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02 June 2013 @ 12:53 am
Dieting, days 32 & 33  
Hello, everybody!

It's time to update my nikki. As I am on holiday again I have a lot of time at hand - although today has been pretty busy. ^^ But I'll start with yesterday.

Report on day 32:

Friday was pretty busy. Like, it felt as though everybody was either out on the streets, or bothering me at work. XD Or maybe first out on the street and then calling to complain about some random thing. Lately at work we only have complaints about invoices. There's an annual fee that's due around this time and people forget about it time and time again. ^^"

Ah, as for food... we had green beans with some nice chicken. I then took some of the left-overs to work, so I could eat them there. I had a long and late shift, so I thought ti would be better to eat before getting back home. So I had green beans again. It was all good, but I was so hungry when I  got home. @_@ Work had been really distressful and I felt like I really had to get something to eat. So I took three slices of ham with some mustard and horse raddish. Had two tomatoes with it. Then I felt a lot better. :D

No gym yesterday, I was working too late. ><

Report on day 33:

Now for today. I was out all day. Shopping with my mom. It was really good fun. We had lunch at the mall. Veggies with chicken. For dinner I had another salad.

I went to gym today and for the first time since I started this I had a special. I'm allowed some milk and/or fruit when I work out. And today was one big work-out, so I decided that it was okay to have a strawberry milkshake. It was totally yummy. :D

Now for something random. As I already mentioned I went shopping with my mom today. I got some new clothes, because the stuff that I have is starting to feel a bit too big. ^^ I got new jeans, a dress and new shoes today. :D And then some random stuff. XD But the most exciting thing happened after we were done. Suddenly the unlock button of our car's key didn't work anymore. I guessed that it was the battery, but we didn't know how we should change it in the garage of the mall. So I tried to open the door the "old-fashioned" way, putting the key into the hole and turning. It worked too, the door unlocked. Unfortunately the alarm service was not disabled that way. So the door opened, but that set off the alarm and we made some really big noise. Every time a door was opened. >< We only had one mobile phone with us and that had very little battery.

Not knowing what else to do I got back into the mall in order to try to get the battery changed. I didn't really know how to manage that, but there was a key service, so I went there first. Unfortunately the guy working there couldn't help me. But he suggested I find a watch maker and ask there. So I went to a watch maker in the building. And really, a shop assistant there opened the key and took a look. Sadly she didn't have the battery that I needed. She agreed to keep the key and wait for me if I wanted to go and buy the right battery. And so... I went to the electronic store. Fortunately that one is really huge and I had no trouble getting the battery that I needed. Then right back to the watch maker. The nice lady there put the new battery in and handed me the key back. I was feeling really relieved. I quickly headed back to hte car and... the key didn't work. -_-#

After the entire ordeal hadn't helped my mom and I decided to call breakdown service to help up out. My mom tried with her low battery. She was explaining the situation to a man on the service line. That was when suddenly the key reacted again. It locked the car and then unlocked it again and FINALLY we could start the car again. It seems like the key simply needed some time to "charge" after being completely drained. ^^" That was quite an adventure, really. And yet I still went to gym afterwards. So I did good today.

This is my report for now. Tomorrow is my load day. I have cookies and cake and ice-cream. :D
See you guys for my next report. ^____^
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