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25 April 2011 @ 09:35 pm
[FIC] Gimme love (part 1)  

Gimme love

Pairing: Yoko/Toma
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't own the boys, or anything JE-related
Warnings: Swearing, sexual situations


Notes: To my dear yukitsubute . Girl, you owe me for this one. I spent my entire day on it. Even though I already started yesterday. I also want to say thanks to my wodnerful muse. WIthout you this story would nto exist. Not mentioning any names, but being very, very grateful. ^_~

Intro: Yoko lieks Yamada. Yamada is... indecicive. Toma is Yoko's friend and wants to help him. But in the end he needs help himself in order really be able to solve the problem at hand. ^^

Toma cringed at the name. He should have known better. Whenever Yoko asked him about a spontaneous visit, it was about that kid. How he hated that boy already. It was not like he’d be jealous, or anything. Far from that. It was just a fact that his best friend had been going on about whatever happened between him and that Yamada-kid for weeks. It seemed that the boy had quite a mind of his own – so much so that it was difficult for him to make it up clearly. Yoko had been going through a nightmare of being advanced in almost vulgar ways on several occasions and then being pushed back on others. He understood Yoko had doubts about getting serious with a boy as young as Yamada. But then, simply going back and forth was definitely not good. Yoko had been stuck on this tormenting situation ever since that kid had kissed him on set. And really, Toma understood that it was problematic. But ever since then Yoko had always only come to him to whine about this or that.


First it had been about whether he should react at all. While he’d been really surprised he’d not been averse to the idea of dating Yamada. And Toma had told him to give it a shot. He wanted Yoko happy, after all. His friend was someone who easily developed doubts about himself, so a young man, who looked at him with admiration would certainly have been good for him. Little had he known what kind of nightmare he’d gotten his mate into. Ever since then Yamada had been going from hot to cold and back again, as thought toying with his friend. Toma didn’t actually want to accuse the boy of doing anything on purpose and he knew, of course, that Yoko was a special character, but as it was, he really started to hate that kid. Actually, he was starting to hate Yoko too, for being so stuck on a brat like him. He was not jealous. In no way. He was simply, downright annoyed. There his friend was sitting in his living room again, complaining about something his maybe-boyfriend did the other day.


“And then he’s all but grabbing at me again,” Yoko complained, rolling his eyes. “Honestly, I just don’t get that kid. Am I that old already? I mean, first he’s all…”

“Oh, for goodness sake, shut it,” Toma bit out.

Yoko blinked at him in surprise.

“I can’t hear it anymore,” Toma said exasperatedly. “Yamada did, Yamada said, Yamada had… You’ve been going like that for weeks.”

“Well, aren’t we best friends?” Yoko asked, a slightly pained expression on his face. “You’re supposed to listen and help me when I’m troubled.”


“I’m gladly here for you,” Toma explained, his voice smoother again. “But as a friend I’m telling you, make a fucking point already. You can’t keep going like this. And I’m not saying that because I fear you might end up an old man with nobody by your side who will love you, but because if this continues for much longer, you won’t get to actually be an old man, because I’m definitely gonna shoot you.”

“I just don’t know how to go about this,” Yoko muttered miserably. “I mean, it’s been going well for quite some time now. And then, yesterday…”

Toma sighed. “Listen… Have you had sex?”

Yoko blinked at that. “What?! Why?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Well… no.”


“Okay,” the younger boy nodded. “Is he unwilling?”

“Not… altogether – I think,” Yoko stuttered.

“Alright. Then, when are you gonna meet him again?” Toma asked.

“Tonight. Movies.”

“Good,” Toma mused. “Then meet him. And afterwards, invite him over. I really think that at a point like this you can be quite plain. Tell him what you want. If he backs out, that’s the end of the story. If he follows you, do it. Sex can change a lot. He’s probably lacking that final step for commitment.”

“Are you telling me to talk him into my bed and just do it for good measure?” Yoko asked, sounding appalled.


“No such thing,” Toma stated firmly. “But you have to make a point. If he won’t commit to you, it’s no good. Do you want to keep dwelling like this forever?”

“Well, no,” Yoko admitted.

“There you have it. And that’s just the way it works. Sex is part of a good relationship. Yoko, you are such a sweet and caring guy, you will let that kid toy with you until you break. But it’s okay to want something for yourself. It’s got nothing to do with being selfish, or demanding. You have your own needs and wishes and that’s okay. You just rarely ever see to them. But you have to do that, you know. Because nobody else is gonna do it for you.”


Yoko looked at his friend and a smile spread on his face.

“But you,” he said softly, moving to hug Toma warmly. “You always see to my wishes. Thank you.”

Toma blinked slightly. That was a rather rare reaction.

“It’s… okay,” he mumbled, returning the gesture.

As they pulled back, Yoko was sliming brightly at his friend.

“You really always know how to cheer me up.”



Yoko fidgeted with his fingers nervously. He’d been about an hour early, for fear he might end up at the wrong cinema, so it was only natural he had to wait a while. It was running late, though. The movie would be starting in a few minutes. Yoko bit his lip, playing with the phone in his pocket. Then, finally, he saw a familiar figure coming around the corner, running wildly.

“Yo,” the boy called out, waving weakly. He panted harshly as he came to a halt. “I’m… so sorry… metro… got stuck… phew… did I… make it?”

“Er, yeah,” Yoko nodded. “You made it alright. You… don’t have to do that kind of thing. Look at yourself, all messed up.”

“Do you mean,” Yamada said, breath slowing again, “that now I’m not pretty enough for you?”


“Stop talking nonsense,” Yoko mumbled, blushing.

Yamada giggled. “Kimi-kun is cute when he’s embarrassed.”

“Stop saying stuff like that,” Yoko demanded, blushing even deeper.

“Aw, I wish I could kiss you now,” Yamada chirped.

“Maybe… later?” the taller man suggested.

Yamada nodded happily, a very light tinge coming to his own cheeks.

“Okay, let’s get in, the movie’s gonna start soon,” Yoko decided.

“Kimi-kuuuuuuun,” Yamada dragged out. “Buy me popcorn?”



Toma checked the clock on his wall. He sighed. Only 9pm. It would still take quite a while until he heard from his friend.

“Oi,” Yamapi called out.

“Huh?” Toma blinked, jumping slightly in surprise.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” Yamapi asked, taking a sip from his coke.

“Sorry,” Toma waved him off, grinning weakly. “It’s just that… Kimi-kun is out with Yamada tonight.”

“Oh,” Yamapi made. “So, he’s still on about that kid, huh?”

“I guess so,” Toma shrugged.

“He’s an idiot,” Yamapi grunted out.


“Somehow I can’t really blame him,” Toma shrugged. “I mean, if a gorgeous guy looked my way and I liked him, I’d definitely go for it.”

“Yeah, but how long has he been going on and off with Yamada now?”

“A while,” Toma sighed.

“And all the while coming running to you whenever there’s trouble. He could at least leave you alone altogether,” Yamapi complained.

“Hey, I’m his friend, so it’s natural he’ll come to me,” the other retorted.

“Yeah, I’m just saying… in your situation, I think he’s being cruel,” the smaller man shrugged.

Toma frowned. “What are you talking about?”


Yamapi looked at his friend sympathetically. “Toma, are you really okay with him going out with that brat?”

“Well,” Toma said silently, scratching his arm, “of course I want him happy. If Yamada keeps acting this way, naturally I don’t like it. But then…”

“That’s not what I mean,” his friend interrupted him. “Toma,” Yamapi sighed. “Do you really not mind that he… wants to date Yamada?”

“W-why would I mind?” Toma asked back, sounding confused and insecure.

“Well, let’s take tonight,” Yamapi decided. “Where are they going?”



“Okay, movies. Dark room, little people around, sneaky touches, stolen kisses…”

Toma gulped. “He… he’s taking Yamada home tonight.”

And suddenly pictures kept flaring up in Toma’s mind. Yamada – kissing Yoko, wrapping his arms around his waist, touching him, opening the shirt he’s wearing, letting Yoko do the same to him, holding onto him, moaning his name…

A sting hit his heart at the thought. Something that had not only just flared up, but that he’d only just grown aware of. This painful feeling had been inside of him for a long time, he realised. He’d just blended it out, because… it hurt too much. He gripped his hair, cowering on the floor.


“Finally clicked, huh?” Yamapi sighed, looking at his friend sympathetically.

“What…?!” Toma croaked out, shaking his head. “How…?” He turned to look at Yamapi. “Why have you never said anything?”

“I thought you’d come around,” his friend defended himself. “He always came to seek you out. I thought that at some point you’d get through that thick head of yours and realise… and make him see that what he’s doing is no good.”

Toma sighed sadly, hanging his head. “Now it’s too late.”

“Is it?” Yamapi asked in an even voice.


His friend blinked at him. “Have you not listened to me? I said he’s taking him home to night. On my suggestion.”

“Well, that’s…” Yamapi mused, but then shook his head. “Listen, he means to… well, get him for good. But honestly, how long has this been going now? And they haven’t slept together yet? You know there’s a time limit. And after that, it’s so not gonna happen anymore.”

“Yamada-kun is young. He’s just being careful.”

“Well, I don’t know. I totally don’t get what he’s on about,” Yamapi shrugged. “But if you are for real, then go now and… well, there’s nothing more to lose. Just… go for it.”

Toma laughed weakly. “I cannot simply drop in there and go like `Kimi, don’t do this. Pick me, instead´.”


“Why not?” Yamapi asked with a grin. “From what I’ve heard, he’s a sucker for drama.”

Toma bit his lip. “I’m gonna make a fool of myself.”


“And I might lose him as a friend too.”

“You don’t want to be friends,” Yamapi stated simply. As Toma wanted to oppose he cut in. “You don’t want to be friends with him, Toma. You want him as a lover and nothing but that. So, go. At least give it a try. Show him you’re made of sterner stuff than that little brat.”

Toma tapped his foot against the floor madly, thinking hard. Then he jumped up and made for the door.

“Good luck!” Yamapi called after him, just before the door fell close behind his friend.


Have to split. ^^ Here's Part 2

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jellybean6972: Masatoshi/Ohbajellybean6972 on April 26th, 2011 11:37 am (UTC)
Oh, Yoko/Toma, what a rare pair~ :)

Hehe, Toma didn't even realize it~ :p
Go get him, Toma! :D
Hikaru: Tomayoru_no_hikaru on April 26th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
LOL! I think it's so cute when they fall for someone and don't even realise what's going on. And then they'll be like "Omg, how could I miss that?!" XDDDDDD

I Love Toma so much!!!!! <3 I should write him more. But somehow I have difficulties connecting him with my other favourites. ^^" Yoko is such a sweet guy. Totally shy and tends to doubt himself easily. But at the same time very caring and full of love. *_*