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22 September 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Konnichi wa from Japan  
Hello, minna-san!

I guess this comes as quite a surprise. Even though I kept saying that I wanted to go to Japan and see Endless SHOCK again, I never made any plans clear. Well, things were unclear until quite shortly before we actually went, so I didn't want to announce anything without being sure about it. Gomen nasai. m(__)m Now I am here, together with my mom. As I already experienced, I feel at home immediately.

We arrived yesterday, checked in at the hotel around noon. We took an earlier flight on short notice, so we had to get a hotel room for one more night, seeing how the one we booked our stay in Tokyo for was already booked out. Well, the plus point of that was that we could visit Tokyo Tower and Zojoji right after checking in. We strolled around just a bit to relax our tense muscles. But we were so tired that after having lunch and taking a shower we took a nap of about two hours. (Is that still a nap? ^^ ) Afterwards we decided that we had to go out before going to bed for real, so we set out for Shibuya. I Showed my mom the big crossing and then we had dinner on one fo the top floors of the surrounding buildings. It was really good. A mix of pretty much everything: Pasta with tomato, a hamburger, omuraisu and panko yaki. I'm glad my mom enjoyed it. She was kind of afraid of Japanese food. XD After that we went back to our hotel to get some rest.

Today we got up a bit late. ^^" I have to find a good rhythm. Get up early. Well, we rushed to have our breakfast, which we could only just still have. Last order is set at 09:30 and we came stumbling in at around 10:33. XD I'm glad, it was still okay. So, we had a good breakfast. After that we packed our stuff and moved on to Shinjuku. Ah, Shinjuku. <3 My most beloved part of Tokyo. As for activities, since it was already noon bythe time everything was set and we were settled in, we figured that the best thing to spend the day with would be shopping. ^^

We set out to Shinjuku. First, Samantha Vega. ^_^ I found such a nice bag there and I just had to get it. Then we had a look at Isetan. It's not like either of us could actually buy anything there. XD But the food hall is just astounding, so we strolled around there. And we bought an apple pie. And a moon cake. It's moon festival weekend. I hadn't even noticed before. Well, there was a lot going on. After visiting Isetan we had a look at OIOI too. Unfortunately, there weren't any big sales. ^^" So we left again soon.

For afternoon activities we chose to visit Odaiba. Yes, again. I just really love being there. Odaiba is just fantastic for me. And we spent the rest of the day there. Fuji TV building tour, Palette town, Mega Web (although we mainly saw that one from the outside). My mom loved the Fuji TV sphere. The view is jsut fantastic. The rest of the building isn't too interesting for her, though. But we then moved on to Venus Fort, which is one of the best places for shopping that I know around here. We had a look around and then chose to eat Nabe for dinner. It was nice, but I have to say that I've eaten better versions and sadly it didn't really meet my mom's taste. I promised her that tomorrow we'll find an Italian restaurant. ^^

Well, that was pretty much today. I'm very sorry this is such a short report. I'll have to add pics tomorrow too, sorry. But it's already running pretty late and I have to get to bed in time, so I'll be able to get up earlier tomorrow. Since the weather forecast says it'll be a bright day it's day trip time. Tomorrow's location: Kamakura. :D Please wait for the report.

PS: I hope I'll find the time to write more. I've had some flashes that I really need to write down. Must be the surroundings. XD See you guys around. <3

Cheers~! (*^ o^*)/