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21 May 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Dieting days 19, 20, 21 & 22  
Hello, folks!

I'm late again. So sorry. m(__)m The start of the week has been very distressful. I'm working again and trying to keep my diet working. BUt first things first.

Report on day 19:

Saturday was my load day last week. I had lots of yummy food. Ice-cream, chocolate, sweet bakery and fried fish and baguette with cheese for my main dishes. So good. ^^ I adhn't had cheese in three weeks. It was a really pleasant day.

I trained a lot on Thursday and Friday and so I took Saturday off and simply enjoyed myself.

Report on day 20:

Sunday wasn't a very good day. My body was aching really bad. I think I overstrained my muscles and even slight movement hurt a lot. So, in order to recover my body I decided that I should take it slow and not go to the gym. There's no good in pushing your body like that when it's telling you that it needs to rest.

My lunch was chicken with herbs and mashed vegetables. It was nice. But it won't be my favourite dish. My dinner was a good salad with tomatoes and meat pieces. I just love salad. ^^

Report on day 21:

My lunch on Monday was the wonderful beef steak with brokkoli and tomatoes that I love so much. Dinner was salad with tomatoes again, this time around with peas and salmon. :D Yummy. My mother baked a special bread today that we can eat. The base are chickpeas and almonds. It's really good, but you shouldn't eat too much of it.

My body was feeling considerably better, so I decided to hit the gym. In retrospective it was a good idea, it gave me a good feeling. ^_^ However, a new obstacle started to show itself. Finally my period is kicking in. I've been waiting for it already. It seems that the severe changes during the past three weeks have caused a slight delay. But now I'm facing my ultimate enemy. XD During these days my weight always goes up, I feel fat and slack no matter what I do and my stomach basically turns into a black hole, I mean, I literally don't get the feeling of being stuffed, no matter what or how much I eat. @__@ And whenever I don't feel like eating I'm feeling stomach sick. ><

Report on day 22:

Today was a very hard day. I had an early long shift - worst combination ever. XD Nah, I have no reason to complain, my job is cool. But my period was almost killing me. I didn't sleep too much and my stomach was cramping pretty bad. Took some pain killers so I wouldn't be too distracted at work. No gym today, because I am feeling very weak.

I had two small slices of our special bread with ham and horse raddish. It was definitely good to eat before going to work. I'll buy myself a bento-set so I'll be able to take my own food to work. I can't buy anything there that's safe to eat, but sometimes when I'm working long it's nice to have a little snack. My dinner was an incredible soup that my mother prepared. It was super delicious with carrots, celeriac and ginger. I had shrimp and sweet pepper with it. One of the best meals I've had since I started this.

Phew, okay. I am glad that I could finally write this. Now I'll have to go to bed soon, I'm having a very early shift tomorrow, but it'll be a shorter one. That's good too, because I really need to buy some new shoes. Mine didn't survive the painball session. ^^" Now I need a new pair of black shoes. Well, it's about time I got a new one. For now this is it, I'll try to work on my fiction community tomorrow. I want to make the series masterpost alphabetical again and I want to add more chapter buttons. See you for the next report. :D
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