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08 May 2013 @ 10:41 pm
Dieting, days 7, 8 & 9  
Hello, everybody! :D

Oh boy, am I late. ^^ I had a few busy days. Well, yesterday I was just lazy and somehow time slipped through my fingers and in the end it was already time to go to bed. XD Oh, and I had a fight with a spider. >< *hates spiders* Well, a bit late, but finally online.

Report on day 7:

I had steak with vegetables and almonds for lunch. That was one interesting, but also really good recipe. The veggies got spiced with vanilla. It tasted very extraordinary. :D For dinner I had curry with shrimp and something very special: Pilgrim scallops. I love them. I just wish they weren't that expensive. ^^" I got six of them, because I had a guest. B.A. came by for dinner and a movie. Dinner was delicious. As for the movie... in case you should ever wonder what the movie "Sushi girl" will be like... let me just tell you it won't be what you expect. It was... gross somehow. It's really good that B.A. doesn't mind that stuff. ^^" Even so we had to watch something fun afterwards. That was really nice. :D

Oh, almost forgot, I went to gym and did my workout. So, I was a good girl. ^^

Report on day 8:

Yesteray was a bit difficult. I felt a lot like having something sweet. But I did well. ^^ I had chicken with veggies for lunch and a nice omelette for dinner. Nothing too special, but I can't have expensive food every day. It was all nice and tasty. Other than that I only had water. So, I was good.

No workout yesterday. I used the day to do some stuff on my PC.

Report on day 9:

Today I had salmon with pepper vegetables for lunch. It was good, spiced with lemon. For dinner I had Chili. Totally awesome. :D Oh, and I got a special treat today, a cup of coffee with milk. That was really good. All in all it was a good eating day.

I went to gym to work off the milk I had. ^^ It was nice to get those muscles moving. I have now officially lost 5kg. I'm feeling really good and I'm hoping that things will keep going that way. It's absolutely fantastic. :D

Okay, finally finished my report. I hope it's sufficient. See you in a few.  >^_^<
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Current Music: Wild at heart (Arashi)