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02 January 2012 @ 05:21 pm
02.01.2012 Tokyo --> Kyoto  

Hi, everybody! ^^

Here I am now posting from Kyoto. I had a rather distressful day. First I had to check out by 10 am. I managed that and decided I had to go and buy that electricity adapter. So I asked at the counter and as expected was advised to get to Shinjuku and try my luck. And there's where the story starts...

Getting to Shinjuku was easy enough. Then, merely a few steps out the station I tripped and hurt my left foot. Fortunately I was travelling an area in Shinjuku that I knew already, so I "checked in" at the "Mr. Doughnut" to have a look at the damage. I have to say I was quite panicked. It's my sensitive foot, after all and it felt weird. I was afraid I'd have to get to the hospital and what not. As it was, I could walk alright, so I decided to get done what I could.

I was not lucky with the small stores around Shinjuku - they were all closed. What was more, I remembered today why you so quickly sweat through your clothing. It's cold out and the metro trains are heated like mad and then I was out, drying from getting out after just one station and it felt quite uncomfortable. Finally I found a bigger mall and just got in because an add on the wall said "Big Camera" and I thought that might be something to go with. Sure enough, the map said "tools" for the third floor, so I got up there. The A/C was a bit too strong for my liking, but at least I could dry off in a closed room. I looked around the store a while, asking two employees, who both insisted they don't speak English and fled as fast as they could. Then I found something interesting. I charging device that had a USB plug. I picked that and went to the nearest counter. A young girl was standing there and I tried to explain to her that I needed va device with the same function as the one I showed to her, but with a different plug. After about 10 minutes of explaining, drawing (@ B.A.: feel familiar? XD ) and explaining again she finally knew what I needed. She left, then, and came back a few minutes later, explaining that they had something like that on the fifth floor. I was already getting to turning around to leave when she rushed past me and waved for me to follow. She took me up to the fifth floor and into the right section, where she left me in the care of an English speaking employee, who handed me the device I needed. I wanted to thank the girl for taking so much trouble, but it seems that as soon as she had set brought me there she left to resume her own spot on the third floor. Still, I was really glad I had gotten that adapter. Once outside I actually wanted to move on to Shibuya, but I didn't watch very well and got into an elevator that went up to the top floor. As I got out, I saw that there were restaurants everywhere. Since I hadn't had much of a breakfast, I decided to sit down and eat before moving on.

There was a neat looking restaurant that wasn't too crowded. It looked pretty fancy, though. I was worried whether they would accept me. The man at the counter was really nice, though. So I sat down and I only had to wait for 2 minutes before I got a table. I ordered the soup that looked the most tasty to me. turns out, I got Nabe. As I took a look around, I could see that I was in a yakiniku (=fried meat) house. @ B.A.: A REAL yakiniku house. The grills were clean and didn't get the meat stuck on them, the meat was of a rosy colour. ^^ I was really happy with my Nabe, though. During lunch I decided to skip my trip to Shibuya. Not because of my foot, it was feeling rather okay, but for one very important reason. Everything I would have bought, I would have had to take to Kyoto, to fukuoka, back to Tokyo and then to the airport. As it is, once I'm back in Tokyo, I'll do some major shopping and only have to take my stuff to the airport. ^^

As I returned to the hotel, I was feeling quite a bit better. I wasn't all that sweaty and my foot didn't hurt all that much. I retrieved my luggage and made my way to Tokyo station. There I had to get a new ticket for Kyoto. Luckily, the counter for daily tickets wasn't too crowded. About 10 minutes later I was on the train to Kyoto. I spent my time watching KinKi and listening to ABC. The ride took about three hours. When I could still walk after getting off, I had hopes for my further activities. My foot is still hurting and I'll get bandages tomorrow, but I think it'll be okay.

View to my hotel in Shinjuku

View to my station

At the station I went looking for the Tourist Information Centre. I remembered that it was difficult last time around, but I found it eventually. Again, the man at the counter there was very nice and explained to me exactly how I could get to my hotel. It seemed to be a bit tricky, though. And I remembered something that made me feel quite uneasy. Metro was most likely not going to happen. Kyoto is the city of buses. Not that it's a bad thing, but with all of my luggage... @_@ It seemed to be quite a ride too, and pretty difficult to find the hotel. So in the end I decided to board a Taxi. (@ B.A. Yes, that's right. Here's to your "want new experience" policy.

On my way to the Taxi spot I found an add that so totally hit me. I actually didn't want to take any Johnny pics, because they are everywhere, but that one was just... Well, have a look below. ^^" It was quite different to go by Taxi - I was most enticed by the automatic doors. ^^ Taxis here don't charge the time you take to a destination, but the distance. A peculiar concept for me, but nice, since traffic can be quite a problem. We could move rather smoothly, though. I paid a good 1,200 for the entire trip, which is really not much. Just that the hotel doesn't have car access, so I had to get off at the nearest crossing. The driver made sure to explain to me six times that I had to go into the direction he pointed and then move to the left on the first opportunity. I did that - and got lost. I was in the middle of one of those ceiling covered shopping streets. Actually, it was the one I knew already, but I still didn't know where to go. I went to a small store that sold sweets were two elderly women were standing. I asked them for directions and one of the ladies pulled otu a map almost immediately, but then it seemed she got confused with it too, so she moved outside and waved for me to follow. She acutally took me to my hotel. That was so sweet. I am so buying something in that store tomorrow. ^^

Look at this. XDDDDDD Omg, the slogan. ^^"

The hotel is really nice. It's not as spacious as the one in Tokyo, but it's clean and the A/C is good. The only thing that'sa bit bothersome is that you're totally lost without your key-card. You can't use the elevator, or even switch on the light in your room without it. Well, I guess it takes some getting used to. After checking in I rested for a while. Or rather I lay down and fell asleep waking up only three horus later. I got up and bought some cup noodles. Natsukashii~!!!!! >^_^< There's a "Family Mart" and a "7 Eleven" near by. I had a little broader look around and found that the hotel B.A. and I stayed in last year was really close. So I know the area around here - although I wonder whether I'll ever find that chop stick store again. XD I got by that cake store B.A. and I visited last year. Mount Blanc. :D Maybe I'll visit there some time while I'm here. ^^

I took a shower and had dinner. Cup noodles! <3 And now I'm updating. I decided not to got to Koyasan tomorrow. With my damaged foot I don't think mountain climbing would be a good idea. Plus, I still don't know about my jacket. I jsut might need another one, because once I get hot cooling down again feels pretty uncomfortable. Like the fabric of the jacket got wet. I'll see how it'll work out tomorrow. It's sad that I can't go, but then, there's loads to see in Kyoto too - and maybe I can still maek that trip. The one to Nara is still on.

First thing I'll get something for my foot tomorrow. A salve to do something about the swelling and bandages to keep everything together. I've considered using my special stocking, but I'm not sure... I'll see about that. As it is, it feels uncomfortable, but it seems I won't have to see a doctor, which is quite relieving. Now I'll have a piece of the Crunky bar that I got at the store. I really LOVE Crunky. ^^ I'm not sure which sights I'm going to visit tomorrow. Maybe I'll make a tour through Northern Kyoto. Due to the lack of time I had planned to skip that, but now I'll have some more time.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll go to bed now and rest properly.

Everybody, have a nice day/evening!

Oyasumi nasaaaaaiiiii!!!! ^_^ v

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jellybean6972: Yamajellybean6972 on January 2nd, 2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about your foot, though it's good thing that it seems like it's not bad enough to go see a doctor.

The elderly lady was so sweet in helping you like that.

"I'm possible." Haha!

Good night! :D

Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on January 3rd, 2012 09:39 am (UTC)
Ah, it's really quite bothersome. When I was 12 years old I hurt that foot pretty bad and ever since even the smallest slip can cause severe discomfort. I was a bit worried last night, because after walking all day, it was quite swollen, but now it's quite okay.

LOL! Pi's add is funny. XD

Thank you for your comment! I'll write something more interesting again tomorrow. ^^

*hugs* <3
muschick_daniel on January 3rd, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
Mr. Donut! Nabe!!!! Yakiniku! Mt. Blanc! I want! I want! I want!!!!!!

Never ever again. (stupid coeliac desease)

Shame on your foot, get rid of it, buy a new one. Like your jackets, you seem to buy a new one every time you go to Japan... *eg*

And... by the way... a TAXI???????????????????
*rolling my eyes furiously*
That's not really what I meant with the "new" experience... But it seems asking other people is almost as good as being able to read a map... but with the obligation to spend a lot of money in otherwise uninteresting shops :-)
Hikaru: Tsuyoshi dangerousyoru_no_hikaru on January 4th, 2012 10:09 am (UTC)
Re: Foooooooooooooooood!
Ah, my foot worked rather well today, even though it is a bit weak and so I tripped a little bit today again. I had my stocking on, though, so nothing much happened, fortunately. ^^ I'll just keep going like this. Thinking of going to see SHOCK, I'll think of Koichi, who once finished the entirety of his shows with a damaged foot. So I'll keep going as well. ^^

Yes, I went by taxi. It was rather late and dark outside and I totally didn't know where to go and my foot was bitching, so I went for the safe option. A good thing too. :P And 've already become a master in asking directions. XD Because maps simply keep confusing me. They never show the actual thing - at least that's how it seems to me. ^^" And the shop is nice for buying Omiyage, something I intended to do anyway, so that's perfect. ^^

Btw, I'm not buying a new jacket. Today the one I brought literally saved my day. :D

Kyoto is nice. It's just REALLY cold around here. It's a good thing I have brought so much clothing. ^^