have one day on which I can eat at leisure, I don’t need that kind of food on a daily basis anymore. It makes me feel slow and lazy. For now I’m not aiming for further weight loss, though. I’ve been doing really good for about a year now, so I’ll enjoy some liberties for a while now, before going back to a tight program and shape into the form that I desire.

Lately I haven’t done any fanfiction. I do feel sorry about it, because I always enjoy writing it, but my work is not only time consuming, but also very “screen-heavy”, so it’s often hard to find any kind of motivation to sit in front of a screen again after work, especially after switching to full time. It makes me kind of sad, because I have the artistic drive, but often find it too exhausting to actually write my thoughts down. Well, there is something that has me a bit more motivated again lately. I have a new writing project running now. I plan to turn one of the stories I have created into an actual original fiction story that I would also love to see released as a book. I am currently working a lot on a good story-line and I’m bringing in new characters, changing some that the story already has, thinking up a round up for the universe, etc. So, there’s a lot to do. I hope you guys will wish me luck with this new project. I don’t plan on stopping to write fanfiction. When the muse hits me, I’ll definitely write, but it’ll be a lot less than what I’ve done before – apparently.

I just remembered that I should also upload some new files to my archive. Please be patient with me, I'll share new things when I can. <3

I hope you guys are doing well and that you’re enjoying yourselves, no matter what you do. Anyone to go and see Koichi in SHOCK? ^^ I’d love to go so much, but I’m not sure if it’ll be possible this year. I’m aiming for September, though. Maybe I can go. ^__^ And I want to see KinKi again this year too! I missed it so much last year. T___T I have to try to get a few days off at work. ^_~

Cheers everybody!!! <3
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Current Music: Koi wa Niho he to Chirinuru wo (KinKi Kids)
moonprincess7moonprincess7 on March 9th, 2014 03:52 am (UTC)
Hey! All the best with your writing project - sounds like it'll be a lot of work but really fun and fulfilling :)
Hopefully work gets less busy so that you have more leisure time~