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05 June 2013 @ 01:39 am
Dieting, days 34, 35 & 36  
Hello, everybody!

I'm back with a new update. I lost one more kg during my fifth week, which isn't too much, but still makes me happy.

Report on day 34:

Sunday was my load day. Ice-cream, chocolates and candy. :D And fried food. ^^ I had one fantastic day. :D No gym. I took my time to relax.

Report on day 35:

Monday was my first day on holiday. I had chili for lunch and ham and eggs and avocados for dinner. B.A. came by to share dinner with me which made me happy.

I had an appointment at the gym today. I got a new course containing more training for my back, which is really good. I did some extra workout, so I did good. ^^

Report on day 36:

Today I had steak with vegetables for lunch and a yummy salad with ham for dinner.

I was out shopping with my mom and then I went out with a very good friend today. We had tea and dinner and went to the movies. So, I didn't really have time for the gym. But I'll go again tomorrow. ^^

That much for now. Cheers! \(^o^)/
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Diamond (T&T)