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14 May 2013 @ 01:09 am
Dieting, days 11, 12, 13 & 14  
Hello, everybody! :D

A bit late, but here I am to write my diary on my diet again. Three days, the weekend and my load day.

Report on day 11:

Friday. I was out with a friend all day, but even though I only ate out I managed to keep my line up. Mind you, that is not easy to manage. Almsot every meal comes with rice or potatoes. But for pasta dishes. XD Well, and salad. So, it wasn't easy. But there's something I can always rely on. When you don't know what else to do, think Japanese. ^_^ So I had Sashimi for lunch. I realize, of course, that a plate of Sashimi in one of our local malls hardly compares to the real thing, but it had all the qualities that I needed. It's simply fish and that's what I wanted. Wasabi is okay to eat, same as soy sauce, so it was a good lunch. For dinner I had a salad with various veggies and chicken. Yummy. ^_^

As expected, no workout on that day, but we were out running around all day - almost counts as a workout. XD And I had lots of tea. My friend is really a very considerate host. <3

Report on day 12:

For lunch I had a wonderful salad with asparagus and ham. It was really delicious. For dinner I prepared some chili. That was really good too and I had left-overs for my first working day after my holiday.

Went to gym and did my workout. Good girl. ^^

Report on day 13:

Yesterday was my load day of the week. So, after two weeks of going full out I decided to really give myself a break. First, since it was Mother's Day, we ate out for lunch at one of our city's best steak houses. I had a fantastic steak, french fries and lemonade. In the afternoon I had some sweet drops and lods of ice-cream. For dinner I had a burger and cheese sticks. So, I had a day of heavy food - but it was really good. :D

No training yesterday - too full. XD

Report on day 14:

Today I basically ate the left-overs of my chili in two portions over the entire day and even though I was really tired after my working day I went to gym for my workout. YAY!!! \(^o^)/

Okay, this is it, now I'm up to date. Weird, it would be expected that I would have more time for writing my blog while I'm on vacation, but somehow it turned out the other way around. ^^" I'm looking forward to this third week and I want to give my best again. ^__^
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