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30 April 2013 @ 07:51 pm
Endless SHOCK closing day  
Hello, everybody!

I just wanted to write a short entry to congratulate the crew of EndlessSHOCK for successfully finishing the spring season. :D

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You did great, eveybody, thank you for making this season a success again.

To Yara Tomoyuki: Otsukare-sama desu! It's a pity you won't be part of the shows in September, but I'm wishing you all the best for your own show! <3

To Uchi Hiroki: Welcome back to the crew for the Osaka shows. :D (I hope that I'll be seeing you there. ^^ )

Now I am anxiously awaiting the September dates for the shows in Osaka and hoping that I will be getting tickets. ^_^
Current Mood: boredbored