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03 January 2013 @ 07:39 am
02. 01. 2013: Moving  
Hello, there!

*sighs* I did not update yesterday. It was a very, very long and hard day and I really wasn't feeling well, so I decided to post today.

The day started out pretty ordinarily. I got up, had breakfast and packed my stuff, because I had to check out of the room. When I was done it was still pretty early, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a look around Harajuku. (Fangirl-me got the better of me. XDDD ) Well, it's tempting, because it's really not far from the hotel. So, I took the metro and went to Harajuku. I was totally surprised, because even though the streets were vivid, they weren't overly crowded. Apparently people stayed up long the night before and were sleeping in. XDDDD Well, I made my way down Takeshita Dori looking for pics. I found them too, of course. ^_^ There's one store quite at the end already that I really like a lot, because it has current sets of each group ordered into folders, so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

I spent quite a lot of time in that shop. I had come to check for pics of the KinKi concert, of course, but ended up buying way more pics of events I did not attend. ^^" Right next to the KinKi pics there were the folders of "Gravity" pics. *______* Got a bigger number there too. I was delighted to find some good ones of Yaracchi and YamaRyo too. <3 I also checked through Playzone - oh yes, and Dream Boys. I'm bringing something special back for someone. ^_~ Well, in the end I spent a lot of money on those pics. However, I got all of them at once, so I'm not going back to any shops again. This is it, really and it's a big set as it is. ^^

On my way back to the station I found that something had changed while I'd been inside that shop. The streets suddenly were really very crowded. O_o It was okay, though, sicne I only wanted to get back to the station and not to the Meiji Shrine. Not on that day, anyway. ^^ It was quite funny. As I looked around, I saw little groups of other western people walking up and down the street, looking pretty lost. I'm sure most of them had simply gotten out at the Takeshita exit, saw that there were a lot of people running up and down the street and thought there must be something special there. XDDD Well, there is, but very probably not what those people were looking for. ^^"

After getting back to the station, I found that something had changed there too. It had gotten so crowded, they had closed down the aisle for the train back to Shinjuku. That was quite annoying, really. I asked staff around the place three times and the only instruction I got was "turn right". Only hte third guy explained to me that I had to basically walk around the whole area. I got fed up with that and simply moved on to Shibuya and changed into the right train there.

Once I was back at the hotel, I got all of my stuff and moved back to the station. I definitely have too much stuff that I'm carrying about. I'm thinking about sending some of it home, really. Well, I moved to Shinjuku - and only then realized that I made a mistake. I had to get to Tokyo station for hte Shinkansen. Well, the direction was right, so I just changed into a train that would take me there. The Yamanote was not an option - because it didn't have an elevator, or escalator. >_< But I managed. Oh, and on the train something really nice happened. A lady passed by me as she got off the train and I made sure she'd have enough room to move, so I pulled my suitcase really close and she smiled at me and said "otsukare-sama desu". That was the first time someone ever said that to me. Maybe it's weird that something like that makes me happy, but I just htink it's such a nice thing. When you see someone carrying something heavy to say "you must be tired, moving this around". So, that really made me happy. Sadly, the only other thing than the obligatory "osaki ni" (which would not have been fit) that I know you can say in answer to this is Koichi's signiture phrase from "Remote" - and that wouldn't have been a good thing to say either, so I simply left it with a standard phrase that I know.

Once at Tokyo station, I got a ticket forthe Shinkansen to Kyoto. Sadly, I had to wait for almsto an hour. >< Well, I got myself a bento and something to drink. I just had to keep walking, because standing would have killed my feet and there wasn't a single seat free in the entire building. O_o When it was finally time, I got onto the platform and boarded the train. A three hours ride was ahead and I was already feeling very tired. Well, I could rest in the train, which was nice. Even so, half way into it I felt my body growing really weak and I kept sniffing really bad. Well, it couldn't be helped. Somehow I made it to Kyoto station. Once there it wasn't really difficult to find the right train.

The trip to Nara only took a good 40 minutes, but even so, I was feeling quite sick, so every minute was almost too much. I had already had a longer trip, after all, I was feeling really tired and for the first time in a very long time I felt like I didn't want to finish a journey by myself. It's never nice to get sick when you're nto at home, but it's much worse when you have to move from one place to another. >< To make things even worse I was painfully remembered that these local trains are not heated, so I was sitting basically in the cold for a good 40 minutes. I all but broke down on that train. When I FINALLY arrived at the station, I just quickly packed up my stuff and went for my hotel. I got lucky, it wasn't really that far from the station - although I was starting to feel really frustrated when I didn't find it in the first go. The second was okay, though. ^^ The second I got into my rom I practically ripped all of my clothes of and headed straight for the shower, because there was no way I could even sit on that bed soaked as I was, but the moment I'd sit down I wouldn't be able to get up again for a long time. The shower felt really good too. Just the hair dryer is... well, it's not exactly what I'm used to. Actually, you might as well just blow on your hair and you get almsot the same effect. XD But it's okay. I got straight to bed afterwards, taking some rest. I got up some time later to really get decent for sleeping. Then I slept several hours before waking up at around 3am, feeling wide awake. I followed the TV program for almost an hour. It was actually quite interesting. A Japanese girl travelling through Europe. That was nice. Then I slept again and through the night.

So, I felt really bad yesterday. Fortunately I'm feeling... well, a bit better now. I'm still stuck on a cold, but it's not drastic. I even went out today and had some fun. I'll write my report on it, but probably a bit later. I'll take a short break now.

*hugs everybody* <3

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