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03 May 2013 @ 10:33 pm
Dieting, days 3 & 4  
Hello, everybody!

Yes, an update on how my diet is going. It's going pretty well. Once you've found your way into it and you know what's good to eat and what isn't, it's actually okay. Right now i'm really only worried about my period hitting in. That always totally messes with my hormones and I either feel sick or I want to eat whatever's within reach. @__@ I really hope I'll make it well during that time. ^^

As for yesterday, the report on day 3:

I had shrimp with vegetables for lunch. I made them as a curry. I just lvoe curry. ^^ It was really good. I used tofu for the cream. I read later that tofu isn't good for my diet, so I'll leave it from now on, but I think it's still okay, because I didn't use too much of it. My dinner was another salad with meat. Since it was already a bit late I swapped the beans for tomatoes. Worked perfectly fine. :D

I did some exercise yesterday. I did not visit the gym, but I did some thorough house cleaning. Took me about three hours to finish everything, so I guess that counts as a work-out. I was spent afterwards at any rate. XD

On to today, report on day 4:

Today's lunch was fish with veggies. Made them into curry again. XD It was totally yummy. And I love salmon so much. *___* So, that was pretty much perfect. As a special treat I had coffee with milk today, while I was out with my mother shopping. Coffee is something that I miss, but I just can't have it black. >< Tonight's dinner was a steak with the left-overs of the vegetables from lunch. I also made my own lemon ginger tea, so I'll have some flavour in my drink every now and then. It tastes pretty good, so I'm proud that I was able to make it. ^^

Went to the gym today and had an extended work-out. Totally spent now. @__@

So I did good today, I think. ^^ I'm not feeling hungry and I have to say that I am really feeling very well. Actually, I haven't felt as vivid in a long time. ^^ So, it seems that all of this is really good, which makes me very happy right now. I'm still happy that I'll be having my "Load day" tomorrow, which means that I won't have to watch what I'm eating all the time. ^^ Maybe I'll even have some ice-cream. ^^"

That much for a dieting update. Cheers, everybody. I'll keep you up to date on how I'm doing. ^__^
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