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23 September 2013 @ 02:59 pm
Day 3: Kamakura  
Hello, minna! :D

So,about today. As planned we visited Kamakura today. Well, it was planned that we go because we were supposed to have sunny weather, which did not quite happen, but the slightly cloudy sky and the wind were just right to make it a nice experience. At first we had trouble finding the right train that would bring us to Kamakura. I had thought of taking the Seibu Line, but then I was told that the Railway Pass doesn't cover the line, so we decided to take the JR Shinjuku Line instead. Took us about an hour to find our way around. ^^" Well, along the way I found the Mr. Donut shop again. I want to have breakfast there tomorrow. Today we had breakfast at the hotel, which is okay, but I want to go out for breakfast once.

On with the story. The ride to Kamakura took about an hour. I didn't remember that it takes so long. ^^" But it was alright. We got seats on the train, which made things quite comfortable. Once in Kamakura we wanted to go for shrine venue. The guide said that Komachi-dori leads right to it. So we tried Komachi-dori. Boy, that is a shopping street. We strolled through a lot of nice shops and bought gifts for friends and family, and some little somethings for ourselves, like a new umbrella that gets lovely patterns when it gets wet and also jewelery. It was a very nice stroll and I was so happy, because I think that is just what my mom wanted to do. So we spent quite some time there.

In the end we didn't make itto the shrine anymore. It was too far for my mom to walk and so we decided to get back instead and have lunch before visiting the Daibutsu and Hase dera. I had Donkatsu for lunch. :D Yummy. ^_^ Unfortunately my mom keeps having trouble with her stomach. I hope it's going to get better soon. As for me, I'm not used to eating anything I want at any time that I want. It's a nice change. ^^ But naturally only for holidays.

After finishing our lunch, we headed for the Daibutsu. Just as I remembered it's a breathtaking sight. It's so wonderful to see that huge statue out in the nature, towering over everything. We took our time to inspect the garden as well - and the souvenier shop, of course. We didn't spend too much time there, though, because we still wanted to move on to Hase dera. That too is an incredibly beautiful sight. The garden alone is a sight for itself. It's a lot more interesting during a warm season, of course. I very much enjoyed learning this new side of the temple. As we strode up to the observation deck we saw the most beautiful flowers and butterflies. The water that runs through the area gives such a relaxing feeling. ^^ As we came up to the deck, there were people praying at the small temple building. So we only had a quick look and then changed to the main hall. I had almost forgotten how impressive that one is. Another big statue, all golden and beautifully crafted. Downright wonderful.

We kept walking around the area a bit, enjoying the view and the evening air. However, soon after we had to leave again, because the temple was closing for the day. Feeling pretty spent we decided to get back to the station and return to Tokyo. That was a good decision too. On our way back we already felt so tired. -_- And we had to wait for 30 minutes for our train to arrive. Well, we found seats at the station, so we could relax a bit. On the way back I kept marvelling at hoe many people were on the train with us on the way back to Tokyo. We only just managed to save ourselves a couple of seats. And along the way more and more people kept getting in. Well, naturally in central Tokyo people will get on and off frequently, but I was surprised, because there was so much going on at smaller stations.

Once we were finally back at our "home" station, I made a tiny detour to our sweets store. I bought a pack of chocolate nuts and another pack of chocolates. I had a pre-packed set of Soba tonight, because my mom didn't want to go out for eating dinner, so I just took something that's ready to eat. And some chocolate Macadamia nuts. Yummy. :D

Right now I'm watching Fuji TV. It's Yamapi on air. XD I don't think I've seen that one. It looks interesting, though. Much more so than other stuff he's done lately (lately meaning anything later than 2008). But I really have to get some rest now. I'm totally spent and I want to get up early tomorrow. Since the weather is supposed to be exhausting, we're aiming for a visit at Asakusa pretty early and then probably Meiji Shrine around noon... and who knows what else we can do around that area. XD

Well, for now this is it. I'm so sorry that I can't provide pics, but my mom is already sleeping again and I have to wrap this up. I aim for us to get home earlier tomorrow, so I'll have the time to do things more properly.

See you around! <3