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27 December 2010 @ 12:16 am
Japan Travelogue: Osu Kannon Ji & Nagogo shrine & Gokoku shrine & Oasis 21 (26th of December)  

Hi, minna! ^^

So, here's today's report.

For the first time ever since we started out B.A. and I decided to go separate ways. I mean, we've parted ant met again, but today we had completely different plans. B.A. set out early to visit a valley where you can visit one of the old post streets that connected the cities in earlier days. That kind of thing is not really my cup of tea and as I was already freezing in Nagoya, I didn't particularly want to get into a mountainy area. So I skipped that trip.

So, what did I do today? First I took my time washing my hair. That was REALLY nice. ^^ Then I quickly checked lj, since I still had the computer at hand, which I had borrowed at the lobby the night before. After that I decided that I had to get out. Thus, I dressed myself properly: One T-shirt, two sweatshirts, stockings, jeans, a scarf and my hooded winter jacket. Once everything was in place, I set out - and got lost for the first time about 5 steps out the door. XDDDDD My orientation is close to zero and reading maps is not one of my strongest points. Well, as I was pretty lost, I decided to simply re-walk our path from yesterday morning. I've said before that my orientation sucks, but that I can follow a path I've been on before. So I arrived at Nagoya station without much of a problem - just that I hadn't intended to go there at all. XDDDD But well, I finally knew where I was exactly again, so it was okay.

Once inside I sat down for a quick brunch... well, no, I think it was really actually lunch today. ^^" (Washing my hair takes a LOOOOOOOONG time! @_@ ) I decided on a good route while I waited for my food. I thought it would be good to make a little temple and shrine tour, since B.A. doesn't like that much. I mean, he likes the buildings, naturally, but he keeps saying that after visiting a couple of shrines, he's had enough of it and wants to see something else. I rathre appriciate visiting different locations. So I decided on a nice tour, then quickly ate my lunch and after that I set out to my first station for today: The Osu Kannon Ji.

As I got onto the grounds, I got a bit lost for the second time today. But only for a few seconds. My map didn't show me that I would be on the backside of the temple as I got out of the station, but I simply followed the flow of people and it was all okay. Before I actually visited the temple, something else caught my eye. There was a long shopping road right ahead with a pretty glass roof covering the street. The area was still lit with Christmas lights and it looked really pretty. So I strolled down the lane and had a look at the shops there. There was a K-Pop idol shop there, dedicated to DBSK and Girl's Generation. That was quite funny. ^^ After having a good look around I walked back and visited the temple. It's pretty big and really beautiful. The main building has already been decorated for New Year's celebration. There were also quite a lot of people there. I didn't stay long, just admired the inner temple for a while and then moved on to visiting some smaller shrines.

Shopping street near Osu Kannon Ji

Lucky Neko ^^

Main temple building

Entrance area

Artistic work in metro station - the first pic I got to see of Osaka Castle

Next I visited the Nagono shrine. I had quite some difficulties finding that one, not because of my lack of orientation, but because my map was simply not detailed enough to lead me properly. Luckily I managed to find it in the end, though. And that was quite a new experience then. For the first time ever I was the only visitor in an open shrine. Oh, that had a very special feel. Somehow it really felt like the eyes of all the shisa watching over the place were on me. But not in a scary kind of way... it's difficult to put in words. It was a nice feeling, though. the area was also larger than I had expected. There was a small garden and even a second little shrine on the other side. It was nice to wander through the area.

Tori to the Nagano shrine

Beautiful well

Shrine area

Shrine building with guardians

Right next to that shrine there is the Toshogu shrine. It kind of blends with the Nagogo shrine. Toshogu is smaller, though, and only has a small garden. After another look around, I decided to move on. I was a bit wary, wondering whether I should risk to go further without a map that could save me in case I really got lost. But then I thought that mt next station wasn't that far off and if I couldn't spot it once I had crossed the bridge, I'd simply go back.

Gokoku shrine

Luckily, I could spot my next destination and it was really close to the bridge too: The Gokoku shrine. That one was the biggest on today's list. It was also newer than the onces I visited before. The buildings were painted in bright white and the roofs were decorated in some gold. Looked really pretty. Here a lot of people were also working on preparations for New Year. I am now actually really wondering what we'll see at the temples and shrines for New Year's celebration. I'll definitely check it out.

As I got back to the station it grew rahter cold and it started to get dark outside as well. So, as I arrived at my next station, I spontaneously decided to change plans (I wanted to visit the TV Tower and Oasis 21 mall) and stick around to admire the beautiful underground mall. It's totally amazing, the subway lines are basically connected by a city under the city, where you will find shops of all kinds, restaurants, cafes and basically everything you can imagine. It was really pleasant to walk around like that. When I found a bigger book store, I got in and bought some magazines. Just the basics: Potato, Popolo, duet, Myojo. ^^"

Short break for fangirling:

WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*  In the latest Popolo issue KinKi mentioned for the first time that 2011 will be their 20th anniversary! :DDDDDDDD That made me super happy!!!!! Can't wait for the concert. I bet Tsuyo will do something very special for Koichi this year. ^^  Oh yeah, before I forget it: I think those must have been Tsuyoshi's most kakkoi pics in forever! SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!! XD

Okay, that much for concert practice. ^^ Now, on with the report. I got a bit tired, so I decided to sit down at a cafe. I had a coffee and a piece of cake and then I got up again. I decided that I wanted to see the TV Tower and Oasis 21, after all. So, I wrapped myself up again, only to find that it was toally unnecessary. I could walk the entire way underground. That's really handy, also when it rains outside. Well, I got to the exit that said Oasis21 and that was where I wrapped myself up yet again and got outside.

WOAH, the area looked so pretty. The Oasis 21 building in itself is quite a sight. I'm bad at describing such stuff. Please wait for pics. m(__)m (Or check google, I'm sure you'll find it) There was a sweet little ice skating rink, where you could borrow shoes and skate. A huge Christmas tree was placed in the middle of the rink, shining brightly. There was a small way winding up the building to the first and second floor. I went up to the first floor and looked at the skating rink from above. Moving on to the second floor (actually I think that one must really be the ground level, but it was the second floor from where I started ^^" ), there's a small park with trees and other greens, which was nicely lit.

The connection to the roof was via stairs and since I don't like that much, I opted for the elevator. Oh, and the roof... First let me explain. Well, I'll try to. The roof is actually a bit above the building. Like, it's a bit seperated. It's rather flat and it has an oval form and it's basically made of glass, but for the small rink on the outside which is for walking around the area. So, as I got up there, the scene totally hit me. The glass roof is covered with water. Like, there's water constantly running over the roof, going in circles and through the blurry vision you get through the glass you can see the people in the mall walking. It's so pretty! Of course there was nice lighting in different colours and to top it off the roof offers a nice view of the TV Tower as well. The tower was also lit in a green light. And then walking around the roof I had a "J-drama" moment. Sorry, I don't know what else to call it. ^^" It was just that the whole scene was kind of romantic. It was dark, but there were many pretty lights, the light wind was actually nice, you could see the lit TV Tower, the city lights were glowing all around and from the skating rink you could hear a romantic melody. The whole scene just called for... well... I don't know, but it's just like when there's a scene in a drama series and you just know that this is the moment when the guy finally sees that he's been an idiot and comes running to get his girl and she would be standing on exactly that roof top and let her gaze roam around the city below in a dreamy manner and he would find her there by mere intuition and then hug her and hold her from behind, not saying anything, but just turning her around and finally giving her the much awaited kiss.  Omg, sorry for the sappy scene, but it really felt like that. That was the moment I really missed B.A. today. Well, not that it would have been a kind of romantic date with him, or anything. XD Just... sharing that would have been nice. Well, that only added to the feel of it in the end. It was really a quite unique scene, I think. ^^

Illuminated escalator

View of Oasis 21 from ground level (it's a bit blurry, but you get the idea)

Oasis 21 water roof

Ice skating rink

Once on the ground level again (which is actually underground, of course), I made my way to the next station and went back home to the hotel - which I found without getting lost even once. XDDDD I got myself some drinks and got up to our room. I then waited for B.A. for like 2 hours before I decided that I'd rather not starve, so I got up and got myself something to eat. In the course of that, since the computer in the lobby was still (or rather, again) occupied, I took a notebook right up with me as well. Just while I was waiting for my cup noodles to get ready, that was when B.A. finally returned. We exchanged our stories, he nagged about me buying 4 magazines that showed "the same pics of the same people that look all the same". ^^" Well, I had prepared myself for that speech. XD

Now B.A. is reading and I am writing my blog. I really had a lot of fun today, but I'm looking forward to going out together again tomorrow. For today, this is it. Got pretty long too. Thanks a lot for reading. I don't know when I'll update tomorrow. We're moving on to Kyoto. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! Kansai, here I come! XDDDDDDD I'm really curious about our hotel there. It's the most expensive during our journey, with 4 stars, a spa area and all. It looked pretty cool. I'm excited for that already. I'll report all the news as soon as I can. for now, I'll be off to bed.

Good night! ^o^

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Hikaru: Kou-chan thinking of...yoru_no_hikaru on December 26th, 2010 12:27 pm (UTC)

Oh, you're still up. I'll get to bed soon. I think B.A.'s already waiting for me to shut the computer down. But he says hi too. ^^


Good night. Gotta sleep. Had a very busy day. :D
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Hikaru: Yaracchiyoru_no_hikaru on December 26th, 2010 12:45 pm (UTC)
LOL. Mah, I don't want to steal anything from HSJ. They seem to need what power they can muster. ^^ Mah, we're quite fine. I am still younger than Koichi, after all. :P

Nights! ^_^/
ルナーたん : UedaWillSaveTheWorldluna_truths on December 26th, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
You.. got lost after taking five steps out of the hotel? xDDDD Your orientation really does suck. *Pats.* BUT! You found your way again and had a good time. So that's good. ^^

Haha.. I want to see those magazines! I should find a way to send you some money so that you can buy me gifts.. xD (Too bad christmas took away all my money. No fangirling time for me yet.. >.<) Well as always I'm glad to hear that you and B.A are having a good time and I look forward to hearing from you again tomorrow!!

Oh and good luck in moving again and that hotel sounds really amazing.. *___* Spa... gah...

xD Kansai? Someone's excited. Well have fun!