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27 May 2013 @ 02:20 am
Dieting, days 25, 26 & 27  
Hey, there!

Time for my weekend report. It's been a very straining week altogether. So here's the summary of my weekend.

Report on day 25:

Friday wasn't very eventful. I had chili for lunch and scrambled eggs with veggies for dinner.

I was a good girl and went to gym, working out.

Report on day 26:

Yesterday was a bit difficult. For breakfast I had s small salami and black coffee. I'm really trying to get used to that. ^^ After work things got stressful. My mother prepared something for lunch, but she'd gotten sick over eating it, so I decided to prepare something for myself. I had tuna with tomatoes. Somehow I ended up skipping dinner.

No gym yesterday, but I did my video work-out.

Report on day 27:

Today was my load day. So I had lots of yummy food. ^^ Chocolates and cookies and lots of other stuff. For lunch we had pizza and fro dinner I prepared Ramen. B.A. came by for dinner and a movies. Ramen is always so much work, but it's totally worth it. ^^ Our movies of the night was "Villain" starrring Tackey. I love him a lot and I think it was a really good movie.

Oh, almost forgot. Before I got into my load day, I did my weekly weight check. Ladies and gentlemen, I did it. :D I lost 10kg within a month. It's so amazing, I still can't believe it. I'm trying to keep calm, I know things can't keep rushing like that, but I'm hoping that I'll lose the amount two more times. Maybe not within the remaining 6 weeks of this project, but altogether. Yes, that would be my dream. I'll keep you up to date on how I'm doing, of course.

In order to make things easier for me when I have long and/or late working shifts, I've ordered a bento box kit, so I can prepare my own food and bring it to work. Otherwise it would be difficult to eat at work. Generally my breaks are no longer than twenty minutes, which is pretty tight when it's about eating. Plus, I can't buy anything at my work place that I'm allowed to eat during the week. And going to a restaurant is simply not possible due to the time issue.

You see, in my country food stalls exist, but they aren't as present as you might be used to. As for restaurants... Well, we've got a considerate number, but it's nothing compared to what I've seen in other places. The thing is, a restaurant here offers a lot of different meals that are supposed to meet the tastes of a lot of people. When we go out for a meal with friends or family we don't decide what we want to eat and then choose the restaurant that serves the dish, we simply choose a restaurant and everybody gets whatever they feel like eating. This system has advantages and disadvantages. A disadvantage is that a lot of dishes need quite some preparation after you ordered them, so you will have to wait a while for your food. Up to 15 minutes or maybe even a bit longer is quite common. Of course there are advantages too. Like, when you can't agree on a dish, you can still eat together in the same restaurant. ^^

Okay, now I'll head off to bed. I have a long morning shift tomorrow. I hope you all had a nice weekend. :D The new report will be up soon. And I plan to update my fiction journal on Wednesday. I've set almsto all of my chapter buttons. I hope you like them. ^^ So now I can post the next chapter. Have a nice day, everybody! <3
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