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31 May 2013 @ 01:30 am
Dieting, days 28, 29, 30 & 31  
Hey, there!

Phew, it's been a while since I wrote my nikki. But now i'm back. It's a rather busy week. Again. XD This report will be rather short too, I'm sorry. m(__)m

Report on day 28:

Monday was a bit difficult after a long working weekend. I had really long working hours and I totally forgot to bring food to work. So I only ate when I got home. So, I only had one meal on that day. We had lots of left-overs from our soup, so I ate that with shrimp and sweet pepper.

I did not go to gym, because it was a really long working day.

Report on day 29:

Tuesday was another really long working day. But I took food to work on that day. So I had some saussage with mustard and also some tuna for lunch. For dinner I made some salad.

Again, no gym. But I did my home exercise as to not get out of my working out rhythm.

Report on day 30:

Now, yesterday was a bit of a fail. We had some meat with veggies for lunch. Unfortunately I saw too late that the frozen vegetables that I used had been fixed up with spices and also sugar. For dinner I had lots of fish and vegetables again. I ate out, which is tricky. It went well, generally, but then I grabbed some salad and there was some sugar in that too. >< So I couldn't really pull the concenpt through, which bothers me, but I've decided to learn from it and not make those mistakes again.

No gym, because I was out all day. Like really, all day, so I had lots of exercise. :D

Report on day 31:

Today we had steak with brokkoli for lunch. It's so delicious. Dinner was salad again, because I had so many left-overs. XD

Went to gym. My first time this week. But I'll definitely go during the weekend.

Okay, this is it for now. Sorry for the short report, but I'm already so tired. This week is just flying by. The weekend is already approaching. I wonder if I lost any weight this week. Waiting for my load day to check my weight.

For now this is it. Please look forward to my next report. :D
Current Mood: Itsudemo doko e demo (KinKi Kids)