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09 January 2012 @ 04:25 pm
09.01.2012 - Fukuoka: City  

Hi, everybody!

Today I didn't really feel like going out. but since I've been lazing a bit lately, I decided that I had to get up and see a thing or two. The weather wasn't really appealing either, although not exactly bad. Even so I decided to make it "indoor activities" mainly.

First I went to see Shofukuji, Japan's first Zen temple. How I got there is still a mystery to me. ^^" Seriously, I memorised the map at the station by heart, but then as I followed the road I didn't get lost, this time something even stranger happened. I reached the place I wanted to see and thought I could have only made about half the way. ^^" Well, I was happy, of course. I'd found the place on the very first try and without asking anyone. Gotta be a first. XD Ah, on the way there I came across another temple that I sadly don't know the name of, but I took some pics even so. ^^

Temple I found along my way


Stone lantern in garden

Because I like it so much: The top of the Pagode

The temple is rather old, naturally, the buildings mainly made of wood. There's a small pond with a bridge and generally it's a very calm place. There were quite some other people. One couple seemed totally amazed to see me and the man greeted me very politely. I guess Fukuoka isn't really a tourist hot spot. Well, it's not like I can talk generally. For me, anything that is not Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka can't even be booked as a journey as such - which is why I keep organising my trips by myself all the time. ^^

Bridge over the small pond

Main temple building

Next I actually wanted to see Fukuoka Tower, but somehow I couldn't find the bus. So I decided to skip that and move right on to "Canal City", a huge mall and entertainment centre. That one really is a sight too. I found the bus alright and it was only a few stations to the mall. As I got off the bus, I found that the mall was actually rather "open", meaning that the majority of the aisles were actually outside and just the stores within the actual building. The building alone is something to have seen. The place was really huge too. Like, REALLY HUGE!!!! (@ mom: Imagine Shopping City Seiersberg including all parking spaces when it's about space and then make the building 11 stores high. THAT'S how big it is. ^^ ) I was so worried that I might get lost in there. ^^" Even so I had a good look around. It's a really nice place for shopping. An for eating, seeing how the top 5 floors are reserved for restaurants mainly. On the fifth floor, there's this section called the "Ramen Stadium". Naturally, I had to check it out.  all of the stores had those computers for ordering. I found one that offered Gyoza too and got some of those and Soy Ramen. The meat was nice, the noodles too. The soup was really too salty for me. (@ B.A.: Finally I am experiencing that too. XD ) The gyoza were really good, though, and the dip too. :D

Canal City building

Another building

View onto the "Canal", where today no boats drove along - I guess it's just too cold

After checking most of at least the south building out, I decided I wanted to go back to my hotel. And that was really it. Looking for the bus stop, I got so helplessly lost, I passed the same spot three times, I think, without every reaching the bus stop. ^^" I did follow the sign, though. Well, in the end I started to ask people again and after a while I had actually made my way back on foot. XDDDDD It wasn't all that bad. While it got a bit cooler as the sun went down, it's nothing compared to the freezing cold in Kyoto. And the streets are still beautifully lit. ^^

View of the area

Lights at Hakata Station

I got back and had a shower and a bit of rest. Somehow, whenever I come back from an outside tour, I feel so tired I have to rest for a while. Right now I'm watching SMAP Bistro. XD

I'm wondering whether I want to take the 2 hours tour to Beppu, after all. Two hours there and two hours back. I don't know... Maybe I'll rather go for something that's nearer. Dazaifu is something I have considered. We'll see about that, but seeing how I'll spend 6 hours in the train back to Tokyo on the 11th, 4 hours of train riding, aren't too appealing for tomorrow. I'll decide on that tomorrow. ^^

For today, this is my report.

This one more thing that I want to say. To my beloved mother, a very happy birthday to you and a happy year of the Dragon!!!!! <3

This is really it for today. I'll write again tomorrow. ^^ Have fun, everybody. <3

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Hikaru: KInKi feedingyoru_no_hikaru on January 10th, 2012 02:09 pm (UTC)
There really is so much to see. ^^

LOL! If you understand what they're saying, I guess it's really good fun. I merely stopped there because I know their faces. XDDDD

Haha, actually I don't think it's all that long. I mean, it is, somehow, but I'm glad it doesn't take any longer, really. ^^

I'm looking forward to coming back to Tokyo. Fukuoka is nice, and it's not all that easy to get lost - it's more likely you'll go in circles, if you don't know your way around. XD

Tokyo is going to be fun. I'll go to the Johnny's shop and try to get some pics. ^^

LOL! Today I made "drama" day, watching three shows in a row. ^^