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11 January 2013 @ 01:35 pm
11.01. 2013 - Koishikawa Korakuen  
Hello, minna!

I'm early today, which is good. ^^ I had a lot of fun today, so I'll tell you how my day was and what I did.

I got up just in time for breakfast. Well, I have to admit I miss the Celestine breakfast. ^^" But I had some good cereal and that was nice. :D After breakfast I was wondering what I should be doing today. I clicked myself through http://www.japan-guide.com/ where you can find close to anything, including directions to certain spots. In the end I decided to do something I don't do often when I'm here, because I always find it quite cold - I wanted to visit a park. Today's choice was Koishikawa Korakuen. (LOL! At first I typed Koichikawa. XDDD Trust a fangirl to bring her bias into everything. XDDDD ) The guide says it's very beautiful and it's very easy for me to reach. Same as yesterday, I dressed lightly, which I think was a good idea.

As I got off the metro there was a sign guiding me. I had to cross the square of Tokyo Dome and then I had to walk around the garden's wall to get to the entrace, but it really was not far. There was a fee, which surprised me, but 350 yen is really okay. So I got in and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. It's actually a really big place and there are signs guiding you through it, so you don't miss anything, but there's always also a sign that shows you how to get back to hte entrance, so you don't have to do the entire tour. I did visit everything. It was really beautiful and the sun was out, which was very pleasant. Actually, in the shadow of the trees it could get quite cold, since it was a bit windy, so it was nice to get onto sunny spots every now and then. I spent some good time there, before I decided to get back. I had lunch at Tokyo Dome. Soba. <3 It was a good opportunity to get a bit warmed up again.

A first view of Koishikawa Korakuen - with Tokyo Dome in the background. ^^

One of the many roads leading around the park

Several platforms give a nice view over the area

Bridge over one of the many branches of the arificial river

View from the bridge

Just because I think it's beautiful. ^^ I'm thinking about making this my screen saver

I just like pics with water. So here's another one

This one is called "Full Moon" bridge, because its build and the reflection create one full round

View to a little island within the lake

Water again. ^^

There you have it, the one and only Yamanote. :D

Next I got back to the station and went back to Shinkuju. I got off there, because I wanted to buy a bag. I found one too, it's absolutely lovely. <3 Before I left the hotel today I chekced where I could find Book Off stores. It was still early and I was within good range of Shibuya, so I decided to give it a try, even though the discritions I had found were a bit feeble. Well, finding the shop wasn't even the problem. I mean, I had trouble with that too. ^^" But first of all I had trouble getting out of the station. ^^" Like, really, the station is so huge!!! O_o And I was trying to follow the instructions I had found - but that only got me totally lost. I walked around the station, unable to get out. XD I kept going in circles for a while, until I spotted a building I knew I had been able to watch during dinner last night. So, even though I had to go back, because when I was in front ot the building instead of opposite it, I was on the wrong side, but at least I had a direction again. And then FINALLY I found an exit that actually let onto the street too. Most of them bring you straight into a mall, which might be convenient for people, but got me confused even more. I was so happy when I was finally at the crossing. XD Never doing something like that again. >< I'll just walk my own well-known road. ^^ Well, once out, I was determined to find the Book Off store too. But really, anyone who says that it's so easy to find, I wonder how you did it. I had to ask like three people for directions. XD But I found it eventually. ^_^ Sadly, I had no luck with any good second hand stuff. Most of the JE racks are empty right now, so I didn't buy anything. It's okay, though. I'm just sorry I can't bring anything for my friends.

Book Off Shibuya (My proof that I found it XD )

JE add in Shibuya

I returned early today, because I still wanted to do some laundry. Since I have the chance to use the laudry room for free, I decided to do that. I very badly need fresh socky anyway. ^^ So, my stuff is washing right now. It'll take a while. I hope the drying works well. ^^ So, basically, this is what I did today. If the weather is nice tomorrow too, I want to visit Kamakura. For today this is it. :D I'll write again tomorrow. ^_^

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