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07 January 2013 @ 01:11 pm
06.01. & 07.01.2013 - Kyoto on Sundays and moving to Tokyo  
Hello, minna!!!! ^____^

Today's entry willl be short again, gomen ne. m(__)m

It was Sunday yesterday and I didn't have any cash left. ^^" That's me again. XD Unfortunately, because I cancelled my booking in Kanazawa and made a new one in Tokyo, my credit card isn't working right now. The system registers my limit as reached and won't let me use the card anymore. >_< So, the card is currently holding about 800€ that I'll never spend, but I can't use the money right now. Ah, just to make sure there isn't any confusion, the room wasn't 800€, even if you can easily spend such money on a room in Tokyo for a week. ^^ The thing is, SoftBank is currently holding about 400€ of my credit card as a kind of security until I return the phone I rented to the counter. Still, that's how you can get into trouble. Yesterday I had absolutely no money. Like, none. With my last coins I bought myself some bread. Fortunately I still had some cup noodles and two apples, so I was fine, but had it come to the worst, I wouldn't have had a cent for anything. >< Well, that's okay again now, because today is Monday, so I got myself some cash and now I'm all set again. ^^

So, what did I do yesterday? I walked through the streets anyway, looking at stuff I couldn't buy. XD Well, I bought  two of those things today, but I'll get to that later. What else? I spent quite some time writing. I might even get to update while I'm here. ^^ Other than that I really only slept. Somehow I never sleep when I'm at home, because there are always so many things to do. Mainly things that you can do instead of sleeping. ^^" Well, yesterday there was nothing much to do, so I slept for many long hours and it was really good. :D

So, today I got up really early and packed my stuff. M plan was to get some cash as soon as the post office opened and then buy a few things that I have found before heading to the station to get onto my train to Tokyo. Fortunately I remembered the sign I had seen at the Book Off I found yesterday. The sign said that they open at 11am. That was like ><  because the ticket I had was for the train leaving at 11:29 and that wouldn't have been possible. So, leave it? Nah. XDDDDD I enjoyed my room until check-out time. After getting some money I first bought myself some breakfast. Then I took my time, drinking coffee provided in my room and only a few monites before 11am I checked out. I left my luggage at the counter and made my way back to the Book Off. I just couldn't resist. I had found the 39 Unlimited Album for an incredible price and I just had to get it. Furthermore, as I walked by that other shop I had come accross yesterday, my eyes caught that scarf again... Somehow, this time around I can't stop buying scarfs. ^^" It's so beautiful, really. :D So, I got these two things and then got my luggage to get it to Kyoto Station.

It wasn't too much of a challange, but with all of my stuff it turned out a bit difficult. I made it alright, though, and in time. I had aimed for the train leaving one hour later than the one I had originally planned on boarding and I arrived on the platform exactly 4 minutes before departure - not without trouble, though. This time around I asked the man at the counter which platform I'd have to get to and he said it must be 11 or 12, which can be reached on the same floor. So I set out and followed the signs - just to hit a dead end. >< Or more like, the two platforms at the very back were 8 and 9. So I went back to check, but the sign clearly said that 11 and 12 were in the same direction. So I went back again, totally confused. It was only then that I understood that they hadn't written the platform numbers of the Shinkansen on the Shinkansen sign. So I road up the escalator with the SHinkansen sign and there I got directed to the right platform. This is quite confusing, though. @_@ Well, I made it. ^^ I had a good time on the train too and it didn't take very long to get back to Tokyo.

Once out of the train, I wanted to follow my plan as such: Get onto the Chuo Line, ride to Suidobashi station and there change into the Mita line. WHat my guide hadn't shown was that only the local Chuo Line stops at Suidobashi, the rapid does not, so that option was out. Fortunately I remembered that I had another option. I think it's basically your ultimate solution when you want to get around Tokyo: The Yamanote Line. ^^ So I got on there and moved up to Meguro, where I could finally change into the Mita Line. Oh, but that too was an adventure. @_@ I was trying to look up the station I had to get to on the big plan in the entrance hall. I had some trouble with it, because it didn't have Romaji. Dear people running Tokyo Station: REALLY?! O_o At this huge station you don't put a multi-language table?!?!?!?! Way to go. XDDD No seriously, I was lost.

However, I got really lucky. A nice lady asked me in English if she could help me and I explained to her that I wanted to get onto the Mita Line. She then showed me where I could change to that same line. It was an entire different part of the building, because the Mita Line is not part of JR Lines. I would have kept looking for it forever without help. >< But the lady very kindly helped me out, even helped me with my luggage, because obviously there was neither an elevator nor an escalator, so I had to carry my bags down to the 4th subway level. Dear people running Tokyo Station: SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! O___O Give me a break. @____@ Well, I managed to do it somehow - with help, of course. Once I was in the right part I knew how to read the chart again (there were Romaji too :D ) and paid the amount I needed to get to my station. I thanked the lady for helping me so kindly and got onto the platform that brought me to my station. I had some problems there too with getting out, but there was an elevator at least, even if it wasn't at the exit I would have needed. Even so, I was already in good sight of the hotel as I got out onto the street. I quickly headed there and checked in.

First things I did was taking a shower. It had been an exhausting trip altogether. After getting decent I checked a few things on the net and then got myself some stuff at the nearby Lawson store. At the end of this journey, I'll write a personal varourites list of things I really like. Lawson's way up there. ^^

Well, it's already running late and I'm feeling tired. Tomorrow will be for sight-seeing and...
OMG!!!!!! I almost forgot! ^^" As I checked in, the lady at the counter handed me an envelope - my concert ticket for Acid Breakerz Cherry. I really actually have it now. *cheers* \\\(((((^o^)))))/// So, the 9th will be for the concert. I'm very much looking forward to that. For now I'm looking forward to getting some sleep first of all. ^^ I hope you're all doing fine! <3 I'll keep you up-to-date with waht's happening around here. For now, good nights!!! >^_^<

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