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11 May 2010 @ 12:12 am
Hana Kimi Episode 1  

Episode 1 - Getting into the Forbidden Boys' Dormitory:


Ashiya Mizuki has her first day in Osaka High. First thing, she witnesses the huge rumpus that takes place every morning before school when all the students’ fangirls line up for autographs and to hand over their presents to the handsome guys. Fortunately, some students of Osaka High’s sister school St. Blossom keep things a bit in line, all under the supervision of Hanayashiki Hibari, the head girl. Once Mizuki finally got into the school grounds, she meets school doctor Umeda Hokuto. Rushing off to class she gets introduced to her new class mates. While Nakatsu Shuichi takes an instant liking to her, she has kind of a rough start with Sano Izumi, the guy she came to meet. Their first encounter doesn’t exactly go smoothly. After her classes, Mizuki has to sign up for a dormitory she’ll be staying in. However, there are three dorms, which are in constant rivalry and as the heads learn that Mizuki is quite fast in running, they fight over Mizuki signing up to live with them – and compete for them in the upcoming school marathon. As Mizuki tries to escape she meets Sekime Kyogo. He explains to her what life is like in Osaka High – all about the 3 dorms and their heads Tennoji Megumi, Himejima Masao (Oscar) and Nanba Minami. Learning that Sano lives in dorm 2, Mizuki decides to live there as well, under dorm head Nanba, who gives her a big tour around the grounds, where Mizuki instantly falls in love the school dog Yuujiro. They also encounter Kayashima Taiki, the guy who sees and talks to ghosts and can detect human auras. Senri Nakao will also turn up wherever Nanba goes, trying to win over his heart.


In the dorm meeting about the upcoming marathon Sano and class mate and soccer genius Nakatsu have a major quarrel. It turns out that Mizuki gets to share a room with Sano – and that the latter is the only person in the dorm with shampoo. As students come storming in regularly to borrow the precious liquid, things get a bit livid. After first encounter troubles, Mizuki has to get used to the everyday life in Osaka High, including the somewhat troublesome walk to the teaching grounds every morning. As the training for the marathon begins, every dorm develops its own strategy and Nakatsu gets rather worked up about Mizuki being faster than him. In the evening Nakatsu tells his roommate Kayashima that he has to win the marathon so he can go and visit his sick grandmother. (The winning team will be allowed to stay out of the grounds on weekends.) During a longer conversation Mizuki tries to push Sano to resume his high jump efforts. She suggests that if she wins the marathon, he must train and jump again. Sano gets worked up about it and flees in the end.


On the day of the marathon, Mizuki gets handicapped by someone stabbing her foot on purpose, but she competes anyway. By chance Sano gets to know about the plot against Mizuki. Meanwhile the girl, even though she tries hard, breaks down during the end spurt. Nakatsu and Sano hurry to help and get Mizuki to Umeda’s office. Dorm 1 wins the marathon in the end, as dorm 3 gets disqualified for cheating. That same night Nakatsu’s grandmother dies without Nakatsu being able to see her again; but Kayashima turns up to comfort him. Sano is brooding over his inner conflict and Mizuki gets exposed by Umeda.

A kind of rough start....                          ....but an intense second meeting            Mizuki moves into Sano's room

  Mizuki is totally overrun by all       Life in the dorms is a bit chaotic             After Mizuki fell in the race, Sano carries her
         the new experiences                                                                                          to the infirmary

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