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15 June 2010 @ 02:08 am
Going East - Japan Travelogue  

Getting started & finding a travel budy:

I have decided to add this new "category" to my journal. I am currently planning a 3 weeks trip to Japan. I started planning back in Feburary, but only now I thought it might be a good idea to write about it, sharing my experience - also the planning, etc.

When I decided I wanted to go to Japan, my main motivation was that I so want to be at the next KinKi Kids "New Years" concert. There are so many KinKi Kids bios out there, I won't make yet another one. You can find the basic information on Wikipedia (KinKi Kids) and on DramaWiki (Domoto Koichi) (Domoto Tsuyoshi).

So, concert on New Year's day. At least, that sets the travelling date already.  ^_^"   So, I knew I'd be travelling around New Year's day. Concerning good travelling dates in Japan, I've gathered this information from people I know who've already been there:

* Forget July & August (you'll die of the heat and humidity)
* NEVER travel during "Golden Week" (last few days of April to -at max- 6th of May)
* "Hanami" (Cherry blossom festival time) is about perfect concerning climate and landscape (end of March to early May)
* Stay "central" when travelling in winter

When I started out I planned to travel alone, since my friends (just like myself) cannot easily spare the money for such a trip. As for me, I started saving money for my trip the day I decided to go - which gives me almost an entire year to gather enough.

In early March I unexpectedly found a travel buddy. I kept bothering people with my travelling plans whenever I saw them and somehow I got one of my best friends to get the "Japan fever" again. He's been there before and it seems that he likes the idea of visiting again. So, by the end of March it was settled that we will go together. He's even coming to the con with me, even though he doesn't really like KinKi Kids (except that he thinks Koichi is hot ^_^  ). He said he wanted to visit a dome stadion, merely for the architecture. Well, works for me. ^_^
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