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09 January 2013 @ 06:42 pm
09.01. 2013 - Acid Breakerz Cherry  
Hello, minna!!! :D

How are you all? Phew, I am so exhausted. Today was the anniversary event of Acid Black Cherry and Breakerz. I didn't do much else today. Well, actually, I finished a story, but I'll have to post it tomorrow, it's so late now. ^^ It was good that I saved my energy, though. XD Woah, those J-Rock concerts are quite exhausting. But I'll start at the beginning.

First, getting to the venue. That was surprisingly easy. I wrote up my route before leaving the hotel.I only had to change subway lines once and  the way wasn't too long altogether. ^^ Once I was at the station where I knew I should be getting off, I was starting to wonder how I should actually get to Budokan. I haven't been there before, after all. That wasn't a problem at all, though. As I got there a lot of people with little "horn-lings" on their heads were already walking around and so I merely followed the crowd. I will keep making comparisons to the JE concerts I have visited. First, people visiting J-Rock concerts are, for the main part, easier to recognize. People in all sorts of special outfits were walking around. The site alone was sight in itself.

Oh, and there's news. Ladies and gentlemen, my top five list of the longest lines I have ever seen has a new top rank - namely the line in front of the goods stall for today's concert. I am not exaggerating, the line went FROM THE METRO STATION up the the hall's entrance, which was a good 200 metres, almost 250. As I got there I thought I wanted to take a look at how long the line was and as I got to it's end I was staning in front of the entrance and I was like "even if I just go back to the beginning of that line, I'll be late for the concert already". So that was really... @_@ So, I didn't get any goods, which is sad, but really, I wouldn't stand in line for... I don't know how long, but it did take long. For JE concerts, at least the ones in Tokyo Dome, if you buy about half an hour before the show, or afterwards you won't have to wait very long, just a few minutes, that's definitely a plus. I tried afterwards today too, but clsoe to everything was sold out. ^^" It's still okay. I was there and it was really cool.

For starters, I was happy enough that I was able to find my seat. Once that was done, the obligatory: toilet line. Now, that one didn't seem to be very long, which  surprised me at first, but I still had to wait a long time, because there were only four stalls. I wasn't in a hurry yet, though, so it was fine. I got back to my seat and waited for the concert to begin. About my seat - as lucky as I tend to get with JE tickets, this one was... well, it wasn't exactly a good seat. Not only was it literally under the roof, but it was also BEHIND the stage, which isn't exactly nice. But well, I came to hear the singing, so it was okay. Just the seats - honestly, if I ever openly complained about the seats in Tokyo Dome, I want to revise. I mean, they aren't exactly comfy, but way better then the ones in Budokan. I was really looking forward to standing during the concert. XD

And then it started. From the first second I understood that the people and the atmosphere in such a concert are very different from JE stuff. XD Those people are vivid, and they make noise. I was so surprised. ^^" But pleasantly so. And, because there are no pen-lights your hands are free for clapping, which is nice and there is quite a lot of clapping and waving and other stuff. So, the party is definitely big. Plus, as I have seen Yasu teaches people at his concerts. "You clap the two, the second beat" and seriously, they all do that perfectly. <3 Makes me think shamefully of every New Year's concert we have in Austria where people will stupidly simply clap every single beat. >_< Today was definitely much more like it. I found hte sound  a bit too loud for me to really enjoy everything, so I decided to put in my ear-plugs that I had brought. Gotta be careful with my ears, they're really sensitive. With the plugs it was perfectly fine. I just don't get why people bring their small children to such an event. I really think it's not good. But well, it seems to be common practice.

Now, about the concert's content. First of all, I want to try to express a certain feeling. I don't really know how to say it, though. Ah... I also have this sensation every time I watch something JE related. Every single time as an event begin and I see the guys standing on stage I just feel amazed by the fact that these artists that I usually only see on screen are actually real people. You can see them, hear them, touch them. They are... real. I can't say it in any better way and it's so amazing to experience that. ^^

Since this was a shared event, naturally you can't bring up every single hit song, but they did a really good job with the choice and they actually made an effort to cross-practice a few songs. "Bambino" and "Nemuri Hime" are the msot striking ones for me. All of the songs were really good fun. Of course, Daigo doesn't have Yasu's... well, voice. ^^" So, he kind of had some trouble with Nemuri Hime, while during "Bambino" Yasu sounded better than Daigo. ^^ Well, something that can't be helped. Generally, I was really surprised with Daigo, though. Is it just me? His voice seems pretty thin to me on the DVDs, but when I heard him today I was like "Oh, there is actually a sound". ^^ So, that was really cool.

I very much enjoyed "Cherry Cherry". It's really very different to have thousands of people doing the "fuwa fuwa" with you instead of doing it alone in front of the TV. ^^ They also held a quite long MC, I was really surprised. They did a very good job of it too, really. Their chemistry was absolutely perfect and they knew how to entertain their audience. I also liked the member call, everybody got to say a few words. I was surprised, Junji really has a lot fo fans. Well, I'm one of them. ^^ So, I enjoyed the MC parts too.

I was actually surprised when Daigo announced their "Last song" of the night, but then, i figured they'd have a longer encore sequence. And that was just it. So, everybody got off stage, fans shouting for more and they get back on. They talk some more and, as usual, I only understand half of what they're saying and I was starting to feel tired, so I wasn't realyl trying to catch everything anymore, but then I realized people around me were getting noisy and that caught my attention. I was like "what are they talking about now?" and as I concentrated some more, I could extract they were talking about something special. Like "it feels like *insert word* is here" and then I grasped the word and realized they'd kept repeating it several times: Kami. Well, I understood why people got so revelled up, then. Kami. They were suggesting Hyde was at the venue. And just a moment later there was a spot in the audience and I could already hear some people starting to scream and squeal and I was like "No way" but then they showed a screen too. Said screen basically showed y guy with a hat deep in his face, huge glasses on and a dark coat. But well, since they had repeated it so often, it was clear - Hyde really was there.

Everybody started screaming. Well, it's Hyde, after all. It looked a lot like he'd really just come to watch, but well, after he was spotted, naturally he had to get on stage. It was really a fantastic surprise. ^^ He sang with Yasu and Daigo too. "Black Cherry" was the song. The event in itself was totally awesome. Just, fans of Hyde should skip the rest of this paragraph. It's not like I dislike him, or want to discredit him in any way, I just don't see what's so amazing about this guy. Sorry. ^^" It was my first time hearing him live today and I never dared judge him before, even though I've heard some of his performances, but what I heard today only makes my feeling all the stronger. I'll give him that he couldn't warm up and he couldn't prepare the song either, so the fact that not every note was where it was supposed to be will be set aside. About the voice - you just either have it, or you don't - and sorry, but he doesn't have "it" as in "an amazing voice". It's very characteristical and he does a certain vibrato that seems to draw a lot of people in, but his singing voice is simply not a good one. His style of music is very unique, though, and he does deserve credit as an artist. Plus, Yasu loves him so much, so I'm happy he got to be on stage with him. Hyde was also the only one who got a bouquet for Breakerz AND for Acid Black Cherry, so as a fan of Yasu I also have a soft spot for him, even when I am not a fan of his music.

They played that encore with three more songs and then had a second encore too. Altogether the concert lasted for a good three hours, which is more than okay. Especially Yasu kept jumping and running up and down and turning and what not, while singing Live all the while. It must be so exhausting. @_@ Daigo does his good share of entertainment too, of course. Still, even though my feet were feeling sore from standing (it's not common practice to sit down during the MC parts, even the longer ones) I would have wanted to go on even after the second encore, but, of course, everybody is tired and needs to rest. ^^

Getting out was quite an adventure. Here a big plus for Tokyo Dome again. They organize their exits expertly. Well, it was a bit difficult and really crowded, but I managed to get out alright. As I explained before the goods stalls had been completely raided. So I just tried to get away from the big crowd. I got myself some dinner at McDonalds. I thought it would be wise to wait a bit before taking the metro and I saw the big yellow M across the street, so... I had my dinner there. Then I rode back home and wrote this. And now I have to stop. It's SOOOOO late and I have to check out tomorrow.

I'll bring my blog up to date all the way as soon as I can, but now I need to get to bed. Tired. Thanks everybody, for reading. Good night. ^____^

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