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17 June 2010 @ 09:02 pm
Japan Travelogue: JE Fanclub  

JE Special

I'll write this entry as a special for people, who (like myself) are planning a trip to Japan and want to visit a concert of a band from Johnny's Jimusho. If that's not the case for you, skip this entry, it's totally uninteresting for you. If so, I'm happy that I'm not the only non-Asian fan around. ^_^  Okay, down to business.

Those who are a bit into the whole material will know the basics. But I've searched the net for information and help a lot, so I know quite some interesting things. So here are the basic rules:

* If you want to visit a Johnny concert, you have to be a member of the according fan club that is run by the agency.

* If you want to sign up for a fan club, you need to have an address in Japan.

* If you somehow manage to get into the fan club and thus the much desired membership card, you cannot order tickets, but enter the ticket lottery.

* If the lottery plays decent tickets to you, you will not get them immediately.

* A few days before the concert the agency will ship the tickets to the address that you wrote onto your fanclub application form. If you're not at the given address, you will not receive the tickets, because you have to sign that you received them in person. So, a passport might also be useful to prove your identity.

So, this is the "regular" way to get tickets. The huge advantage here is that you have your membership card and won't have any trouble at the concert site (I'll explain that later). You can choose your price category too. However, as you cannot exactly "order" tickets, you can only point out your wishes concerning date and seating area - then the lottery plays you tickets that will suit your wishes - more or less. Before I decided to do this, I often kept wondering why on earth people would visit the same concert two or three days in a row. Now I know the reason. They apply for 3 possible dates and hope to get tickets for at least one. Sometimes you'll get tickets for every day, though. ^_^"

How to get into the Johnny fanclub you desire:

It's a bit complicated. First, you need a Japanese address. Next, you can ONLY fill in the according application form in a Japanese post office. You will usually find them lying at the counters. It's a small blue form. You fill it out, pay the entrance fee and then wait for your membership card to be delivered.

A translation of how to fill out the application form can be found here.
The fanclub number & name you find on: Johnny's net. (How to find: go to the main page, click the first link in the little box on the right under "Family Club". On the new site, click the second link from the left in the link line right under "Family Club Top". The next page has a table that shows the band name, the club number, the fanclub name and the entrance fee (from left to right). The sire also has the same filling out instructions, but in Kanji and Kana. This is how it works right now, I hope they won't change anything any time soon.)

Once the ticket lottery is open, you have to apply for tickets. I'm not all the way sure about that. But I think J-Ticket is the plattform for that. Then you'll have to wait for the results.

If the whole fan club thing is too complicated for you (and it IS complicated!), there are two other ways to get tickets.

1.) Online auctions. People apply for tickets and then sell them on the net. A very well-known phenomenon. Yahoo auctions is very popular for such tickets. So is ticket.jp. If you have trouble reading Kanji sites, you can get help. There is a livejournal community who offers a JE-ticket service. Find it here: je_goods 
From what I've heard it's pretty well-organised. However, auction prices tend to be ridiculously high, especially if you want to have some of the better seats. What's more, the tickets will be organized to be sent to you in Japan, but you won't have a fan club membership card.

2.) Second hand stores. When you're staying in Japan, you can visit second hand ticket stores and get tickets there. It's quite simple and there are almost ALWAYS tickets available, even on concert day. A huge advantage is that you won't be in distress beforehand and that you will get the tickets in hand. You can also choose the seats of what's still available. The prices are higher than when you're getting the tickets via the fan club, but not as high as in auction. But again, the tickets come without a membership card. For concerts in Tokyo there's a nice store in Takeshita Dori.

Membership Card: The thing about the tickets - they will have the "owner's" name on them. Meaning, if you get a ticket in online auction or second hand, you'll have a ticket with a random name on it. Now, it's not a common things, but it HAS happened that people have been asked their membership card and when they could not produce it, they were not admitted to the concert. The card doesn't even need to have your name on it, just the same as on the ticket. If you just explain that "my friend got sick", you won't have a problem. But no card might be disadvantageous.

Okay, that much about Johnny's Jimusho fan clubs and ticket lottery. Hope I could help.

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Avery Averetteavery_averette on June 24th, 2010 05:23 am (UTC)
This is so helpful! Thank you!!
If you could add the links to the secondhand shops where the tickets can be bought. It'll be even better.
Any idea how much of a mark up is it usually when bought from these secondhand shops? And can we order tickets from these secondhand shops online?
Many thanks again!
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on June 25th, 2010 06:39 pm (UTC)
Wow, this is unexpected. I really didn't think anyone would read these entries. ^_^" But I'm happy. I've gathered this information from countless websites over about 2 weeks. My goal is to get into the KinKi Kids fanclub. A friend of mine is helping me by asking her brother to let me use his address in Japan.

As for the second hand stores... I'll try to get information. I think I remember that I once used to know where to find one in Tokyo. I'll re-research that. ^_^ I don't know about Osaka, but I'll try. I think if online purchasing via these shops were possible, third person traders wouldn't be able to make so much money. So, I doubt it's possible.

About the prices: It always depends on the tickets that you want. Like, e.g. for KinKi Kids 1st Jan arena seats, I'm expecting you'll pay like double? Poor me, if I should end up being in that situation. >_< But for the "not exactly top rated, but really okay" seats, I've read that people got them for like 50€ (60$), which is not much higher than out of the lottery.

Are you planning to see a concert? If so: When? Which band? Sorry, I'm curious. ^_^
Avery Averetteavery_averette on June 25th, 2010 08:44 pm (UTC)
Wow! Thanks for the info.
But please don't go through too much trouble if you don't already have the info at hand. I don't want to trouble.
I'm thinking of watch a T&T one if they ever get back together.
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on June 26th, 2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
Ah, you're welcome. ^_^ And I might need the info for myself too. Who knows if I'll have the chance to enter the ticket lottery. And it's bothersome, with the tickets being sent to you and all. Really, Johnny's making it such a big deal. >_>

I'm just kind of thinking that me and my friend might stand out severely to the security on location. Two Europeans, one male. Tickets would also be expensive... I'm flying to the other end of our planet, so I HAVE to see more than just Koichi's hair-do on stage.

I've read that at least in Tokyo there are quite some good shops in "Center Gai" in Shibuya, where you can buy tickets. Apparently you can't miss them as they display some tickets in their shop windows. I'm stuck with the Osaka thing. But I still hope the concert will be in Osaka - otherwise I'd also have to travel from there back to Tokyo on concert day. Well, if I have to, might as well have a look at the Countdown. ^_^ Although I've heard the ticket prices are ridiculous. My friend would like it, though - he wants to see Tokyo Dome.

About T&T... I wonder if that's gonna happen. Tackey already announced a solo for this year, Tsubasa's in Playzone... So, not any time soon. It's always so sad for the fans, but I think Johnny just won't make it an official split, but just lets them proceed with their solo stuff. T_T I like them a lot. Well, maybe Tackey a bit more. ^_^"