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16 June 2010 @ 01:58 am
Japan Travelogue  

Setting the route:

When I started planning my trip, I wanted to visit tons of places. After all, I'd have 3 weeks to discover numberous things. My only fixed stop was the KinKi Kids con. Unfortunately, there's still no telling whether that will be in Tokyo, or Osaka. So, I made both cities a "must-visit". Other places I wanted to go to were Nagano, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara. I also thought about visiting Sapporo, but that was before I learned that it was seriously out ofthe way. Well, the winter festival with the ice-sculpturing takes place in Feburary, so I couldn't have watched it anyway.

Even with Sapporo out of the picture, I found that there is so much to do and so much to see that soon I had no idea anymore where I should go when and for how long. @_@  In the end, I decided to skip both Nagano and Kobe, in order to remain some room for shopping, theatre evenings, karaoke, etc. At the same time Nikko became a new spot on my map. It is easily reached from Tokyo and has a beautiful temple.

Generally, I have found that visiting palces as day trips from other stays is a good way of keeping track of what you're doing. If there's a storm out there, or if you simply don't feel like it, you can easily skip a point, or maybe add another, should you find you have some spare time left and feel bored.

So, as options for day trips I've pinpointed:

Staying in Tokyo: Nikko, Yokohama.
Staying in Kyoto: Himejima
Staying in Osaka: Nara

In preparation for the next point I decided on my "travelling schedule" and it looks like this:

Tokyo: 17th to 24th December (7 days - not coutning arrival)
Nagoya: 24th to 27th December (3 days)
Kyoto: 27th to 31st December (4 days)
Osaka: 31st December to 6th January (7 days)

So, on New Year's day I plan to stay in Osaka. That might be fine for the concert. If not, I'll make another day trip back to Tokyo on the 1st of January. A fangirl's fate.  -_-

Anyway, this is how I decided on my stays and timing. I hope everything will work out fine.  ^_^

Unfortunately I didn't manage to edit it, but this has all my main travelling points in it

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