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12 January 2012 @ 01:58 pm
12.01.2012 - Tokyo: Shopping  
Hello, everybody! :D

Today was major shopping day. I swept through several fanshops, grabbing whatever I could get. No, not really. ^^ Actually, I was pretty reasonable, I think. Just a few pics for myself, two small posters... actually, that's it. I didn't even buy a new KinKi poster, because quite honestly I don't know where I should put it. I have two KinKi posters up already, one of Koichi and I bought the one at SHOCK already. I got two Yasu posters, though. <3 I was particularly happy to find stuff with him. ^^ Bought a few pics too. :D As it is, I spent too much money already and I haven't even been to Animate yet, which is the plan for tomorrow.

Nothing too spectacular happened today. Actually, I was totally lucky, the fan shops were clsoe to empty today, so I could check through all the pics, taking my time to pick some. I could spend several days checking through all the stuff. ^^" There is so much to see and find. ^^

Johnny's shop was the one I was quickest in getting through. I didn't even have to wait and just got right in and the good thing is they're organised and they sell only recent stuff, so the over-load isn't that big. I got a few pics of KinKi shooting their new PV. Aw, they both look so handsome. *__* Some pics of SHOCK rehearsals in NY and then some more for Omiyage. ^^ I think I'll go back, though and get myself just a few more pics of Koichi's birthday. Ah, maybe. It's tempting, because it's not far away, but I really know that I shouldn't.

I had some Takko balls at Harajuku station. I had left in the morning without breakfast. I hadn't felt hungry and I jsut kept going, moving through Takeshita Dori. So I was really hungry. I still just ordered 4 pieces, which turned out to be a good thing. ^^

I had seen that Okonomiyaki add right in front of my hotel that morning. So as I went back I stopped there for actual dinner. That was really something. ^^ I baked my very first own Okonomiyaki in a restaurant today. :D I didn't evne know what to order. The menu was solely Japanese and the only thing I could read was something that I thought said "Winner Pepper", which I thought didn't say much about the dish, but at least I could order it. So I picked that and something that looked like some kind of fruit wrapped in ham. I really wanted to have fruit.

So, then, the Okonomiyaki was okay. It turned out that I hadn't pronounced it well and the menu actually said "Wiener pepper", so I had sausage in my Okonomiyaki, which might sound weirder than it actually is. ^^ It was really quite simple. You just put some oil on the teppan and after mixing everything up, you just put it on and tehn you wait. Turn it around about 3 minutes later, you can already put sauce and mayonaise on and bonitos, if you like them. I love them, they look so pretty. ^^ About 2 minutes after turning around you can eat it. It was really delicious. I was also really surprised that despite my obvious problems with reading the menu the staff seemed to trust me to do thingy by myself. That was actually really nice. So, my first ever self-made Okonomiyaki on teppan. The other dish, btw, turned out to be mochi wrapped in ham. Mind you, that's nice too. I still SO BADLY wanted fruit. And there I remembered that this morning as I went to the post office for cash, I passed by a bigger store, so I checked back there and found what I was looking for and actually for the first time today I didn't care about money. Wouldn't have helped. I bought a cup of starberries that cost as much as my entire dinner. And some orange and grapefruit pieces and an apple. So, tonight I'm having my own round of "Strawberry Time". XDDD They're really good too. ^^ I'm so happy I got all of that. ^^

So, tomorrow it's Animate and I'll have a look around the area. So, there will be pics. I can't take pics in stores. Although I'd love to sometimes. Like, those fan shops. They are so packed with stuff, even the ceiling is covered with posters that you can buy.

I'm having MTV on right now. EXILE seem to be really popular right now. Well, they're good and I'm a sucker for dancers. ^^
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jellybean6972: Arashijellybean6972 on January 13th, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
Ah! I wish I could go to Johnny's shop. That would be so cool... *dreams*

Congratulations on making your first Okonomiyaki :D

Hikaru: KinKi leaning whiteyoru_no_hikaru on January 18th, 2012 07:51 pm (UTC)
Tbh, the other fanshops are mainly more interesting if you can't go to the Johnny's shop right at a certain event. It's still nice to have visited there. ^^

Ah, talking about pics... somehow I was given a bag with a bunch of pics that weren't mine. Since I traveled back home the next morning I couldn't give them back anymore. And then I thought since it's Arashi pics and you always comment so sweetly in my journal and your birthday is coming up, if you want to, I can send them to you. Don't expect too much, it's just a handful and some of them are double. But maybe you know someone you can share with. Well, if you want to, just PM me your address and I'll send them over. ^^ They'd definitely be in better hands if you have them. ^^

jellybean6972: Arashi Rainbowjellybean6972 on January 18th, 2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
Oh! Thank you so much!! :DDD *hugs*