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31 December 2012 @ 11:46 am
Arrival with difficulties  
Hello again!

So, I set out this morning to get to the airport, which was pretty much okay and not reall distressful. However, I had a lot of luggage to carry, which was exhausting. Then I bought some new gifts for my friends. ^_^ Oh yes and then I had to check up on my wound that is still not healed. Had to get bandages along the way, because the ones I took with me were in the big suitcase. It wasn't too much of a problem and I made it for the check-in alright. :D

The flight was... actually, I'm pretty sure that it was one of the worst I've ever had, but I didn't really notice it, because I found my tranquilizers (YAY!!!) and I took them throughout the flight. They made me feel quite calm. We got the "fasten seatbelts" sign two times, though. >< So, not altogether a smooth flight. It was still okay, I could even enjoy my food, which is a rare thing while I'm on a plane. ^^" Oh yes, and then something else happened. I stupidly spilled my orange juice down the leg of my jeans. Now, we were flying over Russia at the time, so it wasn't exactly warm. >< I tried to fix it with tissues, but that didn't help much. Then I had another idea. So, if something like with should ever happen to you, here's what you can do: Ask a nice flight attendent to let you use the storage room at the very back. That's about the only area that will provide you with the needed space. Get a blanked that are handed out for each flight. Pull up the leg of your pants. wrap the blanket around your leg and then carefully pull the pants back down over it. That really did the trick. Not only did the blanket keep me warm, but it also helped drying the stain. The landing was as close to pleasant as it can be for me. A good 40 minutes and we were on the ground and I hadn't lost my hearing. ^^

At the airport there was the usual check-out procedure, then getting my Railway Pass and a local phone. Next I already boarded the Narita Express that took me straight to Shinjuku. Oh, and I saw something totally amazing on my way: There was a guy, hanging on a rope and running back and forth the front of a building on which he was cleaning the windows. I've never seen such a thing before. It's too bad that such things are too spontaneous for a camera. I didn't have the time to get anything out to take a pic with. I would have loved to capture that. That guy looked like a free-climber. XDDDD A while later there was also the figure of a fairy tale dwarf with a 3 metres high cap on. Totally cool. ^^ And then Shinjuku, where I changed into the metro that got me to my hotel. It's actually funny, I only remembered that the correct line was "yellow", but that already did it and I arrived at my hotel without a problem. Well, one problem, but only as I was there. I was too early for check-in. I sat down to check a few things and I got lucky, because I could check in early. Just got myself some foods and drinks and then arranged myself in my room. It was still unexpectedly early and I was feeling so tired I was starting to get dizzy, so I set my alarm and laid myself down for a few minutes.

Just that the few minutes turned into more than two hours. I didn't hear my alarm, any messages, or calls. Long story short, I was too late, so I couldn't visit the concert today. I tried to rush over, but it was to no avail. It's really a pity, but it can't be helped. I could strain my body only that far. So I headed back and am now in my room again. I thought about going out again, but decided against it. I'm still not feeling good enough to go out. What's more, my throat is bitching a bit. I'm really thinking it's because the air on the plane was extremely dry and I simply have to get some sleep. I very much hope so too, otherwise I'll spend tomorrow morning at the hospital. >< What I'm not going to miss is tomorrow's concert, of course.

I want to apologize very sincerely once again to Ran and Kristy, both of whom I gave such a distressful time. I am really sorry that I had you wait for me like that. I promise I'll make it up to you. m(__)m

Right now I am forcing myself to stay up just a little bit longer, so I can go to bed at a reasonable time and find a good new rhythm quickly. So, I don't think I'll even make the countdown. My body is just feeling so weak, I'll go to bed as soon as it's 21:00. That should be okay for sleeping. Then I can get up in the morning and do something around the city. I definitely need a new scarf. It has already shown that it was a very bad idea to take one with synthetic fibres with me. I can't go without it for two weeks, so I have a kind of mission for tomorrow. ^^

So, no con report from me today. D: I definitely learned, though, that arriving and concert visiting on the same day are not a good idea. Last year already got to me pretty bad and this year I simply broke down. -_- Will try to take care fo my throat issue now and hope it'll be okay tomorow. I'll keep you up to date with everything.

Good night!!!! <3
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