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01 January 2012 @ 06:21 pm
01. 01.2012: Tokyo - KinKi Kids King  

Minna-san, Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! \(^o^)/

Yesterday I was a bit distressed, trying to get to the airport in time. B.A. will remember that we had some trouble last time around. ^^ Btw, Ran says hi. But I'm getting ahead of myself. ^^" I made it to the airport eventually and for quite some time it looked like I'll be the only local person on that flight. Later two other people joined in too. Still, I was already surrounded by Japanese people and language. :)

The flight itself was really very comfortable. I was able to sleep some. And in order to spend some quality time I watched "Endless SHOCK" on my cellphone - which almost ended in a catastrophe, but I'm getting ahead of myself again. I had a rather unpleasant time during our landing and even now my ears are still adjusting to being on the ground again. It wasn't too bad, though. Close to no pain and just a little bit of dizziness. Lots of heaving, though. ^^" But I managed. And it's really starting to feel at least close to normal again.

So, what did I do after arriving? First I had to get my Railway Pass - piece of cake, that was not my first time, after all. Especially after the Security check. It seems they are especially suspicious of sole travellors. >_< i did an entire interview including a suitcase searching before I was released into the main hall. Well, it was okay, after all. The SIM-Card prooved to be a bit more problematic. Turns out my phone won't accept cards from other nations either, so I had to switch to the option where you rent a phone with a SIM-Card. It's okay, though. I am now I proud holder of a real keitai - you know, that clap-up-thing most of us know only from dramas. ^^ Then I got reservations for a train to Kyoto for tomorrow - which I won't be able to take. I'll get to that later, though. Then I boarded the Narita Express, something I also know already. ^^

Tried to call Ran and vice versa, but my connection kept breaking off in tunnesl aun such. So I decided to wait until I had checked in at my hotel. The next task at hand. The map I had didn't show the station I needed. So I asked at the JR counter and a nice employee there showed me the line I had to take. Turned out it was only one station away, which was my only reason for not boarding a taxi on the scene, because I was so tired and didn't know how ti move on from the station. B.A.-chan, don't give me that look. :P I DID take the metro, after all. ^^ Once there I took the exit that had an elevator and decided to try to go from there. I knew it couldn't be far. My idea was to find a close-by convenience store. Luckily there was a "Family Mart" right outside the station. So I bought a small pan and asked for directions. I was right, the hotel was already in sight and I had a mere 150 metres more to walk.

The hotel is very classy and cool. The staff here helped me avoid my cell-phone catastrophe. It seems I've been given the wrong adapter for electronic devices, so I couldn't charge anything. And here with the Japanese culture. "Stupid tourists, who don't know how things work around here. The counter presented me an entire drawer full of adapters! I'll bet you money, go to our Hotel Weitzer and such a service won't be provided. ^^ You can even buy such adapters, which I'll have to do before leaving tomorrow and thus I'll have to board a later train. Well, it's not much of a problem. The A/C in my room is SILENT. I mean that. It's literally INAUDIBLE. *__* Fantastic. And it seems that after reducing it to 21°C I have found a decent temperature to keep the room in. The HUGE advantage is that I come back to this hotel from my stay in Fukuoka, so I'll know where to go and everything. ^^

I took a short rest of about 2 hours. Some time in the middle of that I woke up, feeling a bit disturbed. Today I had my first personal earthquake experience. (@B.A.: Really, trust me, this is nothing you have missed out on.) It was nothing drastic, fortunately. I was so jet-lagged, I thought I was still on the plain. It felt exactly like when the plain changes air streams. When it didn't stop immediately, I understood what it actually was. I thought about getting under my desk for a second, but then I didn't hear anybody in the building making a fuss and the shaking wasn't all that bad and within about 30 secinds it was over again, so I remained in bed.

Once I had rested just a bit, I made my way to Tokyo Dome. I got a bit lost some time in the middle, so it took me longer than expected, but luckily everything turned out okay. Ran, my dear, thank you so much for organising everything so brilliantly!!!!! <3 Suteki desu!!! And sorry for being a bit pre-occupied. I was still so jet-lagged. ^^" But I had a blast.

OMG, that concert!*__________________*
*gets up with a hysterical fangirl-KYA*
*faints again*
*runs around in circles*

This one shot right to my top-three. Fantastic set-list, excellent mix, a throughout LMAO MC. I can't wait for the DVD release so I can enjoy it againXD . I was most happy with the songs. *__* "Ne, ganbaruyo", I had to think of my mother there, because that's her ringing tone on my phone. Hi, mom. ^_^/ "Zenbu dakishimete", "Bonny Butterfly" "Boku no senaka ni wa hane ga aru" are the "classics" that come to my mind right now. A good range of songs from the new album too, where "Motto Motto" was the theme song of the night

Or actually... I guess the theme-song was "Happy Birthday". XDDDDDD Naturally, Tsuyoshi planned Koichi's birthday for the concert. And omg, he put so much effort into it. Koichi got a virtual cake that he could light and blow the candles out and even cut it up. All of that was packed into a small task. Very RPG like, really. Tsuyoshi so knows what Koichi enjoys. And sure enough, both of them didn't get back out of "little boys mode" again all night. As the highlight of the night Tsuyoshi had brought a jelly bag cap that played "Happy Birthday" when you pushed a small button on the front and it also waved the jelly bag back and forth. I haven't seen anything so funny in my life!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD They kept playing with that thing all night. XD Koichi got four presents altogether. Tsuyoshi said he picked them because Koichi loved "Games" so much. How the "Emergency Underpants" go with that is beyond me... to me that's more like: in case of emergency, take off immediately. XDDDD Or maybe they have an emergency exit?! O_o Oh, whatever. About the second present, I have to read up at home. It's something I couldn't read. Next Koichi got a table set game - even though he's into online gaming. The last one is a pun on "Ge-mu", how they pronounce it. Again, have to check later. Then Koichi and Koshioka-kun battled in who can eat more strawberries from the actual cake. XDDDD (@ B.A.: we literally moved from "Strawberry time" to "Strawberry time battle" XDDDDD )

It seems KinKi's MC time got restricted, because they didn't make a second MC. Bu we gott a second encore. ^^ The concert still lasted for 3 1/2 hours. Oh, it was such a great concert!!!!!!! <3333 We had pretty good seats. Ikkai (first gallery) quite up front and central. I even got hold of one of the concert straps that get shot out somewhere in the middle. But then, the other end was grasped by a guy who wanted to give it to his girlfriend - so I decided he should have it. Or rather, she. ^^ Both Koichi and Tsuyoshi got pretty close several times as they passed and Tsuyoshi even shot us a "nage-kissu" (blowing a kiss). <3333 My personal highlight was when they passed by in Zeppelins and Koichi came to a stop right over our heads and waved down. *________*

It was great, really. Later Ran collected some other people and we went to have dinner. It was quite a bit difficult. It's New Year's holiday, after all, so we had to find something that is open. We had a very nice and tasty dinner. So, I had an incredible first day. And I am slowly remembering all the things that I missed last time I came back home. The clean metro stations, vending machines (@B.A.: don't you roll your eyes at me, mister. ;P ), the being announced in restaurants, the 24/7 conveniece stores. :DDDDD I'm feeling quite at home already. Tomorrow I'll be moving on to Kyoto. I have to go to bed now too. Can't sleep past check-out time. ^^

So, good night for now. I wish everybody a Happy New Year. ^^

No pics today, because naturally no picture taking at the Dome and I didn't go anywhere else today.
I'll update from Kyoto next. ^^

Good night, everybody. :D

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jellybean6972: Masatoshi/Ohbajellybean6972 on January 2nd, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
Wah~ sounds like so much fun! I can't even imagine the energy at the concert!

Haha, I hope Tsuyoshi and Koichi never change.

Happy New Year :D
Hikaru: KinKi Gotcha!yoru_no_hikaru on January 3rd, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
This one was definitely something to remember. I can't wait for DVD release. ^^" After the concert we decided to just come abck the day after and make Johnny have them do another concert. XDDD

LOL! Koichi is just... too adorable. He's really still a boy inside and when that boy comes out it's even more adorable. XD He and Tsuyoshi are really one of a kind.

The thing about the MC is a bit sad, really. I mean, not everybody can do it as they do, so they should have more time. Although I'm suspecting that Johnny made them choose "either do 2 MCs, or have a jam session with that band of yours - you can't do both.". The band was included in the concert a lot, which was not the case last year - where they had 2 MCs. So I'm thinking it's something like that. Well, either way is good fun. ^^

Happy New Year to you too! <3333
muschick_daniel on January 3rd, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
Rolling my eyes
*gg* Tanja on the move again! So sorry for only now jumping in, but I only just had the time and remembered that I was missing out on all your adventures!

What was the catastrophe you mentioned you almost ran into when watching Endless Shock in the _plane_? (<-*eg*) Did your plane almost crash because you forgot to switch to Fyling mode???

Will continue reading your stories now, be back soon... Have a nice time!! (And a happy new year, by the way)
Hikaru: Koichi heartsyoru_no_hikaru on January 4th, 2012 09:56 am (UTC)
Mou, B.A.-kun! *_*

It's fine, really. Actually, I didn't expect you to read this at all. ^^" I'm happy to see that you do, though. :D

Ah, no, I switched to Flying Mode alright, even asked if it's okay to use my phone like that. What I meant was that later my phone had close to no energy left and I was facing a situation where I could not charge, because of the adapter thing. My cell phone, however, is not only my only option for waking me up at a certain time, but also my entire entertainment centre whileI'm here. So it would have been really bad, had I not gotten the right adapter. My new one works perfectly fine, btw. ^^

Be prepared for today'r report. ^^ I had a lot of fun. :D

<3 comment <3 :DDDDDD