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03 January 2013 @ 08:51 am
03. 01. 2013: Central Nara  
Hello again!

My second post today, because I'm feeling strong enough to sit at the PC even now. ^^ So, today I strolled through central Nara. It was a very good walk, really.

So, after falling asleep again, I slept until around 8am, which seemed a good time to get up. I took my time to get decent and even watched some TV. I thought it wouldn't be good to be out too early, because no sotres would be open and such. So I only left shortly after 9am. The streets were still pretty empty and most of the stores were still closed. That surprised me, but it was okay. I simply got a hot drink from a vending machine and that was fine.

When I left I really did not mean to walk an entire round. Just have a look around Kufukuji and maybe, if I feel up to it Toudaiji. Well, I got to Kofukuji. The main happ is still being renovated. This is really taking a while. I haven't seen it yet and it's my third year in Nara. Well, I'll be waiting.

Roof of a side-building of Kufuku-ji

Since I decided that I wanted to see the Dai-butsu I quickly moved on. Right through Nara koen. Awww, the deer are so cute. <3 I bought some crackers to feed them too. ^^ Some time along hte way more and more stalls opened and I decided to buy a crepe. I had strawberries in it with cream. It was realyl good. ^^ Next was Toudaiji. This time around I enjoyed the way there much more. The huge wooden gate with the guardians is already a sight to see. And I was really lucky. The weather was good, it was well possible to take pictures with your camera even inside the building. :D The Buddha statue is really so impressive. I spent quite some time there, also checking through the small shops and bought two charms.

Deer in Nara koen

Deer crossing the street

Daibutsu Den


View from the hall to the entrance area

As I got back out I was thinking whether it wouldbe better to go back. While it wasn't as cold as I had expected I'd been out for a while. Even the prospect of wlaking back wasn't nice. That was when I spotted a couple of houses just a bit further up-hill. Several groups of people were headed there too, so I followed and I got lucky. There was a small store-restaurant, so I got in to get a bit warmed up. As I got in, I was welcomed and next I heard how there was a call for an English menue - in Japanese, which I find very nice, because when you don't understand it you won't feel too out of the ordinary. It was okay like this too. Somehow the English menues oftne don't really help me. But I had seem outside that they had soba and udon and so I ordered my favourite: Kare udon. ^^ It's just the best. And they had some very good curry. :D So I enjoyed some hot food and as I left I felt like I wanted to visit the Kasuga Taisha Shrine too. On my way there I passed another site. I wonder what it was. XD It had a platform with a really good view over the city. Once again I was simply following a crowd and they all went through there. ^^

Toori with Shisa

View platform

Big stone lanterns

Stone Lantern alley towards Kagusa Taisha

When I arrived at the Kasuga Taisha Shrine things had livened up to "normal" New Year events business. There were people everywhere and police officers were directing the people around the place, so nobody would get hurt. It wasn't unpleasant, though, even with so many people there. I checked through the place and, because I find those Miko girls so cute, bought another charm. On my way back towards Nara koen I passed many stalls that offered all kinds of foods and drinks. I got myself something that looked like Okonimiyaki on a stick and then a New Year's fish waffle with vanilla cream. I totally failed at the "fish" stall, though. As I got there I checked the signs to find a "vanilla" filling, but I couldn't find one. The young man at the counter explained to me that they had "anko", "ku-ri-mo" and "cho-ko-re-to". I simply ordered the second and only then I understood that the sign I couldn't make out before did not say "vanilla", but "custard". XD Well, I had gotten what I wanted.

Crowd at Kasuga Taisha

I made my way back thought the park, via Kofukuji. It got pretty windy and I was so happy i had gotten that cap in Tokyo. I felt appropriately exhausted as I got back. I just had to make a detour, because I have cups of instant noodles here with me, but no more chopsticks. Sadly, in all of Sanjo dori, there are hundreds of restaurants, but not a single convenience store, so I had to go back all the way to the station to get my chopsticks. Then I went back to the hotel, changed and sat down to finally write a new entry. And... well, still doing that. For today I'll be staying in. I'm thinking baout making a day trip tomorrow, if I feel alright. Not decided yet. I'll let you know what I'm up to. ^^

For today, this is everything. Hope you like what I share here. Thanks a lot for reading! :D

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