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08 January 2012 @ 06:42 pm
08.01.2012 - Fukuoka: Endless SHOCK  

Hi, minna-san! ^^

I just came back from dinner and finished taking a good shower. Today wasn't really all that exciting. Well, I tried to get some more money from an ATM and in the end, I got an additional 3000 yen, which is not the world, but altogether I had 7000, which isn't actually all that bad. Even so, I decided I couldn't take any trains, or busses that will cost money - but for the one to take me to the theatre in the evening. So I spent the day pretty much walking around the area of the station, which has a nice park, really (unexpectedly, so sadly there aren't any pics ^^" ), having lunch, which I bought at Lawson (Visa!) and basically starting at around 1 am I started to feel that inner countdown, like "it's just 5 more hours...". XD


I left the hotel rather early, taking into account that even though it's not really far I might get lost somewhere along the way as I did when I went to Tokyo Dome. Everything went smoothly, though, so I was at the site of the theatre really early. I even found the right exit on the first try, which was really just good luck, but nice. ^^ I waited for the rest of the group to arrive and watched astoundedly at the many many people who were gathering in front of the HUGE SHOCK poster that is set up at the theatre to take pics. We, naturally, took pics too. I'll have to add them later, though, since I didn't bring a camera (bad experience at Tokyo Dome @_@ ) so I'll be sent a couple of pics some time later.

As we got in, I was quite impressed with the size of the theatre. And also with the arrangements. There were hudreds of stalls, selling sweets, snacks, drinks, AND... merchandise. *______* That was the one I was aiming for. It's really quite sad I didn't have any more money, but I got the essentials. ^^ A pamphlet, a towel (@ B.A.: maybe it's one that I can wrap around my head. XD ), a poster. I didn't even buy a bag to put my stuff in, because I didn't have the additional 500 yen. Or rather, I thought I'd like to keep some money for drinks. Ran and Kristy kindly offered to share the bags they had brought. Well, they're "pros", after all. ^^

Next we took our seat. Well, I still went to the toilet (twice) because I was too excited. Then to the seats. As I got in, I thought "Eh? Really?!" *_____* Our seats were like... perfect!!!! (@ B.A.: You know, like 8th row, seats 19 & 20 in our Royal KIZ big movie hall XD ) Central Floor, what more can you wish for? I got even more excited. I still had some time, so I decided to get myself drinks. My mouth was really dry and I knew it would be impossible to get out during the show. Or to put it correctly, I rather would have suffered than to endure the embarrassment. I didn't have to wait long, either, so I made it back in time. About 10 minutes later the show began.

Okay... I don't really know how to write a show report on this. There's just this one sentence I can think of. SHOCK wa saikou!!!!!!! <3333333333

I cannot even begin to say how great it really was. The set, the light, the colours, the music... everything is just *________* AND: KOICHI WAS SO CLOSE!!!!!!! *__* SO CLOSE, REALLY!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Even on stage he was really close, but when he flew over the audience... Actually, at one point I thought whether it would be worth the headline "Crazed fan grabs main actor during show". XDDDDDDDD I was a good girl, naturally.

My thoughts on Act 1:

* I was surprised that Uekusa actually took second lead. It feels like they present him like that. He is also Rika's dad in addition to owning the "Off Theatre". Uchi is still very present, but not as much a second main character as e.g. Yara used to be. I guess it suits him well, though. And I've come to be a great fan of Uekusa-kun as of tonight. You could totally see how at ease he feels on stage and how much he loves performing. <3 I didn't really miss any scenes when I think of the 2008 show. They changed the backstage scene. Well, naturally, they had to. Oh, and they changed the song on the balcony too, which was my first big surprise tonight.

* They cut the "World Adventure" scene quite some. I missed seeing more different parts. Even so, Koichi pulled one incredible show with "Solitary". That song showed the entire magnitude of the stage. It's so deep, the dancers at the back appeared quite small. The lights were incredible too.

* During the Japanesque show I was totally astounded. First, Koichi has this appearance through an aisle and he walked past by our seats and again, HE WAS SO CLOSE!!!!! XDDD (I'm so sorry, if I'm fangirling, but I can't get over it just yet ^^" ) The entire show totally captivated me. The moving stage was so amazing. And the choreography! *__* Incredible. Although I know this part down to the core, to see it on actual stage has an incredibly strong impact. Koichi falling down the stairs made me hold my breath. I was so feeling with him. Uchi did a really good job there, too. I'll get to the details about the actors alter, though.

During the 30 minutes break Kristy and I decided to head for the toilet (since SHOCK is the only musical I know where the second part is actually longer than the first XD ) and OMG!!!!!! The line was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Honestly, at first I thought they were directing us to another toilet, because the line was so long. It wasn't until we reached the other end of the corridor that I realised that we were actually standing in that same line we had passed and now needed to go the entire way BACK AGAIN on the other side. @__@ I've never seen such a toilet line in my life. ^^" Surprisingly, we still made it back in time for Act 2. I even got to get a short view of the theatre in general. ^^

So, then, Act2:

* Some more surprises here. In the Shakespeare part the cut the "Romeo & Juliette" scene, which is sad, because Koichi is such a handsome Romeo, but the scene totally doesn't do anything for the play, so it's only natural they cut it when they need the time somewhere else. What Again, Uekusa was acting the main part with Koichi together here, which I didn't really understand. It should have been either Machida (who handed him the sword in the first scene), or just Uchi, really. But well, as I said, Uekusa as the second lead is being promoted.

* What really shocked me, though, was that they cut "Why don't you dance with me?" a song that I essentially associate with SHOCK. The song they put in instead is really good though, with an impressive choreography, so I think it's okay to get used to it. After using it for - what 7-8 years, I guess it's okay to switch the song. Still, it made me wonder, if maybe they're gonna replace "Yoru nu umi" some day too. O_o

* The second Janasesque show was really quite impressive. They cut almost all of Naoki-kun's solo parts, which I think is a pity, because I love watching him on his drums. A very good point, though, was that they involved Uchi in the drums part. Basically, this japanesque show was his strongest performance all night. Even so, both he and Koichi aren't professionals on the drums, which is why on every drum they have "spare sticks", so in case one of them loses one of them, they can grab another one immediately. Happened to Koichi twice tonight. XD

* Ladder flying. I was so excited for that. And it really is totally impressive. Koichi looked like he had trouble, though. Maybe the ropes were off, or something, or maybe he's hurt something. It looked like he had quite some difficulty holding on. Everything worked out, though. ^^ The mask dance has been replaced by the umbrella flying. I knew that already and the new scene is really very impressive.

* There is nothing to describe to beauty of the closing scenes. "Yoru no umi" is definitely one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. And the final scenes were so beautiful. <3 I have a feeling that poor Tatsumi-kun is going to have a rough 4 months. ^^" I saw him standing front at the end and he was like "I can't cry now, I can't cry, have to sing, have to..." Poor kid. ^^" *hugs*

It's too bad Koichi didn't come back out for a second MC, but we left the theatre being very happy and very hungry fans. ^^ Before I get to the rest of the evening, I want to write a few words on every character.

Koichi: To see him acting on stage made me think that this guy is really the most impressive (how often have I used this word now? XD ) I've seen SHOCK on DVD many many times. Yet, his acting abilities show best on the actual stage. He is so at ease with the situation of being exposed to current happenings, simply acting every possible obstacle away. When I haven't been sure whether it's justified to put him on top of Johnny's actors, all doubt are erased now. He just left me breathless. What's more, he really managed to make me forget that he is actually "Koichi, idol and celebrity and I get to see him on stage", but he portrayed his character so well all of that went completely to the background (and is breaking out now XD ). His dancing abilities are nothing to be discussed. About his singing, at least for this performance I can't really say anything, because it was at least 80% back-up, which isn't very surprising with everything they do on stage. I've heard him singing live in Tokyo dome, though, and it was beautiful too. <3

Uchi: Where do I start? Ah, maybe I first want to say that his voice is a huge support for the cast. Standing next to Yone and Machida, he really is someone to carry the notes. ^^ And he does it brilliantly. At the same time, especially in the fist Act he kind of stood out as the one, who... well, who didn't exactly study dancing. It's only natural, of course, and sadly his height doesn't compliment or help him there either. Mind you, he's still doing more than a fair job of it, and maybe it's just me noticing that there's a difference in "step-turn-hop" and the same combination when you know what a "CBMP" is and how you can use it to your advantage. What really really struck me, was his acting, though. Uchi is a FANTASTIC actor really. *__* I was kind of curious to see him, especially with Yara's really good performance in mind, but Uchi really totally filled that place and created a character of his own there. Especially in Act 2 he did great. Actually, his traditional dance there was really good too. He seems to feel more at ease with slower motions. To sum it up, I loved his performance. <3

Uekusa: I already mentioned that he really hit me tonight. He is totally relaxed on stage with such a light mood, it'll make you smile jsut watching him. He got a few additional scenes and I loved seeing him every second. <33333

Machida: Aw, sweet Macchin. <3 He did a really good job. During the improvised part in the scene where Koichi returns he did a really cute and funny act and earned a well-deserved applause. The adoring gazes he keeps giving Koichi suit his role very well too, although I wonder whether that's really his good acting. XD

Yonehana: He didn't really stand out tonight especially. I still love watching his dancing. He has a very unique technique for movement. Like, during an interlude where the dancers were doing back-flips and such, he did that one movement and I didn't get to see his face, but I was all "Ah, there's Yonehana." ^^ He's also always in charge of checking the security wire on Koichi, which is a very important job.

4U: I loved seeing the boys close up. That's a rare thing. Every single one of them did a great job in the show. Their dancing always makes me happy. And I felt with Tatsumi-kun at the end. He was so cute. <3

Kanda Sayaka: Her first time as "Rika" and I have to say I liked her performance. Her voice is nice and warm and suits Koichi very well. Her acting is really good too, although she could have smiled just a little bit more often, when the scene gave it away.

Altogether it was an incredible show and I am so happy that I was here to see it. Once again, a million thanks go to Ran, who so very kindly applied for me. <3 I also definitely want to come back to see it again. :D Some time. Not next year. Maybe not... XDDDDDDDDD

So, after the show everybody collected their stuff. He made a short stop at the hotel the others are staying in and Kristy kindly gave me a bag for my stuff. Then we headed out for dinner. We had a look around and then spotted a restaurant that had an Endless SHOCK add, so we went in there. We had Nabe and Gyoza and Tofu and other things and it was so delicious. Luckily they accepted Visa. ^^ We kept sitting for a while, talking about JE stuff. At a certain point we heard someone say "Johnny's" at another table too. XDDDDD That was like the cue word, of course. Everybody loves JE. ^^

As it is, I have a lot of cash again, because everybody paid their bill to me and I covered everything with the card. Then we said our good nights. Most of the girls I won't be seeing again on this trip, but I can still get together with Ran once I'm back in Tokyo again. For the time being I'm staying here, though. I want to see Beppu. But I don't think I can go tomorrow. I'm too excited to sleep properly, so Beppu is for the 10th and tomorrow I'll keep it more local. ^^

Okay, this is my report on Endless SHOCK. I wonder whether anyone really wants to read all of this, but it was nice writing everything down. I'll go to bed now and dream of Koichi. <3

Good night, everybody! <3333333


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Hikaru: Koichi sweet smileyoru_no_hikaru on January 10th, 2012 01:56 pm (UTC)
OMG, no way! You saw HERO?!?!?! *______* Mou, sugoi! <3

I have to admit I don't follow their activities all that much anymore since they left DBSK. Somehow DBSK was special to me in the K-Pop segment. I followed their stuff very regularly. Hero is definitely something to be seen. XDDDDDD