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22 November 2010 @ 09:09 pm
In memoriam  

Hi, everyone!

It is now finally official that the company that I've been working and in a way also living in for 11 years, will be closing down by the end of the year. To say I am devastated - well, that pretty much says it. I started my education in that house while I was still in school and I've studied in that house, met most of my current friends there, wokred there and at times spent more time in that company than I did at home. To some people that might not be something outstanding, but I'm telling you, where I live that's nowhere near usual.

So, I'm losing my job and that's bad, because I love my job, but what's more, I'll be deprived of the place that I've come to call my second home. Even with my boss (although she tends to be a bit chaotic) I had a very good relation, the collegues were nice and good to be around and we even had private get togethers with friends and family. So, naturally, this is a big loss.

When I started out, I had no idea that what I learned would make a big deal of my life in the future, but I was so happy to have found this place and it made me happy to study and to work there. The person I am today was strongly influenced by the people I met and the things that I learned and I am still happy today that I had the oportunity to spend so much wonderful time doing my wonderful job.

Even though we're running out of business, I still want to stay in my area of expertise. I truly bemourn the fact that I'm losing this special place, of which I have so many happy memories. But what I still love today is my job and I truly hope that I can carry on doing it, if in another place. And I'm hoping that I'll get to find a new good place to stay in and to make new friends and memories.

Right now I'm really feeling down, but as I carry on, I'm sure I will find a new life that will make me happy. In the end, it's just the rooms that I will not see again. I still have the people, who shared them with me, around me. And that's a good thing. So now, I'm setting out to new and unknown ground. I think it's like a new adventure. A challenge to meet, with lots of new experience and people, who I might also come to love and treasure. So, in the end, I will keep the memories of what I've had so far and then I will get even more, new and hopefully just as wonderful things and people in my life. Considering that, I'll think of this new beginning as an opportunity to learn even more and to find something new that I can love and that will fill my life with joy.

A million thanks to my boss, who has taught me what I love the most. One way or another, I'll carry this on through my life. I am happy that I could live this and share it with all the wonderful people in my life, who always show me so much support and seemingly never-ending love. Let's keep rocking and rolling! ^_^ v

Current Mood: sadsad
Hikaruyoru_no_hikaru on December 7th, 2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks a lot! <3 I'm over the first misery, though. ^^" It's still gonna be bad when we close our doors for the last and final time, though. But I've already been offered to carry on with my job. I'll still have to find something to support me, but at least I can keep doing what I love and FINALLY in the way that I really want to. So, that's a good thing already.

Right now, I indeed have wonderful things coming up. I'm leaving for Japan on the 16th and visiting KinKi Kids concert on the 31st of December and the 1st of January 2011. Can't wait! :DDDDDD