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18 May 2013 @ 01:19 am
Dieting, day 18  
Hello again!

Today is Friday. The third week of the project has already come pretty far. Time flies when one's working. XD

More detailed this time, report on day 18:

I was out all day, so I couldn't go home to cook anything. For lunch I had a salad with chicken stripes. My dinner was a local specialty. I don't really know how to describe it... My dictionary says "curen meat in gelatine" and that's basically what it is, just that it's often also spiked with veggies like peas and carrots. I wonder if it sounds weird to anyone. ^^ It's something people eat a lot around here and curiously it's very light food that I can eat at any time. It's served with vinegar and pumpkin seed oil, also a local specialty. It was really delicious.

Today was quite distressful, first I had a very early shift. I had very little sleep, so I needed a cup of coffee as I got up. Coffee's without sugar and milk right now, which (in my personal understanding) is really nasty, but I could finish it. ^^ I was out all day, my working team went on a team trip today. Our group activity was paintball. I have to say, that kind of thing is not really my cup of tea. But it sure is exhausting, even when you're mainly hiding and trying to stay clear of everything. I only played two rounds, though, then I joined a friend in the "audience" section and for the rest of the time we took pics and vids. Afterwards we were invited out for dinner, so it was pretty late as I got home. Even so I did a small workout on our cross-trainer before hitting the shower.

This is it for today. Tomorrow is this week's load day, so I can have ice-cream, chocolate and fish and chips. :DDDD Very much looking forward to all of that. ^___^
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Current Music: Kokoro ni yume wo kimi ni wa ai wo (KinKi Kids)