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01 May 2013 @ 10:24 pm
New dieting project, days 1 & 2  
Hello, everybody!

This is my first entry on my new dieting project. I will keep record of what I'm doing and how I'm doing with it for the next weeks in hopes to keep the thing going more easily. Those of you who have met me in person will agree that it can't hurt if I lose some weight. During the past three years I've gained almost 20kg and I just have to do something about that. Now, two of my attempts have failed miserably. I am now trying a new approach. First of all, I've set a time range during which I plan to pull this new program through. I'm hoping that this will help with the motivation. Furthermore, I decided to write a kind of diary on the progress and on how I'm doing generally. So, here's my first entry.

I started the program yesterday. You might think that Tuesday is a weird day to start something like this, but I decided that it's as good as any other day. So, here are the details of the program I have joined:

Duration: 10 weeks

Food regulation: No sugar or heavy carbohydrates on six days of the week. Please note, no sugar really means no sugar - no fructose, no lactose and naturally no sugar adds to anything you eat or drink. That pretty much limits the food variety to meat, fish and veggies, which isn't bad to eat at all, but I think I'll very badly miss rice and pasta. ^^" Well, this is it for now. One day every week is "anything goes" day, so you can eat at leisure on that one day.

Sports activities: My personal goal is to squeeze in one hour of some kind of exercise every day, but at the very least every second day.

So, my report on day 1:

I had spinach and eggs for lunch and salad with beans and chopped meat for dinner. My only drink was water. I didn't do any exercise, because it was my first day and the severe change made me feel weak. I also had a headache, which is very rare for me.

Report on day 2:

Today I had chicken and mustard-vegetables (mushrooms, peas and zucchini) for lunch and scrabled eggs with tomatoes, sweet pepper and the rest of the mushrooms for dinner. Went to the gym for workout. And I cleaned my bike and made it fit for riding. Somehow working on my bike always reminds me of "Summer Snow". ^^" So, I did a lot today, so I had some green tea tonight too. :D Headache's gone, which is really nice. ^^

I can tell that my weight has already gone down, at least a bit. ^^ I'm really trying to keep this going. I'm not expecting anyone to actually follow this, it's mainly a report that I'm keeping, but of course, some words of encouragement are sweeter than honey. ^_^ So, this is it. I'm officially in now. Wish me luck. ^^

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