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14 February 2013 @ 09:37 pm
A Million Little Things  
Hello, everybody!

It's been a while since I made a serious update. I'm very sorry, but I was being quite sick and there was a lot going on here. Things keep changing everywhere and I have to fit in the scheme too. So I want to make a few changes too. First, my private journal will contain much more of my random thoughts. I have a lot of them and I always need to pass them on in a way. As it is I cannot share them with people around me, so I'll simply put them here. I wonder if anyone will want to read what's in my head. ^^ If you're not interested, just skip my random entries, I'm basically just collecting my thoughts.

First, some life randoms:

We're currently in Lenten Season, a tradition that is not really strict, but none-the-less important where I'm living. So, it's about things you will relinquish for a meassured amount of time. Lots of people cut on stuff like coffee, sugar and sweets, driving their cars and many other more or less creative things. I have to admit that I very seldomly pull through the entire season. For this year, though, I want to do something. I still have to decide what I want to give up, but I feel like I should. It feels like I had a kind of epiphany. The other day my phone started malfunctioning. In order to get it repaired I have to send it to a Samsung service station. The local shop employee tld me that it'll take about two weeks until I can have it back. I know this might sound stupid now, but I really didn't want to give him my phone. It felt like he was taking something from me that was really important to me - it felt like my life woud be much more inconvenient without my phone. When I'm thinking about it now these thoughts kind of shock me a bit.

When thinking about it rationally, my phone, at least the one that I have, is something I absolutely don't need. Like, seriously, anything that is on that phone I have on other devices too. Whatever I can do with it, I can do with my PC or TV. And I do have a working phone. I am in no way limied in anything I want to do. So why on earth did it feel like the end of the world to have to give it up for two weeks? How spoilt am I, actually? How unable to distinguish between important things and random stuff? So, these were my thoughts and thus I decided that the tradition to choose to give up on something, at least for a while, will give you some new perspective on things. But what should I do? I was thinking about cutting my internet and fandom time, but then I thought that it would probably actually cause dismay for some people, which is definitely not the idea. So, for a lack of any more creative idea, I'll go for new diet. Lots of healthy stuff, little to no sugar and sweets. I'll kep you up to date on how I'm doing with it. ^^

Oh, almost forgot:

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Today is Valentine's day! <3 It's my brother's Saint's day, so we're celebrating that. Naturally, St. Valentine's is all about love and it's snowy and kind of romantic outside, so I'm feeling in a fiction writing mood. Let's see where this evening will get me. ^_^

Work is a bit distressful right now. My boss is in the middle of an amployee assessment, where he checks what I'm doing when at work. It's not very pleasant, so I hope that he'll soon have all the data he needs and leave me alone again, so I can do my work properly again. XD It's nothing drastic, but not pleasant either. At the same time I was informaed that I will be allowed at a work-shop where I'll get more skills and new permissions, which is totally cool and I'm very much looking forward to that.

Now for some fandom rant:

First a short summary of thoughts on the "Which JE boy is a good singer?" poll on aramatheydidnt community. My general feeling is that I don't understand why people are still not tired of these things. There's no point in them, really. -_-  But a lot of material for discussions, of course. XD Maybe that's why they're still popular. On the ranking itself I won't go on about what I think about the listing. If you're interested, here's my personal top ten list (please note, it's from my personal memory of actual live performances):

  1) Domoto Tsuyoshi
  2) Shibutani Subaru
  3) Nagase Tomoya
  4) Tegoshi Yuya
  5) Uchi Hiroki
  6/7/8) Domoto Koichi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Nishikido Ryo (in alphabetical order, I can't really rank them, they seem pretty similar)
  9) Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (he's generally way under-rated, I think)
10) Ohno Satoshi

That much for my humble feelings about it. ^__^

I checked the Oricon charts today and was actually surprised to find Koichi's Endless SHOCK documentary topping the general AND the music DVD listings. :D Kou-chan, omedetou!!! \\\\\\((((^o^))))////// I didn't expect the documentary to hit like that, but it's a very pleasant surprise. ^___^

Naturally, I have my own copy at home and I already watched it twice. Same as any other imported DVD it doesn't have subs, but there are a lot of things that I can easily enjoy anyway. Top on the list, naturally, dance rehearsals. Not only do I know a lot about dancing and recognize a lot of the movements and patterns, but since they were training in L.A. with Travis and Stacey, who are English natives I understood a lot of what was going on there. Koichi, the 4U boys and Yaracchi were there for training, learning the choreography for the new song "Higher". A two days training, which is really not too much for one entire song - although I'm not sure if they really finished everything. Still, the selection of dancers they chose indicates that the schedule was tight. Standing next to the back-dancers, Koichi was the one who had trouble keeping up with the progress in the choreography. He's never been the fastest to catch onto patterns of movement, he needs some time to find the flow in the movement, a phenomenon I know by experience. Once it's "imprinted" in his body it comes absolutely naturally, which is why I enjoy watching him so much. No Uchi. Well, he isn't really part of the choreography. I can only imagine how difficult the complicated dancing scenes were for him to begin with. No Machida and Yone. Probably busy. Or can't fly. Or maybe the group wouldh ave been too big. Well, Yara was there. Somehow I always used to think of him as a kind of "supervisor", while by now I think of him more like the "chaotic genius". XDDD

There's much more to the documentary, though. First, the set and how they build it up. It's so amazing. So many bits and pieces work together to create the stage. The entire show has about 20 different sceneries, which is pretty impressive. It was also really cool to see text rehearsals and vocal coaching. The way Koichi would refuse to stand next to Uchi while practising harmonies, complaining that he was being too loud. XD And I just loved Uekusa during text rehearsals. His voice acting is just totally cool.

Flying rehearsals are always interesting. The falling down the stairs is something that always hurts me when I see it. I liked the detals on the costumes a lot. By now I almost know the ways around the rehearsing area. The narrow ways, the green curtain in front of Koichi's dressing room, the red elevator... ^____^

To sum it up, I enjoyed the entire about two hours long episode that generously shows at least a few highlight parts of the actual show, like the opening scene, flying scene, the balcony scene (that also has a new song now), the scene containing "Higher" and some more. Watching this made my urge to see the play again just that much stronger. Yaracchi will be acting. <3 Huge motivation. ^^ I'm not sure. In a way I think it depends on whether I'd have to go by myself. When you can share the accomodation costs there's much more room. I do find myself musing, though... September, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, Beppu - or I could make a detour from Tokyo and finally visit Kanazawa. Lots of possibilities. ^^ Somehow I'm thinking I'm already way too much into it again. ^^" Thoughts like "I need a smaller suitcase" followed by "and a lighter notebook" and such keep coming to my head. I won't be able to see KinKi this year anyway. I really mean it this time. ^^" I got lucky and got off work during the holidays 2 years in a row. That's not something that goes without saying and this year other people will have the opportunity to have a few days off. Makes this other option all hte more tempting. ^__^

Okay, I think I'm pretty much done for now. Fiction update to follow soon. :D

*hugs all*

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einery_hereeinery_here on February 14th, 2013 11:34 pm (UTC)
I loved the documentary soo much, too. The construction works, the scenario rewritten, the singing training, the health-helping things for Koichi... but what I loved the most were the people, the staff who finally got names and words and stories. It's the most amazing since JE didn't ket such thiings slip openly before, not really, and now we know so much about his staff, his dancers, his manager. (To be honest we three of Russian fandom had a thing about Koichi and the manager, looking at how he's always there helping silently and adoring Kou-chan so much)
Hikaru: Koichi cute towel smileyoru_no_hikaru on February 15th, 2013 01:26 pm (UTC)
As my Japanese isn't too good, I mainly rely on the pictures. ^^ I still don't know what that weird-looking "tube" is that he placed himself in, but it looked like some kind of special technology. ^^"

It's true, it was nice to see the people who are working backstage. I already know the guy who does the fighting choreographies, but this time we could see so much more. I have to admit that I couldn't make out anyone as the manager, so I don't know who it is. ^^ But new fan-pairings are always <3 I grew fond of Koichi/Naoki somehow, even though you rarely see them together, it's just that thsi guy has been a part of the show for such a long time now and I kinda like the picture. ^^

I just saw the SHOCK news yeterday after I posted this. I got all excited. They changed the first scene of ActII it seems, which is totally interesting and some other things too. I so very much want to see this year's show now. ^^
einery_hereeinery_here on February 15th, 2013 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yes, that's an oxygen capsule he purchased around a year ago, I've seen the report about it, useful thing really.

Ah, the manager is the glass-wearing guy with short hair, the one who drives the van and wipes Koichi's sweat and gets to drag him inside the elevator, lucky bastard - wait, that's not the point XD You can see him easily in KinKi You documentary, the very beginning - he's holding Koichi's red coat while KinKi give their little speech, That's what Koichi always says about him - that manager is pampering him and fulfilling his every wish said aloud XD that he wakes Koichi up in the mornings and other stuff, you see now how impressed we were to find all these things out XD his name is Suzuki Wataru, and he's slightly younger than Koichi - in fact most of managers are younger than idols now. There's been pretty tough history of KinKi's managers, too.
I'm glad Koichi's happy with Wataru.

Oh, I LOVE Naoki. They got a new taiko guy this time, too - Hino Ikki, he tweets of Shock nearly every day and is already in love with the show. In fact, all the new people fall in love with is so quickly and sweetly!

Yeah, there's Dead Or Alive instead of In The Cemetery, and a new Travis-made dance inside taiko show, I really can't look at these calmly, so perfect. And Yara is so natural at it already.
Hikaru: Koichi SHOCKyoru_no_hikaru on February 15th, 2013 03:42 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, I've never seen such a thing before. O_O Googled it now. I agree, sounds like a very helpful tool.

Oh, so that's the manager. I've seen him around, of course. LOL! Somehow I imagine waking Koichi up to be something that's difficult. XD In my imagination he's not exactly a "morning person". ^^" I agree, these things really are interesting. :D Oh wow, he's younger than Koichi? That's interesting. Aw, I can totally imagine, if he's got a crush on Koichi, he'll be happy to be by his side all the time. <3

I've heard stories of various groups/people that especially when they were still younger they had to endure horrible things and that the managers didn't treat them well. >< It's good that things have improved.

I love Naoki too. ^^ He's got something that makes me go *___* Omg, a new guy? Like, a second one? Or as a replacement? It sounds interesting. I know, I'm so hyper when I see these things. ^^ I want to see it live. XD Yaracchi is totally incredible. I absolutely adore him and I love watching him on stage. Totally cool. <3
einery_hereeinery_here on February 16th, 2013 12:07 am (UTC)
Yeah, Kou-chan can be unbearable at mornings XD but somehow the picture is totally adorable in my head.

Well, how many people can NOT develop a crush on Koichi while working with him for so long? XD still, that can be a good thing. He motivates, right?

Ow, i believe it's not about they were treated bad or something. More like - well, one of their managers got missing at some year and that's how they got Wataru - I distantly remember he's been with Takki at the time. Then that guy got back, they changed and interchanged, and finally around 2007 Wataru is back as the chief KinKi manager and Koichi's manager, too. Tsuyoshi's is more stealthy, we didn't manage to track him down on photos. But we know his name and that he's around 50. Sounds more like a grown-up man to support Tsuyoshi's solo work, eh? Rather than young and cute Wataru to run at Koichi's heels ^^
Oh, and we've seen Takki's manager, too! Reeeally young and handsome *___* Takki uses to tease him in his j-webs, like writing "let's sing together - my manager is baaaka!"

Not a replacement, no, they work together I think *____* So that Koichi and Yara got time off taiko to do the dance.
Hikaru: Koichi heartsyoru_no_hikaru on February 16th, 2013 05:00 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, I too think it's cute. I watched a few parts of the documentary again last night. That guy really is cute. <3 Following Koichi around silently, doing everything to make him feel comfortable. ^^ Even standing backstage, attending to him during the show. Is that part of the job of a manager?

Okay, I see, so the KinKi manager thing has a long history. I've just heard of cases were the younger ones had to endure quite some hardships with their managers. >< Apparently Takki even flew at one of them one time, because he practically kicked Ryo onto stage with a fever.

Tsuyoshi's manager sounds more refined. I guess it's good for his solo work, which is also much calmer and less glittery than the JE stuff. XD

LOLZ! Takki's keeping himself a bi-shonen? XD Somehow he always has that teasing kind of attitude, but when he gets such treatment he gets sulky easily. XD

Ah, I see. I'm so curious about the new elements of this year's show. ^^ I'm sure it'll look impressive with two pro players. *__*
einery_hereeinery_here on February 17th, 2013 02:47 am (UTC)
I believe not everyone would do it while being a manager but hell it looks handy. Koichi really needs someone to deal with the things, so he can be comfortable and run further and faster with his own ideas. Also, adoring and feeding is good, too.

That sounds terrible. But I love how Takki protects anyone and everyone who he had under his wing, a long time ago even. And yeah, Takki looks like a cute husband who will only accept teasing from his loving wife. T&T look like a newlyweds most of time, and I'd love to know them better... but our T&T fandom has... kinda obsessive thing, where they proclaim nobody in JE is in love except their boys and noone will ever begin to look so cute and loving, and what the hell do you mean KinKi are married when they didn't even have an official ceremony? God that attitude is annoying.
Hikaru: KinKi hugyoru_no_hikaru on February 18th, 2013 03:07 am (UTC)
Well, I didn't think it would be a manager's job, exactly. Of course, it's handy for Kou. ^^ The guy's pretty cute too and Koichi loves getting pampered, so it suits him right, I think. XD

Yes, I agree, Takki watches out for his "little ones" everywhere and at all times. ^^ T&T are something else. For me it's like until 2008 they were like madly in love at first, but then they drifted apart unable to find a way together, but then they found back together and they've really been lovey dovey ever since. ^^

Ah, you don't have to give me details on mad fans, who won't accpet anything but their beloved ones and in only the way they want them. >< Part of KinKi fandom has this issue too. Especially when it's about "alternative pairings". To some people it's unthinkable to pair either of them up with anyone else, because "they simply belong together". I mean, I'm a huge KKL fan, but still, that doesn't mean that Koichi can't be fun when brought together with other people. Same for Tsuyoshi. (Although I have to admit that I'm having bigger trouble imagining him with someone else - at least within JE. XD )

I can't help wondering about the ceremony thing, though. I mean, KinKi DID have one. They had their own special "wedding" display during their tour in 2001, it was so incredibly cute. <3 Koichi as the bride. XDDD

I absolutely feel with you about the attitude, though. It really is annoying. Any kind of extreme fan attitude. Fortunately KinKi have moved into the state where most of the fans are more refined. The day will come for T&T too. ^^
einery_hereeinery_here on February 20th, 2013 08:17 am (UTC)
I totally agree, it's hard to imagine Tsuyo involved with someone outside the group, but Koichi can be so very hot with someone else. Since he can't help to be cute and in love and submitting with Tsuyoshi in my mind, there are so many images to try and explore writing him with kouhais and colleagues. Oh god, I wrote him with Wataru myself XD
(Also I stand my ground about threesomes and being watched, that could be a fabulous fantasy as long as I'm deadly sure Koichi belongs to Tsuyo and will run to him after the fun XD especially if the third is obedient and loving Tsubasa)

Yeah, the wedding was huge fun. But still fanservice, as people may say. Well, Koichi wouldn't fancy a ceremony even if being proposed properly and legally, I believe.
Hikaru: KinKi playingyoru_no_hikaru on February 25th, 2013 05:56 pm (UTC)
Koichi is a fun character with a lot of different characteristics. He can be dead sexy, super funny, bossy, nerdy and utterly spoiled. So many options. XDDD And, of course, you can find a lot of people to match any of these characteristics.

One of my favourites is Takki/Kou. They have the perfect kind of anti-chemistry. XDDD Koichi/Tsubasa is also very tempting. Basically every crew member of Shock is suitable. I've never actually phrased this, but I actually thought Koichi/Travis one time, because the guy is always so physical, which Koichi usually doesn't like, but he never seems to mind with Travis. XD Koichi/Wataru sounds very interesting. *__* So many things coming to mind. I would love to see the story that you wrote. ^^ Any story with Koichi in it is <3

Threesomes can be a lot of fun. I'm a sucker for watching-on fantasies myself. ^^ There are a lot of ideas in my head. But these things are so difficult to write. ^^"

I loved that display, especially how easily Koichi found his role as "bride". XD Hm, about the "real thing", I think Koichi would do it. How to explain it? I think he's the type to want things to be "official". Presuming he and Tsuyoshi have it going and there wouldn't be a huge fuss about it, I can totally imagine it. Not the cheesy romantic kind of thing, probably, but a nice ceremony, something traditional (again, presuming that there was such a thing with two guys). OMG, I want pics of that! *___* The two of them, gathering the people dearest to them, somehwere secluded, both of them in traditional clothes... <3<3<3 *fantasy running wild* XDDD
einery_hereeinery_here on February 25th, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC)
Wow, Koichi/Travis sounds... interesting! Never thought about it, but, well... hmmm XDDD

Oh, I guess I can try... retelling them in English. Maybe. Not so colourful, I'm afraid, but for you I'm willing to try XD

Hell, the real thing would be nice. and both of them worrying so much about it like it would be their first time getting together - you know, the novelty of words "married", admitting that they are one true family now and noone can interfere... sweet!
Hikaru: Koichi thinking of...yoru_no_hikaru on February 27th, 2013 06:12 pm (UTC)
LOL! Somehow I like the idea. Whenever I see them together it's like I can see Koichi's eyes sparkling like "this guy is so cool". Plus, Koichi likes them tall, so... XDDD

Woah, that would be wonderful!!!! <3 I'd love to read. :D :D :D :D :D

Omg, LOLZ!!!!! Like "wedding night". XDDD And they'd be nervous about it, even though it's far from an actual first time, it'll still be the first time as newly weds, bonded mates and there would be that kind of excitement about it. ^^ Aw, and a new definition of the relationship. Something like:
Koichi: *eyes Nishikawa's dog* My dog is still prettier.
Tsuyoshi: Our dog. She's our dog now.
And with something like that Koichi will realize how meaningful their new connection is. <3
moonprincess7: KKmoonprincess7 on February 15th, 2013 09:51 am (UTC)
Glad to see another update from you :)
Hope things get less busy for you soon xD (for me it'll only get busier LOL)
It's good that you have somewhere to put down all your random thoughts! I wish I could do that too but I'm just too lazy and there are just too many random thoughts I would want to put down so I always give up xP

I kinda understand how you feel about your phone - I would feel really uncomfortable not having my phone around! It's a little scary how dependent we are on technology... >_<

Good luck with your diet! For me, I try to only eat my 3 main meals and not snack or just snack on fruits, I guess that's quite healthy too xD

JE polls always seem like popularity polls where the fans don't really vote base on the theme/question .__. So many sempais are left out ):

I'm really happy that SHOCK topped the charts ♥ I'm sure it's not just because of Koichi's sexy photo on the cover... xDDD
I've yet to watch it yet but I will find time to! I'm sure I won't be disappointed ^^

Sorry for the long comment XD
Hikaru: KinKi going to bedyoru_no_hikaru on February 15th, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)
I won't be very busy in the near future, so I want to write a lot. ^^ Yeah, I just have to put my thoughts down somehow. It helps me to keep everything in order. Generally it also works when I talk to someone, but right now that's not possible, so I have to find another way. my head would explode if I kept everything inside. ^^

Isn't it disturbing, how we cling to these things? I couldn't help thinking "What is wrong with you?", but still I didn't want to give my phone away. I miss it. ^^

I really don't like dieting, but it's also good for me, physically. As the weekend comes up these things get more difficult. ^^" But I'm trying. Today I had curry. Oh dear, only curry, really. ^^ I'll have just a little snack once I get home from work. Fruits sounds like a plan. That definitely is healthy too. ^^

I know, of course, it's about popularity. I just wonder why these polls hold so much appeal. But I guess it's jsut a way to discuss your favourite stuff with other people. I'm pretty sure my own list isn't really accurate, although I feel that Tsuyoshi is somehow in a class of his own. ^^

LOL! I doubt people would buy a documentary dvd for a cover photo. XDDD It's so cool! *___* I love every glimpse you can get backstage and this really shows so many amazing things. I'm sure you'll love it. ^^

No, please, I very much indulge in comments, the longer and the more thoughts, the better. :D So feel free to share anything with me that comes to mind. ^_^
moonprincess7moonprincess7 on February 20th, 2013 10:14 am (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply! Sadly I'm getting busy already ><;;
I'll look forward to reading what you write then! xD
I'll try to read and comment, though I seriously doubt that I'll be able to do that regularly :(
It's more difficult for me to talk to others, so I prefer pen and paper xP

It is disturbing. Downright scary D: My phone's having some minor issues too but I hope it's nothing serious so I won't have to send it for repair ><

I seem to be losing my appetite a little recently, but I still eat full meals anyway xD I actually snack quite a bit now because there are so many Chinese New Year goodies lying around my house! xP

Haha! I wonder too... Hmm, I can't say whether your list is accurate or not since I don't pay attention to enough of those singers to make a proper judgement ^^;; I do feel that Tsuyoshi is awesomely good <3 He is just naturally gifted, isn't he? Cos apparently KK (and Johnny's in general, I guess) never received any voice training or anything... and of course Koichi is awesome too, and I'm totally in love with their harmonies *__*

I would... if I had the money xP Is it just me or does dvd only have the digest and the making vids but not a video of the actual shock performance? :O I watched a little and I was a little worried at a few scenes like the falling down the stairs scene (ouch) and the one where Koichi was in a gray bathrobe climbing onto the massage table (he looked so frail and thin! D:). But that's not the point.... xD

I'm glad you don't mind ^^ Look, I just left another (kinda) long comment... xDD