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08 January 2013 @ 02:15 pm
08.01. 2013 - Tokyo Odaiba  
Hello, everybody!

So, about today... What's to say? ^^

Well, first off, I had breakfast. I mean, like, I had breakfast. *_______*
As I checked in yesterday I got discount coupons for the hotel's breakfast. The discount says I can have breakfast for 1.300 yen. Now, that's still a lot. I was like "EH?! What can they possibly bring up the the discount price is like this?" so I decided to check it out today. ^^ And wow, they really have some excellent stuff up. Everything and anything you can wish for, really. Some special treats are fresh fruit and decent bakery. But they really offer many things, like Japanese style breakfast, American breakfast, cereal in three variations, veggies and fruits. I was like *______* For my remaining days here I have decided to keep having the breakfast, because when I eat thoroughly I can easily make it wihtout lunch so that in the end it'll even save me money. ^^ Worked perfectly fine already today. :D

After breakfast I took my time to get ready. As I have learned, there's nothing much going one before 11am anyway. ^^ As I got out, I first had a look around the area. I'm almost at the foot of Tokyo Tower as I go out, which is nice, but I have to say that the connection to Shinjuku and Shibuya isn't the best. But neither the worst, so it's okay. ^^ I didn't actually visit Tokyo Tower. I've been there and really, it's most beautiful when watched from a distance, so it was just fine. I did visit the near-by temple, which was really interesting. New Year's events are still being held and there's always something to watch. ^^

View of Tokyo Tower. The window claps are shaped into 2013 right now.

Shisa guardian

Statue within Bamboo

Temple building with Tokyo Tower in the background

Stairs leading around the temple

I debated with myself quite a bit on where I should be going today and in the end I decided to visit Odaiba. I've been there, but it's really a beautiful area. Plus, taking the Monorail to get there is already an experience by itself. So, I got there. Naturally, I got a bit lost along the way, but it didn't take long until I had found the right way. It was a really beautiful day, so at first I enjoyed the wonderful view of the bay. Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in sunlight - what a sight. I spent quite some time just walking around the park area.

Monorail Station

View to Rainbow Bridge

As I got to the actual venue, first was the Fuji TV building, of course. It's such an interesting building, really. I made the tour, which doesn't take very long, but is still nice, especially when you pass by the stuff they show of shows that you know. ^^ I didn't see a recording today, but I guess I just wasn't there at the right time for something like that. ^^" It was a nice visit, though. I always enjoy visiting this building.

Fuji TV building

Next I wanted to visit the Toyota Show Room. It's quite impressive, especially the Design part. Sadly, that one is closed right now. D: But it didn't matter. I just had a quick look around, though, before changing to Palette town. Last time I went there I only saw the first floor and boy is there more to see! O___O They have stores on three floors altogether and you really feel like you're strolling around some narrow streets in Italy. Not only the sky simulation that is really good, they also have a huge fountain with statues and buildings looking like ancient architecture. It's really totally amazing. There was a very inviting restaurant add and I thought it would be a good time to have something to eat. So I got to the restaurant area and immediately found something that I liked. I checked through the specials and there I found something: Mochi and Cheese Okonomiyaki. I was like O__o That... just sounds so wrong - I definitely have to get that!!! XDDD So, I ordered that special Okonomiyaki and a small salad, which was excellent. The Okonomiyaki was really good too and a size that I could finish easily, which isn't always the case. ^^" It was all really good. :D

I had a stroll around and then I thought I should wait until sunset, so I could see the lights on the buildings on my way back. So I kept looking around. It didn't take long anymore anyway. Oh, but before the lights went on outside, they went on inside. In Palette Town every hour, or so, they'll play music and have light play to the sound. They even have a disco ball over their fountain that makes the area glitter. It's actually really just wrong again, but I have to admit that it looks amazing and leaves quite in impression. It's really beautiful and absolutely worth seeing. :D

Big fountain in Palette Town

Architecture in Palette Town

When finally it had gotten somewhat dark outside my feet were already hurting and I was glad that I could get back. I was really glad that I waited, because the sight was absolutely worth it. *____* The lights were on on Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower and, of course, in many windows along the skyline - it was really just utterly beautiful. I got to the right station and changed into the right train too, so it didn't take nearly as long to get back to the hotel. Before getting back I quickly bought myself some drinks. Then I got into my room, took a shower, changed into something ocmfortable, then I chatted a bit with some friends at home and finally went to writing today's report. ^_^

Spot lights on water

I've taken pics today, but I'll add them tomorrow. Finally I got to adding the pics. I'm so late. ^^" I hope you will enjoy them anyway. :D I'm feeling very tired already and I have to be fit for tomorrow's concert. I already checked how to get to Budokan. It'll be my first concert there. ^^ So I'll be going to bed now. I'll add the pictures tomorrow and write a new report, of course. :D Have a good time, everybody! Cheers!!!! :DDDDDD

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