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11 January 2012 @ 05:03 pm
11.01.2012 Fukuoka --> Tokyo  

Hi, everybody! ^^

So, where do I start today? First, I got up at a decent hour and made my check-out alright. Then I got myself some supplies for the train at Lawson next door. I Hadn't made early reservations for a train to Tokyo. I had figured that they'll move regularly. And about 20 minutes later I was already on my way. ^^ The only thing that was just a little bit bothersome, the guy at the counter had explained to me that I needed to change trains in Osaka. Yappari, Osaka... @_@ I was relieved to find that this time I had about 20 minutes to find my way around to the right train. That's really okay. ^^

So, first, three hours to Osaka. Passed by pretty quickly. I watched KinKi's live from last year. And I ate my Kare-Pan that I had gotten. ^^ I was lucky with the train too. Two rows with two seats each, means loads of space. And I could place my suitcase behind the last row of seats, which, just in case, spares me the embarrassment of being unable to put it on the board by myself.

Arriving at Osaka, I checked the number of my train on my ticket and was quite surprised. The train leaving about 20 minutes later for Tokyo would pass that exact same platform. That was actually more than a surprise. Suddenly I found myself confronted with a very different situation than I would have thought... I was so not dressed for 20 minutes in the outside air of Osaka. It was freezing cold with not exactly a nasty, but a bothering wind. So I got downstairs anyway, just to warm myself a bit. About 15 minutes later I got back onto the platform and boarded the train to Tokyo. Three seats on the right. Means the seats are narrow and they were also rather low. Well, it was still okay, since the seat next to mine stayed unoccupied.

Phone out and music on again. ^^ You have no idea how long the battery of such a smartphone can actually last, if you DON'T connect it with the internet. Really, when I de-synched everything, I got the information I might get more battery time. It's really about double. Which is very comfortable on longer train rides. I felt a bit tired, so switched from vid to just music. Yasu. <3 Next time I checked the watch there was only 1 1/2 more hours to go. I can't remember actually sleeping, but I was definitely not complaining. About 30 minutes before arrival I quickly went to the toilet. And a good thing too. It seemed that I had perfectly hit the evening rush hour. >_< Tokyo station was so crowded, I was always somewhere between not needing to roll my suitcase and losing grip of it. @_@ Somehwo I managed to find my way to the elevator.

Once downstairs I thought I should get reservations for the Narita express. I couldn't find the ticket office, though, and I didn't know what time I'd need the train, so I decided to come back at a better time. As I went back through the main hall, I was totally happy to find the station of the Chuo Line, which I remembered went straight to Okubo station, the one I wanted to get to. So I got onto the platform. well, actually at this time the line departs from two platforms. So crowded. @_@ At any rate, I was up there, waiting for a local line, because the rapid trains didn't stop at Okubo. I waited for about 15 minutes, then I asked someone. It appears that while the Chuo line does depart from Tokyo station, if you want a local train you still have to change trains in Shinjuku. So I did that, which luckily was pretty easy. Once on the local train the mass of people wasn't so bad anymore. And I only had one station to go. Luckily Okubo station has an elevator, and at the exit I needed. :D So I got out of the station very well. Quickly bought myself a hot drink. It's unexpectedly cold in Tokyo. well, not as cold as in Osaka, but cooler than in Fukuoka, which is a pretty rare thing. Maybe it was the wind - it was rather windy.

Arrived at the hotel at around 7 pm. Quite a trip. ^^ But everything worked out fine. I even found a JR ticket counter at Shinjuku station and got my ticket for the Narita express. Luckily it's not as expensive as I had feared. I had decided to go for the two weeks JR Railway Pass. After seeing some of the Shinkansen ticket prices I had started to wonder whether that had been a good idea, but the ticket is only about 40€, which is still quite better than the additional 100€ for another week. Really, tickets for the Shinkansen are SO expensive. O_o They are so valuable, JR Lines gives them security signs, so they can't be copied.

I was really happy when I arrived at the hotel. And I was even more happy to see my room. SPACE!!!! *_____* There is so much space in here. AND: A DVD player. And since it was so tempting I couldn't resist and checked into my new stuff. Thus, while I am writing this, I am enjoying the wonderful voice and appearance of Yasu. ^^ Checked Daigo too. Aw, he's so cute. <3

I had some trouble with my A/C first, I couldn't make it heat the room. After trying and waiting for about 2 hours I went to the counter for help. Luckily someone came up to my room and helped me out,. ^^ It's starting to feel about comfortable. Although I don't really like it that the bed is right next to the window. You know, window doesn't mean the thing we "Westeners" know, double layered, framed, isolated. A window is basically a hole in your wall into which a plate of glass is fitted. So, naturally, warm air goes straight through there. I'm still very happy in my room. For a twin it's really considerably priced and it has a lot of comforts, really. :D

Tomorrow's activities will depend very much on the weather. I've been thinking about visiting Odaiba once again, because Rainbow Bridge and the Fuji TV building are just a brilliant sight. I've seen a lot of temples and such too, so there's room for a change. There's also the swords museum that's very tempting. I'll see about that tomorrow.

For today, it's been a bit exhausting, but fine for the main part, I'm feeling good now, having taken a shower and eaten dinner.

I'll write again tomorrow. <3

PS: Yasu must be the only Japanese guy, who doesn't look totally unnatural with red hair. XDDDDD

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jellybean6972: Arashi Rainbowjellybean6972 on January 12th, 2012 02:17 am (UTC)
I'm not used to crowds of that caliber, haha. Like when I was driving through New York City, it was crowded and I was thinking I don't know if I could ever get used to this if I ever decided to move there.

Same thing with the train station in New York. When my train had stopped there, so many people were all over the place. I was glad that I didn't have to worry about finding a seat because I had gotten on the train at different stop in a different state.

Have fun! :D