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12 January 2013 @ 10:31 am
12.01. 2013 - Shinjuku  
Hello, everybody!

Actually I didn't even want to go out today. My body still hurt from yesterday as I got up. >< Well, I just had to get out, though. For one, my room was being cleaned today and for another I needed food. And then I decided, since I had to get out, might as well take a short stroll around Shinjuku. Visit Mister Doughnut. Check out Kimura-kun on his huge add. Stuff like that. So I dressed myself in some freshly washed clothes and set out. I got lucky, it wasn't all that busy on the streets yet, some of the shops were even still closed. Not that I would have minded. I didn't go out to shop, after all. Well... Okay, I admit I was thinking maybe I could get myself a dashing wallet for my new handbag. ^^" It was just a thought, though, really. Even so, my way led me straight to Isetan. For those who don't know it... It's a bit difficult to explain. Think of a huge, locally famous shopping mall in your capital - that's what Isetan is in Tokyo.

I found my way around alright. Very conveniently Isetan can be reached from two of the main streets and is advertised at every corner. I remember I've been in there once before. It's even more impressive than I remember. XD Everything is huge and shiny and beautiful. *____* And expensive. O_o WOAH!!!!! I didn't look at any prices last time I went there, but really... I looked at a few nice looking wallets and I was like... Seriously, I could come back in September for SHOCK, stay a week, get the ticket for the show and visit Tower Records for that money - which seems a much better thing to do with it. ^_^ So, I didn't buy anything there. Well, I did. I went to the food hall and got myself a "Strawberry Roll", which tasted awesome, really. :D

I debated with myself whether it was even worth trying another mall, but I thought it would be okay to have a look at the OIOI accross the street. They had pretty expensive stuff too, but also at least moderate things. Still nothing that I would usually buy, but since they had a big sale, I actually found a really cute wallet that I was willing to afford. I had a look through the house, going up to the fourth floor and then moving back down from there. It's absolutely fascinating, how a single building can host so many stores. Just walking through it is amazing.

As I got out again, I actually thought about getting back hen something happened - I saw a Book Off. Really, I've got to stop looking for them. Whenever I'm just strolling around, they just keep coming my way somehow. ^^ So I went in, but they didn't have anything I was looking for. I found a Tsutaya too. There's just no JE stuff on second hand sale right now, it seems. ^^"

All of that took much longer than I had expected, so I decided I should have something to eat before I got back. Today I visited a "La Pausa". Pizza and Pasta. Is this something to do when you're in Tokyo? I do think so, because it's just so interesting. I've seen other stores, so apparently it's some kind of food chain. I was totally surprised to find that you get forks for eating there. XD It's a really nice place, though. I had a really delicious salad and a Pizza Margherita, which was good too. After lunch I headed back to the hotel. I am feeling really tired and I want to collect my strength and really go on a day tour tomorrow. So, this is today's report. No pics, sorry, because it's not allowed to take pics in the stores. I'll try to do better again tomorrow. Have a nice time, everybody!!! *hugs and cuddles*

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