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06 May 2013 @ 02:15 am
Endless SHOCK Soundtrack treat  
Hi, everybody!

Here's a little add-on. Because I couldn't find it anywhere I ripped and cut myself this little piece of music. It's "Higher" from Endless SHOCK. I adore the song and I just had to get it as an .mp3 on my phone. And since I was successful and happy with hte result, I decided to share what I have done. ^^

Please note, since it's only a rip and even the DVD has only a somewhat decent live recording, the quality isn't the best of the best. It's okay, though. You have to turn up your volume quite some, but it's not trashy. I hope you will like it. I'll set a direct link, because it's simple. ^^ Please, guys, do not share the link, take and re-upload, re-direct, or other stuff like that. I try to make my files and links so that they will live as long as possible. The file is a .zip, so you'll have to unpack it, but I find it better to upload in that format. Find the file here:

Link: MF
Password: ESSTHgr (unless MF keeps removing the password again >< )

Hope you'll like it. :D

Cheers, everybody! <3
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