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10 January 2013 @ 03:56 pm
10.01. 2013 - Big Time Shopping  
Hello, everybody!

So, what did I do today? Well, first of all I changed places. The Celestine Hotel is really nice and I will miss the breakfast very much. ^^" But it's really expensive, so I changed back to the Hundred Stay, which is also better concerning the location when you want to spend a lot of time in Shinjuku and Harajuku. Plus, they have DVD system in their rooms, so as I write this I'm enjoying the latest Arashi DVD. MatsuJun looks *____* and Juntoshi is <3

I got up early, even though I went to bed so late last night. ^^ It was okay. I woke up around 08:30 and I was thinking I could either stay in bed and laze around for half an hour, or I could get up and have breakfast. So, got up and had breakfast. XD Then I got all of my stuff together. Fortunately it wasn't a very long way I had to go with my luggage today. I got lucky with the room too, it was already ready for me to check in. I did that, then went to the convenience store to get some fruits (just can't go without) and got myself some money. It's Friday tomorrow and I've got to make sure I'll have enough money to get me through the weekend. ^^ I'm set now. Once everything was in place again, I set out to Harajuku. It was already 2pm, so rather late to start a sight-seeing tour, so I decided to make it a shopping day.

First stop, Harajuku. Hadn't I said I didn't want to visit the idol shops again? Yeah right, as if I'd skip the chance when I'm here once a year. I raided through every shop I could find. XDDD And I found so much stuff. I visited the Johnny's shop too. I figured it would be a good day to do it and as expected it wasn't crowded, so I could take my time. LOL! I don't think I've bought so much Arashi stuff in my life. How come? I just loved the pics of the Popcorn photo shooting. I also grabbed some Junior pics and some Kanjani8. I have to say, the stuff at the Johnny's shop are very aware of what they're doing. Today, the shop assistent getting my pics was like "Ah, they're all of Yara-san, but this one. There's just one with YamaRyo. Is that okay?". I was really amazed she had caught on that so quickly - although I felt a bit bad for YamaRyo. Sorry, I only chose one of your pics. ^^"

Then down Takeshita Dori and into three more shops altogether. If anyone of you should ever walk down that street, I give you a piece of advice. If you're not looking for something in particular, or you know that in one shop you won't get it, DON'T go in, thinking "I'll just have a look around" - it's not going to happen. There's always stuff to buy. I actually wanted to buy some Pi and T&T pics today. No luck at the Johnny's shop, so I just kept going. When I finally found some T&T I had already bought so much other stuff, people in the shops must have thought I'm buying for a fanclub. XDDDDD Well, I am a bit, because I'm buying stuff for my friends too. ^^ In the afternoon it got more crowded, but it was still okay.

Today I decided to go out in "light" clothing, meaning only two layers. I was thinking I should try that approach and I have to admit that it was really okay. It might get more difficult when you're out very long for sight-seeing, but for today that was perfect. Usually I wrap myself in multiple layers, but today I tried to keep it simple. ^^ It worked out fine. It got quite warm today, so there was no need to wear particularly warm clothing. For a while I even felt fine without my winter jacket.

After buying way too much in the idol shops, I decided to move on to Shibuya too. Tsutaya was where I wanted to go. Fortunately it's a huge store, right at the big Shibuya crossing, so I always find it easily. XDDD I checked through several floors. I got some mags and checked through the second hand DVD section. Sadly there wasn't really anything I woul have been interested in. Well, maybe the latest HSJ, I'm a bit interested in that, but that was quite a bit too expensive for me. More than 4,000 yen for second hand is just too much, no matter the release date. So, I left all of that. My mags are cool, though. I realize that there's a shift going on. Like, "Potato", "Wink Up", "Popolo", "Myojo", they don't really feature the guys I'm interested in anymore. So, I have to turn towards other mags. Or wait for a special. ^^ It seems I was too early today for the new releases with KinKi in them, so I'll wait until the next release.

I was feeling really tired, so I went up to the top floor to have dinner. I expected it would be expensive, but really, I was so exhausted, I couldn't have kept on my feet for more than another five minutes. And it really wasn't half as bad as I had expected. They had some delicious looking Nbae that they served also for one person and the price was actually okay. So I had that. It was really cool, they got me a guy to explain to me how to eat Nabe - and he did it in perfect English. I was like "WOW!" O_O  The food was really good too. Afterwards I felt like having something sweet, so I got some chocolate cake on top of that. ^^ And coffee. Once I was done I felt quite refreshed, so I asked for my bill. Since I was offered a cup of hot tea on the house I kept sitting for a while longer. Their tea is really good too, quite mild, not as bitter as you often get it. I really liked that. Then I paid for my food and went back down to the first floor. On my way out I got myself the newest Arashi DVD. It was either that or the New Breakerz DVD. For Breakerz I found that they had yet again the same set-list that I already have at home three times. At least for the main part. And I didn't even own a single Arashi DVD until today, so I thought it was a very good occasion to get one. ^^ As I watch it, I have to say I really like it a lot.

Okay, so this was my day. I know, it's unbelievable I spent the entire day shopping. But well, the idol shops take a lot of time. I really enjoyed myself a lot, though. I'm not sure yet what I want to do tomorrow. I'll decide spontaneously. There's just one thing I need to do. I have to get a kind of soap that I can use. I'm reacting to the hotel's soap. My skin is already red and itchy. Gotte get something to soothe that and also something to wash myself with. ^^ For today this is it. I know, I still have to put hte pics of hte other day in. I'll do that, of course. Just not right now. I'm so tired, really. I didn't sleep a lot and I was out all day. Tomorrow there will be a report with pics again. Today I didn't take any. Well, you can't take pics in the shops, so... tomorrow I'll take pictures again. And now I have to give Ohno-kun my full attention. Phew, but that guy can dance. *___* Well, the crowd running with Yaracchi. XD Good night for today. :D *hugs all*

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