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18 June 2013 @ 01:59 am
Dieting, day 49  
Hello, everybody!

Omg, I can't believe how time's flying. Somehow I've been neglecting my nikki. First it was just five days and suddenly... But I haven't neglected my project. I'll give a shrot summary of the previous two weeks.

Week 6:

Everything went really well, no major incidents - or breakthroughs. I practiced my new routine at the gym a lot and I had another -1kg by the end of the week.

Week 7:

Altogether a sucessful week, although I have to admit that I severely neglected the gym, because of my late shift working. >< I want to catch up on that as soon as possible. Even so, I pulled through with the eating and so this week was a success too. I changed my load day back to Saturday, because I find it more convenient. And boy, did I eat this Saturday. My brother and I had friends over. We played MahJongg, watched some LOL and had pizza and lots of junk. XD It was wonderful. ^^

I want to go back to regular reports again, at least for now. The official project lasts for 10 weeks and as long as that's on I want to keep record. I think I'll keep going with the project  for a while longer, but then maybe switch to weekly reports. Well, I'll decide about that along the way.

Report on day 49:

For the time being, I'll tell you how things went today. I'm really not feeling well. The weather is very exhausting, it's very hot and humid and in addition I'm currently on my period (which will make tomorrow's visit at the gym a real pain >< ) My mother very kindly took care of lunch today, even though she too was working today. I only had to take care of my dinner. I invested in two lunch boyes that I can take to work. Today we had chicked with green beans for lunch and my dinner at work was the rest of the beans, tomatoes and some ham. For tomorrow I prepared tamagoyaki, cucumber, tomatoes and ham. Today I couldn't go to the gym, because of my late shift. But I'll definitely go tomorrow, no matter what.

Okay, report done for today. :D Cheers, everybody! \(^o^)/
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