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09 May 2013 @ 11:53 pm
Dieting, day 10  
Hello, again!

I'm writing another entry today, because I already know that it'll be difficult tomorrow. I'll spend the entire day out with a friend of mine. It feels good to get out and have some fun. :D Well, to keep track of what I'm doing I'm writing this summary of today's activities.

Report on day 10:

I had coconut curry for lunch with chicken and shripm. That was totally awesome. For lunch I had planned a salad. Sadly that salad wasn't really good to eat, so not even half of what I bought was on my plate in the end. I tried to compensate with additional an tomatoe, but it wasn't a lot of food. D: Fortunately, I had some leftovers of last night's chili, so I warmed that up and ate that as a little add-on. So, dinner was okay after all. ^^

I went to gym and did my workout, which I'll also be unable to do tomorrow. So I worked extra hard today. :D

Okay, today was quite short, but there wasn't anything extraordinary and it's just for one day. I'll be back on Saturday. ^_^
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Current Music: I love you (Domoto Tsuyoshi)