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14 January 2013 @ 08:28 am
14. & 15. 01. 2013: Tokyo  
Hello, everybody!

How are you all doing? I did not post yesterday. Well, I didn't really do anything yesterday. After being on my feet all day long for three days straight my body gave out and I couldn't really get out of bed. So I mainly enjoyed some relaxing time in front of the TV to recover. The plan was to go out today again and visit some interesting spots. Well, this plan has been changed. There's a huge snow storm raning out there and you really don't want to be out on the streets. Actually, I'm feeling a bit freaked out, because there are even regular reports on TV. Obviously transportation facilities are having trouble coping with the strong weather. So, basically my guts are one tightly twisted knot right now. The one thing I'm holding onto right now is that the weather report for tomorrow says that it's going to be sunny. Right now I can't really imagine that, but then last night I wouldn't have thought it's possible that we could have such weather as it is now. So it might just be that this will jsut fade as suddenly as it appeared. That's what I'm hopeing right now. Other than that I have to get all of my stuff together. Gotta pack wisely and get some of the heavy stuff into the small stuff that comes with me instead of checking it in.

I'm really very much looking forward to getting back home. It's been a long and intense, but beautiful journey. I really feel like going home now, though. It's about time. So, I'll finish packing all of my stuff and I'll keep my hopes up for good flying weather tomorrow. As soon as I'm back home, I'll share with you all the beautiful fan stuff that I got. :D

My next entry will be from Vienna, where I'll be spening one more night. I'll try to update quickly. ^___^
Current Mood: nervousnervous