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24 May 2013 @ 12:23 pm
Dieting, days 23 & 24  
Hello, everybody!

It's about time I wrote a new update. I'm finding it hard to stick with my diet these days. >< But I'm trying hard to stay on track. It's a bit tought, because I have to delay my load day to Sunday and somehow that seems so far away even now. XD But I think I've worked my way through the most difficult part of the week by now.

Report on day 23:

Wednesday was an okay day. We had the left-overs of the soup from Tuesday. We bought some more shrimp to put it in and some sweet pepper. I really absolutely love that dish. Oh, I almsot forgot, I also had two slices of our special bread with ham in the morning. ^^ It's nice to have something to eat when you have to leave the house early. For dinner I had my obligatory salad. Somehow this has come to be a kind fo custom. ^^ But it's so yummy. XD

I went to the gym on that day, so altogether I was a good girl. I had my dinner with B.A., which was especially nice too. And then we watched Tackey's journey through South America together. Omg, I can#t even say how often I have to LOL at how you can see that he's a guy traveling by himself for the first time. It's hilarious. XD

Report on day 24:

Yesterday I had a late shift at work and I had to prepare lunch before I left. So I had absolutely no time to go to the gym. >< It's still okay. I'll be going today so I'm still in the "every second day" routine. ^^

We had salmon with veggies for lunch. Mhhhhh. :D As for dinner... salad. XD Once again. For now I can't really get enough of it. It's also easy to prepare, so I'm happy with it. Today I want to have a warm dinner, though. ^^

Okay, that much for a report for now. Right now I feel a bit of a slack in my motivation, because I feel like I haven't lost any weight this week. I know that my period cut in there and I'm still hoping that there will still be a change by the end of the week. It's my goal/dream to finish the first 10kg with the end of the first month of this project. Wish me luck. ^^