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06 May 2013 @ 01:39 am
Dieting, days 5&6  
Hello, everyone! :D

It's time for an entry on my dieting project. I've been doing this for a week now. I know I started on Tuesday, but since things are progressing so well, I'll simply cut the Monday that I missed and decide that tomorrow my second week starts officially. And things really are progressing well. I've lost 3kg thus far. I know, of course, that the weight goes down more easily at the beginning, but it's still very nice progress. ^^ So, what has been going on this weekend?

Report on day 5: As I think I have mentioned before, yesterday was my "load day" on which I am allowed to eat anything at any time. Well, what can I say. I even bought ice-cream, because I was dying to get something nice and sweet. In the end I didn't eat any of it, though. XD I had a fruit shake in the morning, which was really SO nice. I love fruits and I miss them during the week. They are very sweet, though, so I understand why I should nto have them. ^^ Next I had pasta for lunch. It was really totally delicious. However, as I was finished I felt so stuffed. >< I felt like I couldn't move anymore. So I had a very strong urge to hit the gym, which I did and did a one hour workout. I felt a lot better afterwards, but decided that I'd had enough for one day and that my dinner should be a salad again. ^^ I had one too, but since it was my load day I also had the chocolate covered starberries I had bought. They were yummy. <3 Well, that's how my load day ended. XD

Report on day 6: Today I had hamburgers. Yes, hamburgers. They are good to eat, if you prepare them the right way. It wasn't too difficult and they tasted really good. I had vegetables with them and I was really full afterwards, but not in a bad way. It's amazing, I can eat until I'm full, but I never feel stuffed. It's totally amazing. For dinner I had salad again. Somehow I can't get enough of it right now. ^^ I had it with tomatoes and chopped meat and eggs. So good. ^^ So, I had a really good day. I didn't do any exercise today, I decided that it's okay to skip one day per week. I did a lot of stuff at home today, finished some of hte stuff that I had been dragging along.

That much for now. I've made it through my first week. Nine to go. See you next week! <3
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Current Music: Itsudemo doko e demo (KinKi Kids)