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27 December 2010 @ 09:11 pm
Japan Travelogue: Moving & First Kyoto impressions (27th of December)  

Hi, minna!

Ah, I hope you liked our special. ^^ Now I'm back in person to bring you today's report.

Okay, where to start? Well... We got up, checked out... Oh, then there was the shock of the day! Once we were down at the lobby, I realized that I was missing my concert tickets. @_@ Well, you can't raelly say missing, sicne I knew I had them sonewhere. I jsut had no idea where I had put them. So, B.A. went back to check the room once more (just to be sure) and I started roaming through my suitcase right at the lobby. ^^" So stupid of me. Well, I found them almsot instantly as soon as I checked my bag for important stuff. I still couldn't remember putting them in there, but I knew where they were again, so I was really relieved.

Next we decided taht since we're still going to see the big castle in Osaka and Himeji too, we could skip Nagoya Castle and move right in to Kyoto. Is that ignorant? XD Well, with our luggage it was difficult to move, leaving it at the hotel was bothersome, so we decided to move on right away. We got seat reservations for the next Shinkansen, bought a bento box and about an hour later we were in Kyoto. Moving to the hotel was not as difficult as it had been in Nagoya. It was still early, there was daylight and a lot of people everywhere that could help you. Luckily we didn't have to walk a long way from the station tothe hotel.

Bento box in the Shinkansen

So, the hotel. I almost started because as soon as we walked in through the rather impressive gates, our luggage was practically ripped from our hands and put on a kind of trolly by someone from the hotel staff. The guy then accompanied us to the counter and waited there until we got our key card to show us to our room. O_O  I had expected a somewhat more upper-class kind of establishment, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the hotel interior and the service. Well, it's certainly nice. Oh, and everybody speaks really good English and that is so nice. People understand me when I talk to them. YAY! ^^ Our room is a bit bigger than the ones we've had so far and the bathroom is really nice. ^^ I can move in there without bumping into a wall repeatdely. XDDDD It's really nice. We have huge beds, like 140cm each. Totally cool. I just have to turn on the A/C properly, since our sheets are not as thick as the ones we've had thus far. Poor B.A. - or actually, poor me, because I'll have to listen to his nagging about the hot room again. ^^ The only thing that doesn't thrill me is the TV. It doesn't show interesting channels, mainly international stuff. I want Fuji TV!!!! XD

After checking out our room, we decided that we wanted to stroll the area a bit. Well, actually, we were both really tired, but we thought it would be good to have a look around, find a shop, etc. So, we got up and left into the direction of some close-by temples and shrines. Before we found them, however, we found another one of those shopping streets with a glass roof on them. Oh, that was so pretty and there were such cool shops there. Like a chop stick shop. And one that specializes on phone straps. XD I absolutely have to go back there. ^^  We strolled around for a while, had a coffee, strolled some more, had dinner, bought a cap for me, because it had gotten windy again and it was just handier than my hood. We saw some of the temples and shrines on our way as well. It looks so funny.Like, there's this shopping street and right in between two shops there's a Tori and you're standing in a shrine. Absolutely cool. ^^ After some time my left leg started bitching a little bit. It feels like a muscle kind of thing, nothing special, but I still mean to take care when it comes to that, so I said that I wanted to head back.

Kyoto town hall

Small shrine along the street

Stone garden

Temple near our hotel

Shopping street by night

On our way back to the hotel we passed by at least 15 food stores. And all of them had their food displayed in a neat way and it all looked delicious and we found that we won't be staying around long enough to try everything we want. ^^ We even saw a "Beer Restaurant" that specialised on German dishes. XD The streets were beautifully lit and even though it had gotten cold again, the feeling of wandering about was nice. I was still happy when we were back at the hotel. We got changed and then checked how we could wash our laundry here. WAH!!!!! This hotel has a laundry service! Sugooooiiiiiii!!!!!!!! I'll totally make use of that. ^^

Well, now I'm sitting at the lobby writing my report. And I have to finish quickly since it's pretty crowded right now. And B.A. also already had his go. So, I think I7ll finish here. Well... I guess we didn't really do much today, but that's okay. We've got quite some time to discover everything. LOL! If the weather is fine, I want to go to Nara tomorrow. When I saw a local train that went there I decided that I can wait no longer to see it. ^^" So, I hope we'll have nice weather tomorrow.

For today, that's it. Will take some rest now and then go to bed early.

Hugs to everyone! \^o^/

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Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 27th, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
Eh? *binks* *goes looking for Panadol-chan*

Have a ncie evening! Sorry, have to run. Full lobby. ^^"
ルナーたん : ALittleCloserluna_truths on December 27th, 2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
ROFL.. Okay first off. I quite enjoy the name of the link for this post. Banzai for Kansai.. xD

ANYWAY! Just read B.A's littler report as well, poor him missing his bus and having to wait in the cold. *gives him a cookie for the effort.* Haha. Your new hotel sounds so amazing and WAH!! I want a cellphone strap. o.o I had one but then it got broken somehow? (Have the feeling that my dog had something to do with it.. or possibly it was the cat...) Ahaha.. I'm rambling at you again. xD So sorry. I really have everything planned out to say after reading and then.. well I never write what I intended to. xD

Okay~! Enough babbling from me! Have fun today. And... enjoy your cool hotel? xD Right well I'll be off now. I'm not feeling to great today. *Bounces off.* OH!! Tell B.A I said hello and to have a wonderful day as well. ^^
Hikaru: Koichi check street lilacyoru_no_hikaru on December 28th, 2010 08:58 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks a lot! B.A. likes his cookie. ^^"
Oh, a phone strap? Ah, I already bought three and yet I think I can spend hours in that shop. ^^" Today we bought chop sticks. Oh, mine are so nice with butterflies on them and all shiny like. *cheers*

Thanks a lot! Today was not so thrilling. It rained a lot and my head feels a bit heavy. Well, nothing drastic, but I really hope we'll have better weather tomorrow. ^^
ルナーたん : Poutluna_truths on December 28th, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)
^^ Glad that he liked his cookie. It was for his great effort of sitting outside in the cold!
Yeah! I really think my dog broke it.. though It wasn't on my phone at the time so.. xD Ahh... Those sound so pretty. And shiny is always good. xD

Ah.. are you getting sick? Oh I really hope you feel better! Maybe you should stay in the hotel and just rest for a bit?