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23 December 2010 @ 12:35 am
Japan Travelogue: Kamakura & Kimura (22nd of December)  

Hi, minna!

Here's today's report, including all ups and downs. Be prepared. ^^

The original plan was actually to go shopping today. But as we were about to set out we realised that it was a most beautiful day. THE most beautiful ever since our arrival, I think. So we decided that a shopping day would be a waste.

B.A. then suggested we visit Kamakura, which I hadn't planned, but we'd done so much stuff I had suggested and it sounded nice and not too far off. Thus, we set out for Kamakura. It was a REALLY bright and warm day. It was so warm out, I had to get rid of my jacket half way to our station. Once there I realised that only the sweater might be a bit cold after all. Since I didn't want to go all the way back I decided to buy a second sweater that would keep me a bit warm. (No need to mention that this was much to B.A.'s dismay. ^^" But hey, I've got a really nice sweater now. And in the end he was the one who chose it. XD)

Once we were at Kamakura I saw my first ever "Daibutsu", a huge Buddha statue. WOAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! O_O  That was really impressive. And it looked so nice right in the middle of a little park, under a woderfully blue sky. So beautiful. The air was warm and the leaves of the surrounding trees had many different colours. The atmosphere was much like a mild day in spring. We enjoyed that for a while and had a look around the park as well before we moved on.


Metal Ikebana

Next we visited a huge temple area. In the end we got all confused and now I'm not entirely sure which temple we actually visited. ^^" But it was such a nice place, again with a surrounding park, a small cave system that holds sacred places for prayer dedication and of course temple buildings. In the main building there is a huge Kannon statue. I really can't get enough of looking at those statues. They are just so amazing. The view was great too. We could see right to the harbour and with the sunlight over the sea the picture was downright perfect. B.A. made the small tour over and around the temple as well. I skipped that because I'm not too good with stairs. After our day in Nikko my back all but killed me and I don't really need that again. Well, it was just to get a view from a higher place, so I didn't really miss too much. I lit an incense stick instead.

Temple entrance

Beatiful water arrangement

Japanese garden

Mini statues placed in frotn of a guardian

Cute little monk statue

Incense sticks

Main temple building

Beautiful view

Guardian statue

Smaller temple building

Bronze statue that B.A. found on his little tour

Musical clock playing SMAP ^^

All in all we spent pretty much our entire day there. Well, the part of the day that has sunlight anyway. ^^" On our way back I was already starving, because we had only had a pair of sandwiches on our trip to Kamakura all day. And then, just as we were about to get back into the actual Tokyo area something interesting happened. I've noticed before that when we leave Shinjuku in the morning everything's rather calm, but once we head back home, the streets are stuffed with people. And I kept wondering when exactly that happened. Well, we found out today. It happens some time between 6-6:30 pm. We got so super lucky. At a station that was still outside Tokyo B.A. and I could get seats. And then, starting at Yokohama the rush hour hit us. OMG, so many people in one wagon! It only hit me full force once we had to get back out again. It was almost impossible to squeeze yourself through the mass of people. @_@ And once we were finally outside we saw that the real attraction was going on on the platforms, where at least ten guys per train were busy piling people into the wagons, giving orders, checking for free spaces and as the train was about to leave checked to close the doors properly. A totally spectacular scene, really.

I was still starving once we were out on the street again. First we made our way to a ramen store B.A. had found in a guide. But then somehow I really didn't particularly want to eat ramen, so we went for an udon shop we had seen on our way. That one was a good hit. They made their own udon and prepared it for every customer. You got to choose your toppings (like egg, beef, etc.) and also side dishes (tenpura, potatoes, etc). That was, up to now, the most delicious food I've had here in Japan. Absolutely fantastic. I was actually sad when I was completely full, because I would have loved to have seconds. ^^"

After our dinner we headed back and actually wanted to go back to the hotel. We're leaving Tokyo in 2 days and we still need some laundry done. As it was, on our way we passed by a cinema. I don't really know why (well, maybe because the movie was just about to start), but somehow we decided to get in and watch "Space Battleship Yamato". XDDDDD

My brother has taught me a kind of attititude that seems to fit here. He "learned" it playing "Magic the Gathering" trading card game. (Yup ,that's right, I know such people. Sending my love to my brother, Cheri, and J-kun here. <3 ) He keeps saying that in that game you'll do stuff just for the sake of doing it. "Because I can" is what he says in such situations. And well... I COULD watch Kimura-kun on a huge screen with Dolby Digital surround sound, right at the movies and most likely before anyone else from the western area will get to see it - and so I did what I could do. I got into the movies and watched that film. ^^ Mah, it was nice watching Kimura-kun. (Honestly, there should be laws against looking this good at his age @_@ ) I have to say, though, that I have never seen a movie that sported more cheesy sap with so little story. If Kimura-kun hadn't had a main part it would have been sickening. Since when does he play such uninteresting, cheesy, stupid roles? Never seen him do it before and I most certainly hope that he doesn't follow the line. >_> I don't get why some people his age think they have to "re-do" their image. -_- Well, I hope he'll get a healing shock once he sees the movie himself. XD  It was a bit embarrassing, though. B.A. and I simply had to laugh at certain points that were clearly not made for it, but... it was just too much for us. ^^" Well, as a Kimura fan you should go and watch it and admire his figure, his acting and his "half-held-back"-tears. So cute. XD

Well, after the movie was over we had to travel 11 floors down with the house escalators to get back out onto the street. Once that was accomplished we finally made our way back home. I immediately sat down for my report, which is now almost finished. The laundry still needs to be done and I yet have to get in touch withmaharan1 , whom I am hoping to finally meet tomorrow. ^_^

For now, this is it. B.A. says "hi" to everyone and gives his thanks for the encouraging and pleasant words he received. I think today's trip made up for some of the hardship he had to endure with me the past two days. Oh, and he advises to not watch "Space Battleship Yamato" - "Because then they'll think that people actually enjoy this stuff and will produce more of it". Well, it's not completely wrong, that thought. So, make up your own mind about it.

I'm very curious about tomorrow. Will we be able to get our laundry done? Are we gonna get to see the Imperial Palace on the Emperor's birthday? Will I be able to meet Ran? Will I find the JE second hand store in Nakano? So many questions, so many quests! @_@ Wish us luck! (Although I've already bought enough charms to get us through the next year. XD )

I'll report again tomorrow and tell you what I've managed.

Good nights! >^_^<
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Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 22nd, 2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
Omg, what happened?!
*sighs* Have to go to bed. It's so late and B.A. sure wants to sleep.

But please tell me, I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!! *_*
(Deleted comment)
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 22nd, 2010 01:08 pm (UTC)
OMG, those kids. XDDDDDDD

Haha, Tsuyo all pouty? That's rare. Like "It's no fun without Koichi." Kawaii!!!!!!! <33333333

That sounds a lot like my brother's gang. They do that sort of thing. And well... when you're there too you always end up being in the middle of it as well. It really IS fun. I bet Koichi had a blast, after all. XDDDDDD

Woah, till 5 am. Stupid kids. You have to work. ^^"

And now I MUST leave. Sorry. T_T Thank you SOOOOO much for the summary! *hugs*
jellybean6972: Haatobiitojellybean6972 on December 22nd, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
I never get tired of hearing about you adventures in Japan! (^o^)
To fulfilling all of the quests that are still ahead,
Ganbatte ne!!! (>w<)b

Good night! (^___^)
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 22nd, 2010 10:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you! I'm working on it. Mah, it's a bit tricky when you're left without a cell phone and no chatting options. >_< But I'll manage somehow. ^^

Yesterday was really cool. I'm hoping for another nice day. The weather is fine again, so things seem be going well.

Again, thanks a lot! Write again tonight. ^^
nisanoaozoranisanoaozora on December 22nd, 2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
a... i havent read your travelogue since the last time i commented on your post. many thing happened, :( promise to read it later and the fic, i havent finished it yet *sigh* *smack myself*
oh, almost forgot, say hi to B.A :)

good night *hug*
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 22nd, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
Haha, not a problem. Yup, quite a lot is going on around here. Take your time reading, I won't update before I'm back home again, so that gives you plenty of time. ^^ I want to update as soon as I'm back. I have like a million ideas and I want to get on with the story. ^^
Oh, thanks for greeting B.A.! <3
Hope you slepts well.